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Endorsit 25 Dec 2020, 02:15
Zami in several major cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Guangxi have planned and completed offline gathering activities, and more than a dozen cities have been scheduled , and applications for the remaining new urban activities are still in progress.
#neo #eds https://t.co/5CjBqwzy6s
Endorsit 23 Dec 2020, 04:57
EDS already listed on Coinmarketcap, please visit and tap the Star ⭐️

Endrosit Airdrop still live! $40 worth of EDS + $5 worth of EDS per Referral!

Join: @endrositbot

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Endorsit 20 Dec 2020, 16:05
Endorsit domestic operating company officially listed on the Stock Exchange

Endorsit’s domestic operating company “Ningbo Fengkou Network Technology Co., Ltd.” was officially listed on the Stock Exchange, with the listing code: 781506. Endorsit founder attended the opening ceremony.
Endorsit 20 Dec 2020, 04:40
Endorsit co-organized NEO ecological offline activities to a successful conclusion

The founder of Endorsit, Leilei, was invited to participate in the Hangzhou offline theme exchange of the “dBFT Consensus Mechanism and Commercial DApp Development Exploration” jointly sponsored by NEXT Community and NEOFANS. At the event, a dozen NEO community developers and practitioners in the Hangzhou blockchain field were invited to share and discuss the DApp development and dBFT consensus mechanism.
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Endorsit 19 Dec 2020, 15:19
Many used wrong Wallet Address, EDS is not ERC20 Wallet.

Please create Wallet here and resubmit your Neo Wallet Address.

Please restart the bot to resubmit your Wallet Address @endrositbot
Endorsit 17 Dec 2020, 10:01
Endrosit Airdrop! $40 EDS + $5 EDS per Referral!

Join Here: @endrositbot

1. Join Telegram Group
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Visit on Coinmarketcap
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Endorsit 11 Dec 2020, 19:42
⚡Singapore’s Largest Bank DBS Sets Up Crypto Exchange Platform ⚡

#Crypto #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #CryptoCrunchApp
Endorsit 10 Dec 2020, 11:33
Endorsit is now developing its three versions all at the same time, namely the DApp web version, iOS, Android version. This is an adjustment from its previous plan where the web version would stage out first.

Endorsit is developing its own NEO wallet, and it is scheduled to be on iOS and Android. The data layer in preparation, UI layer is being updated while api is being tested, please find the detailed information below.
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Endorsit 5 Dec 2020, 03:55
One Million ETH Gets Locked Up In ETH 2.0

#Crypto #Blockchain #cryptocurrency
Endorsit 17 Nov 2020, 05:56
⚡Ethereum 2.0 Deposits Nears 100,000 ETH

#Crypto #Blockchain #cryptocurrency https://twitter.com/eds_ren/status/1328532266599870465?s=19
Endorsit 16 Nov 2020, 21:28
⚡Pakistan's Central Bank Confirms No Crypto Ban

#Crypto #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #CryptoCrunchApp
Read Full Article: https://t.co/7eXwKvcG3m
Endorsit 16 Nov 2020, 21:28
⚡Kyrgyzstan's Central Bank Working On Draft Law For Crypto Industry

#Crypto #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #CryptoCrunchApp
Read Full Article: https://t.co/YoVx41HYJ7
Endorsit 10 Nov 2020, 05:27
🌟Things you want to know about Endorsit. How do I work on Endorsit? Do I need to register before using? Yes, you do. Endorsit will have DApp and Brower version. Use Endorsit the same way you use weibo the difference is Endorsit boasts more content forms with better mechanism👏
Endorsit 8 Nov 2020, 19:21
Zanbtc quiz board online

one of the most important cooperative media of Endorsit, Zanbtc Forum is now launching World Cup quiz. User can play in every match of the World Cup section against the World Cup.
Quizzes ending points will be calculated according to the odds, and included in the list of winning percentage and points ranking.
Endorsit 5 Nov 2020, 19:02
We have a second meeting on setting up analysis of constructing from source code level, selected an architecture design with high concurrency that will support the numerous future users on Endorsit. https://twitter.com/eds_ren/status/1324380708064829440?
Endorsit 5 Nov 2020, 16:15
We are building other related infrastructures as well , and we will be sure to bring the good news to you shortly. https://t.co/5ytNiuivYG
Endorsit 2 Nov 2020, 20:18
Endorsit the application for the third stage of internal test to continue

At present, the internal test of android version of DApp is underway. According to the feedback of internal test users and the overall product experience at present, it is proposed to extend the duration of the third batch of internal test users and improve the product functions.

In the activity of public number applying for private test quota, the first two batches of private test have invited 19 selected zanmi to join the private test group, and the third batch of zanmi will be invited to join the group after the online search system.

Public number of zanmi will also enjoy a maximum of 10 places, you can scan the two-dimensional code below to sign up for the test activities.
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Endorsit 11 Jan 2020, 18:30
The launch of the internal test for DApp search system

Last week, the progress of DApp as follows:

1.The iterative update of the internal test version of DApp, and the latest version of android is 1.0.21.

Last week, we had a meeting about the algorithm of the original search system of DApp and the presentation mode of the message board for further communication. We planned to reconstruct the presentation mode of the message board and launch the search system in the near future.

2. The “browse area” in the section will be renamed as “recommendation area”. Only articles voted and judged as good content by users will enter the “recommendation area” from the “voting area” in the platform.

3. Optimize the calculation method of individual voting weight, balance the ratio of individual voting weight in the weight of all users, and optimize the overall balance of the voting system.

4. Deploy the “random view” section in the articles in the voting area. You can quickly switch articles of the same type in the voting area through the function of “random view”.

5. Online original article checking system, articles published in the voting area can be deleted at any time, but deleted articles cannot be published again.

This week is the third week of the “private test” activity. At present, the users participating in the “private test” are the author of “D”, the author of “S”, the 19 fans and some fans community operating officers who have passed the application of the public account.

After the search system is officially launched, the third batch of e-level authors will be invited to participate in the internal test.
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Endorsit 10 Jan 2020, 10:11
The launch of the internal test for DApp weight system

Last week, the progress of DApp as follows:

The latest version of android is 1.0.16. Last week, we mainly optimized the details of articles in the Endorsit browsing area and the “care area”. Meanwhile, we discussed the adjustment of the presentation mode of articles in the voting area.

2. Optimize the presentation mode of the pictures in the article, and be able to enlarge a single picture and save it locally.

3. Optimize the calculation method of the weight system, update the numerical update method of part of the weight system, predict the weight and net praise weight will be officially launched, and the lock bin weight will be launched after the public test.

4. Fixed the web editor BUG, currently version 1.0.2.

5. Improve the revenue settlement algorithm, and the revenue settlement update will be deployed in subsequent iterations.

From last week, the first working day of every week, we will draw an inner test crowd of hundreds of people to watch and interact with zanmi.

The second batch of internal test authors and the operating officer have been invited to the internal test group, and the remaining e-level internal test authors will be invited to the third batch of internal test users after the launch of this month.
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Endorsit 19 Dec 2019, 14:37
The second batch of open application for internal test quota of DApp

The progress of DApp last week was as follows:

The latest version of android is 1.0.13. The weight calculation data was mainly added last week. The voting settlement of my article was officially connected to the weight value calculation.

2. Optimize the interface display of the focus areas and improve the forwarding information and the presentation of various types of information.

3. Update the details of the red dot prompt information in the messaging system and fix the BUG that the information is not updated in time.

4. Update and release a new version of the web editor, which is available to users of Internet explorer 11 and above.

5. The web version editor 1.0.2 has been released and is currently undergoing functional testing and BUG modification.

6. Update time shows bugs inconsistent with the actual situation and eliminates settlement income problems caused by time errors.
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