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Forward from: Returning to Nature

I counsel you, Loddfafnir,
if you’ll take my advice,
you’ll profit if you learn it,
it’ll do you good if you remember it:
You should never
exchange words
with someone who won’t see reason.

Hávamal, Stanza 122, trans. by Jackson Crawford


Forward from: Green Solution 🌲
Stay in the woods!

"In living close to nature, one discovers that happiness does not consist in maximizing pleasure. It consists in tranquility."

—Theodore J. Kaczynski, The Unabomber

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Forward from: Himā-laya

Forward from: Returning to Nature
Domestication is labelled by academia and scholars as an evolution process, in reality it should be called as a devolutional dysgenic process. Its too often found that attempting to civilize and christianize savages they become very nearly nothing, they lose their wild instincts together with their spiritual traditions which serves them as a vital life cord. Without the means of living, they mope and doze and die in the outskirts of civilization, like tamed eagles in barnyard corners, with blunt talons, blunt bills and clipped wings.

Will you let yourself become a domestic animal? Dependent on the state, living under subjugation and eating processed food. In a couple generations this animal, wild by nature, will become an abomination fitting of slavery.
Reject civilization, embrace the wild.

There are no pictures, plans, or wartime documents dealing with gas chambers or any plans to exterminate the jews during the supposed holocaust.

The excuse that the Nazis supposedly destroyed the evidence isn’t applicable because the allies broke the Nazis communication codes, including those from Auschwitz, and those communications were monitored. No plans, numbers, techniques, discussed, and no orders given.

Zyklon B was in widespread use around Europe for pest control, and was found in all of the concentration camps, including those that were not said to have gas chambers in them.

Airial reconnaissance photos of the concentration camps show no signs of people being gassed, bodies being burnt, nor the stores of fuel that would be required to power the crematoriums.

WW2 lasted a total of 6 years, and assuming that the Jews were gassed since day 1, that gives us 3,153,600 minutes. To gas 6 millions Jews the supposed gas chambers would have had to kill 1.9 Jews per minute (1 Jew every 30 seconds).

Auschwitz, the largest camp, had 15 Crematoriums. According to Holocaust survivors, Jews would be gassed for 15 to 20 minutes, then would be put into the ovens. It takes 1 hour to cremate 1 body using modern furnaces, which operate at much higher temperatures than the ones at the camps could do. So it would take 1 hour and 15 minutes to gas and burn 15 Jews (with a modern furnace), assuming they were all burned simultaneously. This is disregarding the time it would take to let the gas to empty the chamber, and for the time that the bodies could be transferred from the chamber to the oven. The elevators were very slow and could only hold 7 bodies with their weight capacity. This would mean that 300 Jews were gassed and burned every 24 hours, assuming that this continued non-stop 24/7 without any delays for 6 years. This amounts to 657,000 total Jews during those 6 years. The official tally is that 4 million Jews were gassed, and burned at Auschwitz alone.

The supposed gas chambers do not have gasketed doors, no fireproof switches, bulbs, or wiring, even though the gas is flammable. The inlets in the roof that were said to be the entry point of Zyklon B crystals were, according to senior officials, added after the war.

Dr. Franciszek Piper, the Senior curator and director of archives at the Auschwitz state museum, admitted on camera to David Cole that Krema 1 was in fact a reconstruction built by the Soviets after the war under direct orders from Stalin. This includes the fake chimney that is not even connected to the crematorium.

In 1988, an execution equipment expert, Fred A. Leuchter, conducted forensic examinations of the gas chambers. He took samples from 4 chambers and Burkenau (the main camp at Auschwitz, and a control sample from one of the disinfestations chambers that we know used Zyklon B to exterminate the lice problem. The samples from the gas chamber showed no signed of Zyklon B but the samples from the disinfestations chamber were very high in Zyklon B. These investigations and their results can be found in the The Leuchter Report.

In 1990, The Institute for Forensic Research in Krakau attempted to refute these results. Their own tests came back with identical results.

In many countries denying the Holocaust is a crime and carries a prison sentence. The holocaust is the only event in history to be enforced by law.

"[...]The State leads men from primitive tribal life to that highest expression of human power which is Empire."

— Benito Mussolini, The Doctrine of Fascism

"It's the State which educates the citizens in civic virtues, gives them a consciousness of their mission, presses them towards unity; the State harmonizes their interests through justice, transmits to prosperity the attainments of thoughts, in science, in art, in laws, in the solidarity of mankind.[...]"

— Benito Mussolini, The Doctrine of Fascism

Das Große Ägyptische Archive, 250gb of nazifascist content

"The world seems dead outside the walls of this castle. – And in fact it is dead. – Smiled. – It is forbidden to shine and sing, fight and conquer. This world is a severe attack against nature."

—Darkness (Archeofuturist fiction), Idelmino Ramos Neto

Informative post taken from "Esoteric Floral Shirt Nationalism" on Facebook, leave them a like.

"[...]According to the different phases of the cycle, sequences of events comparable one to another do not occupy quantitatively equal durations; this is particularly evident in the case of the great cycles, applicable both to the cosmic and to the human orders, the most notable example being furnished by the decreasing lengths of the respective durations of the four Yugas that together make up a Manvantara. The decrease is known to be proportionate to the numbers 4, 3, 2, 1, their total, 10, comprising the entire cycle; human life itself is moreover well known to be considered as growing shorter from on'e age to another, which amounts to saying that life passes by with ever-increasing rapidity from the beginning to the end of a cycle.
For that very reason, events are being unfolded nowadays with a speed unexampled in the earlier ages, and this speed goes on increasing and will continue to increase up to the end of the cycle."

—René Guenón

“If you are motivated by some hope that things would be better if everyone, everywhere would just agree to alter their thoughts or actions in a particular way, you are already and will always be wrong. People will always have different interests and agendas, and arguing as if you could conceivably convince everyone of anything is a masturbatory exercise.

Argumentation is wasted on enemies and strangers. Arguing is something you should do with people who you know and respect because you want what is best for them and for you, and because their opinion matters to you. Argue within your circle.”

—Jack Donovan

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