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🎁$STRK Airdrop Second chance - Let's $1,800,000 worth dollars raffle! Go 🔥📣

Did you miss the $STRK airdrop or want to get $STRK? We have a new farming method for you!

We're thrilled to announce a massive raffle happening right now with Braavos Wallet.

- Earn up to $20,000 of $STRK tokens 🎁

- Entirely free

- Everyone gets UNLIMITED CHANCES to participate

- First come, First served

How to start farming?

✅Download and install the Braavos Wallet. (Use the Desktop version; the raffle not available on mobile)

✅Create a Braavos wallet (create password + save seed)

✅ Deposit 0.01 ETH and deploy your account on-chain (Guide here).

✅Go to and spin the wheel.

🔴 You Won? Start back at Step 1 with a new account (same wallet) to WIN MORE

🪙 You Lost? Start back at Step 1 with a new account (same wallet) to try again

You can try as many times as you want, you just need to deploy new accounts in your wallet. It cost about $0.2/$0.3 per deployment. You can create up to 25 accounts per wallet.

🔠Airdrop Rewards:

✅Top 10 Lucky Winners: Each gets 10,000 $STRK (worth about $20,000)

✅100 Next Winners: Each gets 1,000 $STRK

😄1000 Next Winners: Each gets 100 $STRK

⭐️35,000 Last Winners: Each gets 20 $STRK

🔵Special Winners: 25,000 OG6 Roles will be distributed

*️⃣ Social Link

✉️Telegram | 🕊X | 💎Website

📣 Introducing RAIN! 📣

All coins were minted and put directly on liquidity pools. The pools are all locked so everything is solid. What makes it fun is we engineered the coin to give all other holders 1% of all coins bought, sold, or moved. It's the next level of staking since all you have to do is have a balance and you automatically get more coins daily. So the gamification is built in, there is incentive to buy and hold and watch your balance grow. Finally, every day at midnight UTC there's a thunderstorm event that moves the largest wallet automatically which raindrops all wallets every single day. It's pretty fun. 

Why RAIN is the best meme coin:
• 1 Million Supply
• 100% supply launched
• All pools locked
• 1% of all coins moved will redistribute back to all other holders
• Daily Thunderstorm: larger airdrop at midnight UTC
• Staking built in - you just need a wallet to collect rewards from every transaction daily.
• Stack and Earn without staking
• Small marketcap (

📣 Meet Magic Square, the Web3 App Store, and its $SQR Token! 📣

💰 Earn Rewards with Every Interaction!
- Engage in the Magic Square Web3 App Store, collect Karma Points, and get rewarded with $SQR daily. Active users are earning 20-30 $SQR each day!

🌐 Exciting Launch: Premium Membership Program
- Set to roll out next week, this program promises additional rewards, high APR staking options, and exclusive launchpad allocations. Watch as $SQR, currently at $0.56, aims for a spike to $1!

🔗Join the Magic and Start Earning
- Sign up at Magic Store
- Discover $SQR: Discover the SQR Utility Token by Magic Square

🌐 Stay Connected

📌 Get SQR
ByBit | PancakeSwap | CoinGecko | CoinMarketCap | DEXTools

Exciting Announcement! Gorilla DeFi’s smart contracts are officially audited by @hackenclub, a highly-regarded security auditor. We scored an impressive 9.3/10, passing with flying colors! Rest assured, our commitment to security is unwavering. Thank you for your trust!

Witness the world's biggest Airdrop happening! 
Worth $10 million USDC, Gorilla DeFi opens its arms for you to be a part of it! To join, book your slots at at the earliest!

🚀 Biggest Airdrop Alert 🎉🚀

$3 MILLION $GOD Token #AirDrop!!🤑💥 by Gorilla DeFi!

In every 3 days, 100 lucky wallets will receive $5000 EACH in GOD tokens (1 GOD = 1 USDC)

👉 Here's how to enter into this airdrop:

1️⃣ Secure your presale spot: Book your whitelist address NOW at

2️⃣ Join the these channels:

3️⃣Total of 3M $GOD Tokens worth 3M USDC in 18 days!

Winners will be announced on TG at 9:00 PM UTC every 3 days! ⏰

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🪙 Gorilla Defi 🪙

Ticker: $GOD

Gorilla DeFi presents GodChain $GOD, a transformative blockchain built on Proof of Engagement (PoE) consensus mechanism. GodChain fosters vibrant SocialFi experiences by prioritizing user participation. Creators and users thrive in this decentralized ecosystem, empowered by native tokens earned through genuine engagement.

➡️🦍 Presale is going to Start on 23rd Jan 2024!!

GOD Token ($GOD)

- AUDIT By Hacken 🚀
- Earn 0.9% a day on your stake during the presale.🤑
- Sell your investment during presale with the Innovative IQS system🔒
- God Chain First Social Fi blockchain on Proof of Engagement Consensus ❗️
- No private sale❌


💎Heavy marketing lined up 💎

Join now, as we're going to rock the Web3 Space with Biggest Crypto Giveaway of 2024, giving away $10MILLION USDC tokens and go ABSOLUTELY CRAZY 🤘🔥

Join our channels to know more:

Twitter 🕊:
Telegram ✉️:

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🔠🔠🔠🔠  🔠🔠🔠🔠🔠

We want to be your BEST CHOICE!

✖️Is the gateway to a new financial future.
✖️We provide you with the opportunity to grow alongside us.

✖️Acquire XMAR Token through the sale on PancakeSwap

✅ Join Xmar Token, type #DecryptTheMatrix and participate for 🔢🔢💵

✖️Social media:
✅Web   ✅Telegram  🚀X
✅Tik Tok       📱Instagram
✅Facebook  ✅YouTube.

🔶 Unveiling the Depths of Triple Technology 🌟

Triple Technology serves as an oracle delivering real-time financial market data across various blockchain networks. Triple is a feature that supports real-time cross-chain data provisioning.

Triple offerings encompass price feeds for various asset classes, such as US equities (coming soon), commodities (coming soon), and cryptocurrencies. Each price feed provides a resilient compilation of publisher prices, with multiple updates per second.

These price feeds are accessible on numerous blockchain platforms and can be seamlessly integrated into off-chain applications as well.

👉 Look at the illustration

Fairlaunch Information
The Triple Techolonogy Team successfully orchestrated a pre-sale on the Pinksale platform, implementing KYC, SAFU & AUDIT tags for enhanced security and transparency.

Check the KYC Proof ✔️
Read the Audit Report ✔️
Look at the proof of SAFU ✔️


Kryptoskatt is now Kryptos

It's the time for you to change the way you manage your Web3 Finances & Compliances.

Kryptos offers a comprehensive solution set, including advanced crypto portfolio management, proactive insights, and streamlined accounting & crypto tax reporting.

Offering integrations to over 3000+ DeFi protocols, 100+ exchanges and wallets, and 50+ blockchains, the platform stands as a versatile tool for global users.

Ready for the Leap?
Go and check new Kryptos: are having a massive $1,000,000 Christmas giveaway for the whole month of December!

There are daily gifts, a $250,000 Leaderboard, a $250,000 grand prize draw and other tricks up their sleeve to make sure everybody has an incredibly rewarding experience with Duelbits during the month of December!

Find out how you can get your hands on some prizes right here:

And watch out for daily promocode drops on their Telegram @duelbits

The XSPACE cryptocurrency platform combines AI technology with advanced BOT systems, making it easy for you to access and optimize your cryptocurrency investments.

XSPACE's provide all the tools and utilities in one convenient platform, supported by intelligent analysis reports and automatic transactions through the AI-BOT system.

Secure your tokens now before it's too late! Owning $XSP is entitled to 40% of the platform's revenue.

- 0% Buy Tax
- 0% Sales Tax
- Audit Solidproof
- Buyback and Burn

🚀 "Thanos Inu" - Unsung Crypto Hero Power! ✅

🌍Balance the Crypto Universe with Thanos Inu! 🌍

✅ Community Driven NFT Project 🌍

✅ No Team Token 🚫👥

✅ No Private Sale 🚫💰

✅ Contract Authority (CA) Renounced 📜🚫

✅ Fully Audited 🔍✨

✅ Very Low Tax 💸🔽

✅ Buyback on Launch 🚀💰

✅ Liquidity Locked for 365 days 🔒⏳

🚀 CMC Fast Track 🌟

🔥 Avedex Hot Trending 🔝

📈 Dexview Trending 📊

💰 Buy Tax: 1% 🛒
💸 Sell Tax: 1% 🏷️
(🔄 will be burnt automatically)


Name: Thanos Inu

Symbol: THANOS

Decimal: 7

Total Supply: 7,777,777,777

🌐 Website 🌐

✅✅BSC Scan Link ✅✅

✅🌐Audit Report 🌐✅

💥✅Pinksale Presale Link:✅💥

👥Join The Thanos Inu Army now : 👥


🚀Twitter / X

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Over 23% of supply locked up in Shido Staking ⌛️

Put your $SHIDO to work and earn passive income.

We share revenue with our holders as Staking Rewards. Earn a stunning 8% APR with only a 30 days lockup in our Staking Pool.

Shido Staking 👉

✔️📌Medusa Fair Launch Live Now! @Pinksale

🔥⚡️Introducing  ($MEDUSA) inspired by the Greek mythology brought by the Gorgon Snake.

Aid $MEDUSA in expanding her influence throughout the cryptocurrency community. 👑Based & Experienced Team 💎100% Community driven🟢KYC🔵 Audit🔐Liq Lock 365 Days🔥(Contract Renounced)🚀Huge Marketing StrategyⓂ️ CMC/CG Fast Track💰Buybacks❌No Team Tokens‼️No Private Sale🟢Buy/Sell Tax Zero💰28% Supply Burned🔥Dextools Trending🟢ETH/Avedex Trending💎Time Square Billboards🔥Airdrop🔥Tier 1 Kols🔥Tier 1 Influencers🟢Global Press Releases🟢Twitter Trending🔥

Great team and solid past projects of $20M with Floki,Doge,Shiba insiders 🎉🎉

Pink Sale Fair Launch:

Time Square Billboards Live:!/times_square_locations/billboard_view/live

Telegram :


576k 0 103 2.7k

Follow for updates:

Telegram community

Twitter ✖️

MemeFarmer 🥰🥰😇🥰🥰

With MemeFarmer you will NEVER again miss a 100X, 1000X or 10,000X Meme Token.

MemeFarmer finds those 💎 💎 before they hit the market, takes a position as an LP and rewards it’s token holders with those newly minted Meme Tokens or NFTs. Farmer 👨‍🌾 does the work and you reap the harvest. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

☄️MemeFarmer is here to stay!!!☄️

🔹 BSC Project

➡️We offer our holders rewards in Latest Meme Tokens and NFTs

🔔 Fair launch on PinkSale 1st December

👀 Pancakeswap, CMC and CG Listing upon launch 🚀

➡️Many utilities will be coming soon such as
● Liquidity Pools for Memes
● NFT Platform for Memes
● Meme Swaps
● Lottery
● NFTs

- Backed by influencers and Whale 🐋 Groups

Telegram community

Twitter ✖️

Contract address: TBD


(The MemeMama that keeps Giving)

Project Overview:

Meme Farmer is A Meme project that farms other meme tokens and gives 80% of the rewards to its Holders in the form of meme tokens or NFTs. if you hold Meme Farmers then you will receive airdrops of latest memes tokens or NFTs. This is the One Meme that pays you in other meme tokens or NFTs, saving you time and money and bringing you bags of 100X, 1000Xs from secret GEMS 💎

Yes our idea is a revolution in the meme space and our community members are well sourced.

You can join our private TG and follow us on X (Twitter) for more updates. We are a closed well sourced community made up of whales 🐳, HODLers and Crypto Lovers.

🌐Websites: (Coming)

✉️ Telegram Chat:


🔔 Republik - Supercharging the Creator Economy.

RepubliK is a web3 social media network and content monetisation platform. A gamified XP and airdrop system that rewards creators and audience by interaction within the platform.It's a social media platform that rewards all users for their contribution to the platform by utilizing RPK Tokens. RPK is used to access exclusive content, communities and support creators on the platform. To increase status at REPUBLIK, users need to generate XP which increases their airdrops or purchase RPK for use

Start Earning XP on Republik
✅ Referals
✅ Received "Likes" from users
✅ Interacting with content and creators
✅ Daily Log-in Streaks

Future Roadmap:
▪️Creator Tokens - Creators can issue own tokens for fans to support
▪️Exclusive content and subscription - Paywall Content
▪️Fan Support and Tips
▪️NFT and Merch Store
▪️Live Streaming

Backed by investors: OKX Ventures, HTX Ventures, CMS Holdings, FBG, Signum Capital

✅Bybit announcing $RPK will be soon on Bybitspot trading platform with spot grid bots. Trading will start on 14 Nov, 6PM (UTC+8)

🔔 Launch : 14th November (Mexc , Kucoin , Bybit , Gate etc)
🚨 Follow me :

Website -
Twitter -
Telegram -

Did you know that you can get Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies absolutely for free?! 💸

🔥 The most relevant and profitable airdrops of the cryptocurrency world are released here every day. Now you have the opportunity to participate in all the biggest giveaways.

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