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Hello! The goal of the Telegram Discuss group is for everyone in the WazirX community to be able to help one-another. As the group grows bigger, it’s important that we follow some simple but important guidelines to make the group 👌together!

WazirX team will NEVER personally message you & ask you for sensitive info or money or crypto

✅ Keep discussions positive, uplifting and relevant to the group.
✅ Help others members as much as possible 🙂
✅ Avoid asking repetitive questions. Scroll up in the group or use the search option to see if your topic has been discussed earlier.
✅ For your own security, do not share details like crypto investments, bank details, OTP or transaction numbers in the group
✅ This group is for discussions. Official support cannot be provided. If your question is not answered by other members of the group, visit support.wazirx.com

**Actions that could get you banned forever - **

❌Spreading unnecessary negativity or FUD about cryptos or WazirX
❌Posting unrelated links, spam, ads or referral links
❌Abusive, defamatory or uncivil messages
❌Repetitive questions or discussions
❌Seeking personal details of users in the group

Also join @wazirx announcement channel for the latest updates and features on WazirX.

Happy trading! 🚀

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