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Powerful signals for profitable cryptotrading by Bitconsul Cryptoconsalting agency.
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​​#Bitfinex improved some new depositing system, check it out below👇🏼 and don’t need to worry about #USDT😉

😱What we got for now? All of us know about the last #USDT situation and please don’t forget that on the near past we saw launching a few #stablecoins like #GUSD (#Gemini exchange USD) and #USDC (#Poloniex - #Circle startup exchange USD). All we can say that this was planned attack on #TetherUSD, beautiful game for catching as much as Goldman Sachs with Winklevoss twins can of the part in stablecoins market. Banks like their commission in the rate convert with fiat dollar into any stablecoin so that is very profitable game for bankers get their dirty % from this game. What it was? News and that hyped situation undermined the faith into #Tether and on this unstable situation other #stablecoins got their part of pie(we mean us, crypto-people), because what people went do? Right, buying other stablecoins like #TUSD, #GUSD, #PAX etc., that is why rate went down up to -10%, but as we said earlier👆🏼 we saw this in the last year on April 26, and what? After one month rate normalized to $1.

📈In #Bitcoin chart we don’t see any changes, we will test $7000 and above very soon, all this variety in prices from different exchanges will be fixed at the expense of people who have opened short positions, they will be demolished with uptrend squeezing candles.

😼Stay positive, don’t run with the crowd, keep cold mind in this uncertain situation and go long only🚀, it’s not the time for drop... yet😈

@bitconsul team
▶️Buy #WPR with price below 450satoshi on #Binance and hold with specified sell targets:

1️⃣490 (+8.89%)
2️⃣510 (+13%)
3️⃣545 (+21%)
4️⃣590 (#midterm +31%)

⛔️StopLoss: 420 (-6.67%)
▶️Buy #FUN with price around 225satoshi on #Binance and hold.

1️⃣245 (+8.89%)
2️⃣255 (+13.3%)
3️⃣272 (+20.89%)
4️⃣300 (#midterm +33%)

⛔️StopLoss: 210 (-6.67%)
2 spots taken, only 1 left with -20% discount price.
📞Contact admin @bitconsul
​​Here is a few #news from 2017 that was in time with #USDT drop. Check it out👇🏼
​​Back into 2017. April 26, #USDT have dropped to $0.91, because of Banks something like closed support for #Tether and some else. Then #FUD coming people in shock selling it for cryptos. May 20 - 1 USDT worth 1 USD😂
▶️Buy #MFT with price around 100 - 104satoshi on #Binance and set sell targets as below:

1️⃣112 (+7.69%)
2️⃣119 (+14.4%)
3️⃣129 (+24%)
4️⃣152 (#midterm +46%)

⛔️StopLoss: 95 (-5%)
#KNC had hit 1️⃣&2️⃣targets on #Binance, price reached 6890satoshi, clear➡️15% #profit.
#OkEx announced that tomorrow will be available 4 new #stablecoins - #TUSD, #PAX, #GUSD, #USDC
​​Stay calm, be smarter, don’t run with the #FOMO crowd. #Bitfinex show us unusually activity on their #USDT wallet, and of course that is the first reason for #Bitcoin pump, (they are badass, it’s true😂) but soon all will be normal, price will stabilize and we must go up more, above $7000 ($USD, of course). Here is the reason why all of this have been totally manipulation - #Bitfinex just opened fiat currencies deposits👇🏼
​​This message below is totally #FUD, please don’t get in #FOMO! #USDT (#TetherUSD) ain’t go anywhere, it’s ~2.5 billion dollars blockchain, if it is not so clear as we want by audits - that is not a reason for some super dump, soon price will be normal, as usually 0.99$ per $1.
▶️Buy #Zil with price around 515satoshi on #Binance and hold with sell targets as below:

1️⃣588 (+14%)
2️⃣626 (+21.55%)
3️⃣702 (+36%)
4️⃣795 (#midterm +54%)

⛔️StopLoss: 486 (-5.63%)
▶️Buy #GRS with price around 8600 - 8800satoshi on #Bittrex/#Binance and hold!

1️⃣9470 (+7.6%)
2️⃣9945 (+13%)
3️⃣10480 (+18%)
4️⃣11455 (#midterm +30%)

⛔️StopLoss: 8140 (-7.5%)
#POA had hit 4️⃣#midterm target on #Binance, price reached 1580+ satoshi, ➡️49% #profit.

Contact admin @bitconsul for #Premium