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01.08.2018 20:26
1 Aug 2018, 07:00 (1218 days ago)
I’ve just watched on Netflix the documentary, it’s called “What is Health”. It is really interesting!

I’m the guy who always cares about the way how we eat, what kind of food we eat, what kind of products we eat etc. And you know especially in USA it’s a big problem. Because the way how Americans eat, the quality of food is bad.
Which is very sad.

And this documentary literally opened my eyes, opened my mind. Like you know I’ve just realized this phrase:

“When you start learning something you begin to realize that you know nothing. And the thing is that the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know” it is actually Einstein’s quote.

And I felt exact same way during watching this documentary. Nowadays, the food is one of the biggest problem on planet. I truly believe and it is proved that your HEALTH depends on what you EAT. Almost every disease that people have because of the food that we eat. So if you really care about your life and your body — EAT HEALTHY, EAT HEALTHY FOOD.

When we are young it doesn’t hurt, but believe me, when you will be around 40 years old everything that you did in your youth will show up. Anyways, watch this documentary “What is Health”(you can get the Netflix subscription for free for a month, as I did). It will blow your mind!

We are not gonna live forever. But while we are alive, we can live well.