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The nerd😕 2 Jun, 15:28
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
Our destiny is not our own but our feat lives within us.
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
If you can't handle u'r inner demons, u might end up being u'r own enemy.
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
Exercise the right to think for u'rselfe.
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
The one u love the most have the power to hurt u the most.
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
Fake it until u make it!
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
We used to be perfect for each other
Now look what we've become.
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
Love is given, hater is acquired
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
We weren't born to fit in we were born to stand out
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
Single stands for stress is now gone life is easier
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
My little sis just asked me how to empress a boy
I was like😳😦😧😮😱 whaaaaaat
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:40
I keep trying, but nothings working
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:19
They broke u they broke u'r trust they laugh behind u'r back they play on u and they play hard on u'r feelings they thought u'r weak, but when they thought u'll never get up again prove them wrong.
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 09:19
With all the game in the the world
Why do u choose to play with my feelings?
The nerd😕 2 Jun, 08:56
Did u forgot the days we laughed at every silly things.
now i wonder what happened to those days?
The nerd😕 1 Jun, 19:19
U know what 🤔.....
O I forgot it
The nerd😕 1 Jun, 18:55
When u grow wiser u start to ignore the bullshit and that is maturity
The nerd😕 1 Jun, 14:34
Forwarded from: Sunlight
Tiktok turned out to be fucking racist.. It banes all black lives matter users, hashtags and mutes their posts, but still allows racist centered posts!! If you don't believe me look at the twitted posts
Do yourself a favour and delete the app and give them a 1 star on playstore and appstore!!
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#BlackLivesMatter ✊🏽
#DarkSkinIsNotACrime 🙅🏽‍♂
The nerd😕 31 May, 23:40
What if u get to live u'r dreams, the horrible one's too
The nerd😕 31 May, 23:34
They are right about dreams are better than reality. In my dream i was a billionaire 💵💵💰💷💶