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Vee Security 18 Sep, 00:20
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Vee Security 18 Apr, 14:05
Forwarded from: Vee Security Россия

Мы решили сделать наш VPN полностью бесплатным ДЛЯ ВСЕХ в предверии митингов в среду. Начиная со вторника, все желающие смогут получить доступ к бесплатному VPN через Красную Кнопку.

Установите Красную Кнопку сейчас, чтобы получить уведомление:
Vee Security 2 Feb, 20:54

Алексея Навального "суд" отправил за решетку. Никаких правовых способов общения с террористами в лице Путина не осталось. Выходим на Манежную площадь прямо сейчас и больше не уходим с улиц.

МОСКВА — на Манежную Площадь
Vee Security 7 Jan, 22:35
🥵 Vee VPN Service Outage

At the moment, a significant number of our customers are experiencing difficulties with Vee VPN. We are already on it, working hard as we can in order to resolve issue as soon as possible. We apologize for inconvenience caused.
Vee Security 12 Aug 2020, 12:12
👋 Long time no see!

Check out our now Vee VPN — fast, secure & reliable VPN for every device you have. No logs, no speed or bandwidth limitations.

Available for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Coming for Android and Windows this summer.

From just €1.99.
Up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Get it now:
Attached file
Vee Security 14 Sep 2019, 23:27
Connecto VPN doesn't work? 🤔

You may have noticed that Connecto VPN no longer works on your device. Our domain zone registrar has suspended the registration of all our technical domains, including Connecto VPN's ones, without any prior notice. We'll tell more about what happened a bit later on our Twitter account and Telegram-channel. We have prepared a guide that will help you to setup VPN on your device again.

Learn more:
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Vee Security 20 Jun 2019, 16:21
You were waiting for this update and we made it for you!

– Connecto VPN for Android is available on Google Play
– Connecto VPN for iOS has been optimized
– 6 new locations for fast, secure and comfortable connection
– Vee Security Blog – take a look for more details:
Vee Security 4 Apr 2019, 18:55
🇷🇺 Here’s a briefly update on our internet censorship prevention efforts for Russian users:
Vee Security Россия
Vee Security предпринимает меры по обеспечению дополнительной безопасности в связи с последними новостями регулирования VPN-сервисов на территории России В течение последнего месяца средства массовой информации сообщили о намерениях Роскомнадзора подключить VPN-сервисы к своим системам с целью осуществления блокировки интернет-ресурсов и приложений. Мы в Vee Security убеждены, что интернет — независимая и свободная площадка, где нет места цензуре и государственному регулированию. В связи с ухудшением политического климата и последовательными действиями российского правительства по угнетению свободы в Интернете, мы предпринимаем ряд мер по защите наших сервисов от давления со стороны властей: 1. Vee Security в экстренном порядке организовала эвакуацию всех сотрудников компании, находившихся на территории России в страны, где уважается свобода слова и базовые права человека. В настоящий момент времени, на территории России не осталось ни одного сотрудника компании. 2. Vee Security никогда не использовала…
Vee Security 26 Feb 2019, 18:00
Hey there, long time, no hear!

For the last two months we have been working hard to improve Vee Security services. So, after two months of sleepless nights, dozens of pizzas and hundreds of coffee mugs we're so excited to share our updates with you.

💳 First of all, we've completely redesigned the Connecto VPN purchase process. With new auto-renewing subscriptions we will take care of your monthly payments — just link a card to your Vee ID and enjoy your service with no interruptions. As sure as eggs is eggs, we also have classic old-school subscriptions as well.

🌎 Привет! こんにちは! Salut! We are getting closer to our lovely customers. That is why we started adding languages to our products, this time — Russian. Besides that, we've also created a Telegram channel just for our Russian users. Of course, there are even more languages coming later this year. Keep reading, there’s more!

🇩🇪 Deutschland! Yes, we've added Dusseldorf, Germany as our new location. Try Connecto VPN with a taste of Bavarian sausages and beer by selecting Germany on or in your favourite iOS & macOS applications.

We also fixed bugs in our iOS & macOS applications, updates will be available through the AppStore very soon.

And finally, if you have never tried Connecto VPN — we made a page where you can create an account and buy a subscription in less than just a minute. Give it a try!

Subscribe to Connecto VPN now and enjoy safe, secure & fast-as-hell Internet.
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Vee Security 23 Dec 2018, 19:55
🎄 Ho-Ho-Ho! Check out our Christmas Updates & Special Offers.

Snow has already fallen. Some of us spending cozy winter’s evenings with mulled wine and cinnamon cookies. However, our Christmas updates are also warming.

First of all, we're happy to tell you, that Apple just made our apps available on the App Store. You may want to download it for your Mac or iPhone.

Of course, some of you still thinking about Christmas presents for your loved once. Well, we have a nice limited offer for you until January, 1: we’ll send you a license key with the same subscription as you paid for just for yourself — give it to your mom, dad, brother, friend or cat, probably they will be happy with VPN too.

Also, we're launching our referral program. Now you can create your own invite link for your friends. If 15 invited friends or more will pay for a subscription — you’ll get one year of Connecto VPN for free. Create your own link using Vee ID account page.

Click here to buy Connecto VPN subscription now.
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Vee Security 1 Dec 2018, 14:27
Today is the #WorldAIDSDay.
Join the fight against HIV/AIDS with us today.
Vee Security 23 Nov 2018, 12:53
💣 Black Friday is here!

Buy a Connecto VPN subscription until the end of Friday and we will double it.

Click here to buy now.
Vee Security 19 Nov 2018, 16:33
🔥 Hot November updates — new apps, locations, support & more!

Hi, everyone! We worked hard last month and shipped some cool updates for you:

🇺🇸 New United States Location. You asked for it — we did it. Our servers in Kansas City now available as a new VPN location.

📱 New iPhone & Mac app makes VPN even more comfortable to use. It will be available through App Store later this month. Can’t wait!

💬 Now you can easily ask our customer support for assistance right from your Vee ID account. Just open and go to the Support tab.

💸 Switch your Connecto VPN plan or extend your existing subscription lifetime with the new Store tab on

Click here to buy Connecto VPN subscription for all your devices. Just give it a try, it's awesome and cheap. You'll like it. Anyway, remember you’ll have 14 days to make your money back without any questions.
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Vee Security 10 Oct 2018, 22:08
🎉 Connecto VPN — Now Available

The Internet has failed to be safe.

To fight back for the Internet users' privacy and safety, we are introducing Connecto VPN — a simple, cheap, and secure-as-fuck VPN service.

When developing Connecto VPN, not only did we aim to make the encryption strong, the connectivity seamless, and the prices low; we also:

— Made sure Connecto VPN can be used on any of the popular platforms. We provide our users with detailed instructions on how to connect.
— Made Connecto VPN compatible with various modern encryption standards. Support of the OpenConnect protocol in particular makes the VPN invisible for DPIs, aka online censorship tools.
— Took extra effort to ensure that no logs or user-specific information is ever stored on our VPN servers.

Connecto VPN is cheaper than your morning cup of coffee. Starting at 2.49€.

Click here to learn more about Connecto VPN on our website.
Check it out!
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Vee Security 5 Oct 2018, 23:40
We're hiring worldwide!

We are looking for a high-performing Sales Manager to help us meet our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by keeping our company competitive and innovative.

Job Description
As a Sales Manager, you are highly skilled at uncovering customers’ needs. Your success is measured by your ability to create new owners of our products. You are proud to represent Vee Security, and you get great satisfaction from helping customers do more with our products and develop lifelong relationships with our brand.

— Achieve growth and hit sales targets by promoting our products.
— Build strong, long-lasting customer relationships by understanding their needs.
— Present sales, revenue and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the management team.
— Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status.

Key Qualifications
— Strong communication and listening skills that let you speak as freely and comfortably with small groups as with individual customers.
— Strong interest in connecting technology to customer needs, with a passion for continuous learning about Vee Security products and features.
— You have excellent customer service skills that allow you to translate complex conversations into simple solutions.
— You speak English or Russian fluently.

We offer competitive salaries, engaged team and caring executive staff.

Ready to apply for a job?

Send your CV/Resume to, our HR specialist will contact you as soon as possible.
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Vee Security 26 May 2018, 10:18
Some IP addresses of our servers have been banned by the Russian government censorship body Roskomnadzor. Connecto Proxy for Telegram may be temporarily unavailable for some Russian users.

Our team is working hard to resolve the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Truly yours,

Alexander V. Litreev
Vee Security 3 May 2018, 19:38
We're hiring!

Dear followers, we at Vee Security are expanding our team. We are now searching for new employees keen to join us. We know many talented people carefully read posts in this channel; it is likely we are looking for you or a friend of yours, so please pay attention to this announcement!

Our current openings:

1) Android Developer
Who you are:
— You have at least 3 years of Java development experience;
— You have strong knowledge of Android SDK (Android 4.0+);
— You are familiar with Android UI principles;
— You are familiar with HTTP/JSON/REST/WebSockets and other network technologies;
— You have experience working with Gradle;
— You may have experience working with RXJava;
— You may have experience with Kotlin development;
— Your English level is at least Upper Intermediate.

2) Farsi Translator
Who you are:
— You have strong knowledge of Farsi;
— Your English level is at least Upper Intermediate.

3) AI (Machine Learning) Engineer
Who you are:
— You have at least 2 years of C/C++ development experience;
— You may know Python;
— You have at least a year of experience in Data Science;
— You are familiar with ML/AI frameworks (preferably TensorFlow or NVIDIA Digits);
— You have experience working with Deep Learning and CNNs;
— You have experience working with distributed computing systems (e.g. Hadoop).

4) Circuit Design Engineer
Who you are:
— You have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (preferably non-Russian university graduate);
— You are experienced with designing microchips;
— You have strong knowledge of VHDL;
— You have experience working with T-FLEX and AutoCAD;

What we offer:
— Remote job;
— Flexible hours;
— Competitive salaries (USD/EUR)
— Engaged team and caring executive staff.

If you see us as your dream company, send your CV/Resume to with the opening you are applying for as a topic.

P.S. You can also provide us with contacts of professionals you know. If we end up working together, you will receive a decent reward.

Truly yours,

Alexander V. Litreev
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Vee Security 23 Apr 2018, 20:26
We will be upgrading our Connecto Proxy servers, so the service may be temporarily unavailable for a short period during the 18:00-21:00 (UTC time) window.
Stay tuned.
Vee Security 19 Apr 2018, 18:53
The whole subnetwork of our hosting partner has been banned by Roskomnadzor, so our Connecto Proxy for Telegram may be temporarily unavailable for some Russian users.

We are working hard to fix that. Stay in touch.
Vee Security 18 Apr 2018, 17:04
Roskomnadzor has grossly violated the legal procedures when dealing with Vee Security.
Open Russia organization will appear in court on our behalf.

More information on the situation in Russian: