SG Rare Quest Updates & Pokemon Go Info

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Information Of Rare Daily Quest and Pokemon Go Info
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March Events 2020 Overview , the new Legendary Pokemon as well as the 4 Special Legendary weekend raids
Current Raid Bosses - Pokémon Day 2020

• Party Hats in Tier 1 can be shiny.
• Clone Pokémon in Tier 4 have their Community Day moves when captured.
• Armored Mewtwo will know the Charge Attack Psystrike.
Pokémon Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour stopping for this week
Pokemon Day Celebration Event
26 Feb (5am) - 3rd Mar (5am)

Party Hat Starters in 7km eggs.
Party Hat Pika and Eevee in the wild (shiny available).
Clone Pika in Go Snapshot.
Armoured Mewtwo (with Psystrike) in 5 star raids.
Clone Pokemon in 4 star raids.

Get up to 2 special trades per day too.

Party Hat Raid Day
Get up to 5 free passes on 1st Mar from 2-5pm local time.
On Sat 22 Feb, when you battle in #GOBattle - win or lose, you will receive Sinnoh Stones
List of Raid Bosses for VDay Event
Quest exclusive for VDay Event
More info of VDay event 2019
Valentine's Day Event starts tomorrow
14th Feb (8am) -17th Feb (10pm)
Audino & Alomomola will be released in the wild, along with more pink pokemons spawning , in eggs and Field Research.
Shiny Happiny can be hatched and shiny Chansey can be encountered in the wild !
2x Catch Candy too !
Singapore Government raised Dorscon level to orange. Everyone please take care
Sinnoh Region Celebration Event Raid Boss List
Sinnoh Region Celebration Event - Sinnoh Pokemon that might hatch from 7km eggs
Sinnoh Region Celebration Event and Research Task from 7 Feb 8am to 10 Feb 10pm (local time)
#PokemonDay. SGT 5am Wed 26 Feb to 5am Tue 3 Mar