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We might not be perfect
The imperfects moto:
But our blunders don't hold us back
It enlightens us
Even if the world judges our flaws
It's barely a fraction of our imperfection.
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Гео и язык канала
не указан, не указан
не указана
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And with every burning chapter
I extinguish
When I scribble your thoughts
onto the next chapter, it sets ablaze.

So many promises you make
But all
you can't fulfill.
How can I love you when
your heart is full with burdens?
I give you my heart
So that you can lock it in you.
But I fell into your trap
And now I am the one hurting
from all your mistakes.

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How I check my English
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I am still broken
from our last conversation
But I still want to call and ask
"How are you?"
I love to hear your voice again
No matter how many times
you reject my call.
I will keep your number saved
just  hoping that
one day you will call me.
And say you
"miss me "
The same way
I miss you too.

Women are won over by words Men are won over by actions
  •   Yes
  •   No
  •   Whatever
  •   Maybe
11 голосов

If your love is like a river
And I am not able to swim
Would you save me from drowning?

I am not discouraged by your critics
I make my own choices
And benefit from them.
I live with my own principles
And survive with them
I am careful when taking risk
And reach at my greatest destination

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Isolation is a cure sometimes

Life is too short to overcrowd

your self with the people

who can infect you with pain.

If no one is there to save me
I will wear my own cape
And become my own hero.


No matter how scary the
storm may seem to overcome
I want to keep on pushing
Because my will of fire
Never ceases to be put off.

I used to feel something.
But now your words mean nothing.

For the 1000th time,
I will call your number
Just to make sure it's over

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