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"He that will learn to pray, let him go to sea" suggests that the sea
  •   is quiet and calm, like a church
  •   is the home of God
  •   can make you feel extreme fear
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Jerry gets angry when he sees yellow journalism. He says journalists who write it are
  •   misleading their readers
  •   informing their readers
  •   educating their readers
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If a girl in the U.S. is described as thick, it means she's
  •   underweight
  •   overweight
  •   neither underweight nor overweight
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In national elections, politicians vie for
  •   votes
  •   new laws
  •   big companies
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After Julie let the cat out of the bag,
  •   everybody laughed
  •   we all knew
  •   they ran after it
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"You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs" could suggest that to gain one thing you may have to
  •   give up another
  •   buy it
  •   heat it gently
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People who are called "old bats" are usually
  •   old men
  •   old women
  •   old men or old women
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Margaret had to sell off some of her jewellery because she
  •   was tired of it
  •   got a good offer
  •   had lost her job
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If you get in a jam, you should
  •   ask for help
  •   clean your teeth
  •   see your doctor
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The implication of the saying "Poor men go to heaven as soon as rich" is that heaven is a place of
  •   equality
  •   inequality
  •   first come first served
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Winning a Nobel prize is the icing on the cake after
  •   earning so much money
  •   being ignored for so long
  •   such a long and rewarding career
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This medicine will make your temperature go down, but it takes about an hour to kick in. It doesn't work
  •   unless you kick
  •   straight away
  •   very well
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If someone has fallen for a scam, they have
  •   come down with an illness
  •   been the victim of a practical joke
  •   been cheated out of some money
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The saying "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" is really about
  •   people who live in greenhouses
  •   the dangers of hypocrisy
  •   the fragility of glass
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If you don't want to do time in the can, make sure you don't
  •   know the law
  •   obey the law
  •   break the law
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Whoever does the best job of jockeying for position has the
  •   worst chance of winning
  •   only chance of winning
  •   best chance of winning
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Ashraf just gets by on the money he makes, so
  •   he's getting rich quickly
  •   he can't save much
  •   he's saving a lot
4525 голосов

The president nixed the trade deal because he thought it was
  •   a great idea
  •   an interesting idea
  •   a bad idea
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We love travelling, but if worst comes to worst we can still enjoy our holidays
  •   on a tour of Europe
  •   fixing up the garden
  •   visiting countries in Asia
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