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👾 GAMES 👾 12 Dec, 20:40
💥🔉The Escapists #Epicgames
🚩Before: 14,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/ejn

⚪️It gives you the opportunity to experience a casual perspective on the daily life of a prison and, as in the case of all inmates, their main objective: to escape!
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 14,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 9 Dec, 12:32
💥🔉Jotun: Valhalla Edition #Epicgames
🚩Before: 14,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/ehc

⚪️Jotun is a game with handmade drawings full of action and exploration that takes place in Norse mythology. In Jotun, you put yourself in the shoes of Thora, a Viking warrior whose ignominious death forces her to prove herself before the gods in order to access the Valhala. Impress the gods!
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 14,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 5 Dec, 01:11
💥🔉Zombie Driver HD #Steam
🚩Before: 9,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/egz

⚪️An eccentric mix of cars, speeds, explosions, blood and zombies. Fight in an epic campaign or test yourself in Carnage or Bloody Career mode.
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🚀¡Entra en t.me/ClubCHOLLOX y descubre todos nuestros canales!
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👾 GAMES 👾 30 Nov, 12:59
💥🔉Rayman Legends #Epicgames
🚩Before: 19,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/eey

⚪️Rayman, named best platform game of the year and winner of multiple awards at an artistic and musical level, returns with an entirely new adventure by Michel Ancel, acclaimed creator of Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and the Raving Rabbids
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👾 GAMES 👾 25 Nov, 13:53
💥🔉Rabbids Coding #Ubisoft
🚩Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/ea6

⚪️From Ubisoft they give us the Rabbids Coding game. Simply log in with our Ubisoft account to claim the game
👾 GAMES 👾 24 Nov, 21:38
💥🔉Deathgarden BLOODHARVEST #Steam
🚩Before: 4,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/e9t

⚪️Is a multiplayer survival action game in which a ruthless hunter tracks and guns down scavengers, desperate individuals trying to survive and escape the Deathgarden
👾 GAMES 👾 22 Nov, 12:51
💥🔉Serial Cleaner #Humblebundle
🚩Before: 14,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/e8g

⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 14,99€
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🚀¡Entra en t.me/ClubCHOLLOX y descubre todos nuestros canales!
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👾 GAMES 👾 21 Nov, 19:30
💥🔉Bad North: Jotunn Edition #Epicgames
🚩Before: 14,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/e84

⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 14,99€
👾 GAMES 👾 21 Nov, 13:37
🔰PC (STEAM): Play for free until 11/26

💥🔉Street Fighter V #Steam
🚩Before: 7,99€€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/e7s
👾 GAMES 👾 20 Nov, 14:14
💥🔉Quantum Bundle #Fanatical
🚩Before: 124,88€ |Now: 3,25€ (-97%)

Link: chx.to/e6z

The bundle includes:
⚪️Fall of Light: Darkest Edition
⚪️Quantum Replica
⚪️The Watchmaker
⚪️Codex of Victory
⚪️Gift of Parthax
⚪️In Fear I Trust
⚪️In Fear I Trust - Episode 2
⚪️In Fear I Trust - Episode 3
⚪️In Fear I Trust - Episode 4
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👾 GAMES 👾 15 Nov, 15:19
🔰Sora, Donald and Goofy embark on a new adventure to repel the darkness that surrounds them and try to avoid another War of the Keyblades.

💥🔉Lote All-In-One de KINGDOM HEARTS #Playstation
🚩Before: 109,99€ |Now: 36,29€ (-67%)

Link: chx.to/e4r

⚪️The KINGDOM HEARTS All-In-One lot includes:
• KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
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👾 GAMES 👾 9 Nov, 14:43
💥🔉Renowned Bundle #Fanatical
🚩Before: 121,92€ |Now: 4,39€ (-96%)

Link: chx.to/e0r

The bundle includes:
⚪️Space Rangers HD: A War Apart
⚪️SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition
⚪️Renowned Explorers: International Society
⚪️Odallus: The Dark Call
⚪️Rebel Galaxy
⚪️The Signal From Tölva
⚪️Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China
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👾 GAMES 👾 29 Oct, 11:49
💥🔉Half-Life 2 #Steam
🚩Before: 8,19€ |Now: 0,81€ (-90%)

Link: chx.to/dta

⚪️A science fiction and first person shooting game where our protagonist is Gordon Freeman
👾 GAMES 👾 29 Oct, 11:35
💥🔉Indie Mix Bundle #Fanatical
🚩Before: 36,95€ |Now: 2,19€ (-94%)

Link: chx.to/dt4

The bundle includes:
⚪️Dud Dash
⚪️Super Treasure Arena
⚪️Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition - The Card Warriors
⚪️Sunny Hillride
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👾 GAMES 👾 17 Oct, 20:14
💥🔉F.E.A.R. Bundle #Humblebundle
🚩Before: 51,96€ |Now: 3,75€ (-93%)

Link: chx.to/dr7

It includes:
⚪️FEAR (Inc. 2 DLC)
⚪️FEAR 2: Project Origins
⚪️FEAR 2: Reborn DLC
⚪️FEAR 3
👾 GAMES 👾 17 Oct, 11:44
💥🔉Syberia Complete Bundle #Fanatical
🚩Before: 60,96€ |Now: 4,35€ (-93%)

Link: chx.to/dqq

The bundle includes:
⚪️Syberia II
⚪️ Syberia 3
⚪️Syberia 3 - Deluxe Upgrade
⚪️Syberia 3 - An Automaton With A Plan DLC
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👾 GAMES 👾 16 Oct, 12:01
💥🔉The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt #Playstation
🚩Before: 29,99€ |Now: 8,99€ (-70%)

Link: chx.to/dq4

⚪️Minimal price
⚪️While the war spreads through the Northern Kingdoms, you will accept the contract of your life: find the girl of prophecy, a living weapon that can alter the world as we know it.
👾 GAMES 👾 15 Oct, 19:32
💥🔉Forward to the Sky #Humblebundle
🚩Before: 7,99€ |Now: 0,79€ (-90%)

Link: chx.to/dpt

⚪️Forward to the Sky is a third-person action adventure game in the ruins of the tower of heaven. You will collect all the crystals to connect the story and everything will be revealed once the princess reaches the upper level.
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 7,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 15 Oct, 12:22
💥🔉Guardians Bundle #Fanatical
🚩From 1,09€ to 3,85€

Link: chx.to/dpb

The bundle includes:
⚪️Level 1 - 3 products for 1,09€
Asura: Vengeance Expansion
Rym 9000

Level 2 - 9 products for 3,85€ (It includes the products of the previous level.)
Attack of the Eartglings
Jet Set Knights
Odyssey - The Story of Science
Guards of the Gate
Gunman Tales
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👾 GAMES 👾 9 Oct, 10:54
💥🔉Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) #Cdkeys
🚩Before: 59,99€ |Now: 2,29€ (-96%)

Link: chx.to/dml

⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Game - 29,95€