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Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
Todos Los Canales Telegram📣
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Уличные драки
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Just fitness
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Уличные драки
Чёрный юмор
Just fitness
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4man мужской журнал
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👾 GAMES 👾 2 Sep, 10:00
💥🔉Prey #Steam #Gamesplanet
🚩Before: 29,99€ |Now: 4,39€ (-85%)

Link: chx.to/d1u

⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 29,99€
👾 GAMES 👾 1 Sep, 12:45
💥🔉DiRT Rally #Steam
🚩Before: 34,99€ |Now: FREE

Link: chx.to/d1m

⚪️DiRT Rally is the most authentic and thrilling rally game ever made, road-tested over 80 million miles by the DiRT community.
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 34,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 21 Aug, 20:21
💥🔉Indie Legends IX Bundle #Fanatical
🚩Now: 1,09€

Link: chx.to/cxi

⚪️Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
⚪️Ice Lakes
⚪️OPUS: The Day We Found Earth
For 5,45€
⚪️Tesla vs Lovecraft
⚪️911 Operator
⚪️Medieval Kingdom Wars
⚪️Oriental Empires
⚪️The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
For 8,69€
⚪️Do Not Feed the Monkeys
⚪️Day of Infamy Deluxe Edition
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👾 GAMES 👾 8 Aug, 10:17
💥🔉Skullgirls 2nd Encore Complete Pack #Fanatical
🚩Before: 24,98€ |Now: 1,60€ (-94%)

Link: chx.to/csy

⚪️Minimum price
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 14,99€
👾 GAMES 👾 24 Jul, 11:35
??Bundle SEGA Mega Drive + Genesis Classics #Fanatical
?Before: 29,99€ |Now: 6,75€ (-77%)

Link: chx.to/cnu

⚪️The SEGA Mega Drive classic collection reaches a new generation, updated and with more features: online multiplayer, achievements, mirror mode, go back, save states, virtual reality and more! More than 50 classic games in a great package! Immerse yourself in the classics!
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 29,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 23 Jul, 11:43
??PAYDAY 2 Ultimate Bundle for PC #Fanatical
?Before: 80,33€ |Now: 4,49€ (-94%)

Link: chx.to/cnc
👾 GAMES 👾 20 Jul, 13:15
??Limbo para Epic Store #Epicgames
?Before: 7,99€ |Now: FREE (100%)

Link: chx.to/cmq

⚪️Combine puzzles and platforms in a most sinister environment. All a masterpiece that has millions of players.
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 9,99€
👾 GAMES 👾 12 Jul, 16:57
??Age of Wonders III #Steam
?Before: 29,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/cg0

⚪️Age of Wonders III is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy series. Delivering a unique mix of Empire Building, Role Playing and Warfare, Age of Wonders III offers the ultimate in turn-based fantasy strategy for veterans of the series and new players alike!
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👾 GAMES 👾 12 Jul, 12:41
??Torchlight #Epicgames
?Before: 11,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/cfv

⚪️Delve into the bowels of this thriving town, get loot and level up to save Torchlight and possibly the world.
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 15€
👾 GAMES 👾 11 Jul, 11:37
??Dollar Battle Bundle #Fanatical
?Before: 170,86€ |Now: 0,99€ (-99%)

Link: chx.to/cf0

⚪️For 1$ / 0,99€,we will obtain the following list of games:
➖Hold the Line: The American Revolution14,99€
➖Congo Merc 4,99€
➖1812: The Invasion of Canada 22,99€
➖1775: Rebellion 22,99€
➖Lightning: D-Day 9,99€
➖Assault on Arnhem 9,99€
➖Assault on Arnhem 9,99€
➖Nuts!: The Battle of the Bulge 9,99€
➖IWO: Bloodbath in the Bonins 9,99€
➖Russian Front 14,99€
➖Battles of the Ancient World 9,99€
➖Peninsular War Battles 9,99€
➖Medieval Battle: Europe 9,99€
➖Ancient Battle: Hannibal 9,99€
➖Fire and Fury: English Civil War 9,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 7 Jul, 11:14
??Overcooked para Epic Store #Epicgames
?Before: 13,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/cda

⚪️Overcooked is a cooperative, casual and chaotic cooking game that can be played by one to four players. Through teamwork, you and the other chefs must prepare, cook and serve a series of tasty orders before the surge of customers goes off furious.
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 5,43€
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👾 GAMES 👾 4 Jul, 13:06
??Refunct #Steam
?Before: 2,99€ |Now: 0,89€ (-70%)

Link: chx.to/cca

⚪️Refunct is a relaxing and brief first-person platform game where you must restore the beauty of a brilliant world.
👾 GAMES 👾 4 Jul, 12:28
??Frostpunk #Steam
?Before: 29,99€ |Now: 14,99€ (-50%)

Link: chx.to/cc4

⚪️Frostpunk is the first survival game of a society. As the leader of the last city in the world, you must be in time with the citizens as well as with the infrastructure. What decisions will you take to guarantee the survival of your society?
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Humblebundle - 29,99€
?Participa en el chat oficial
Entra en t.me/ClubCHOLLOX y descubre todos nuestros canales!
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👾 GAMES 👾 3 Jul, 21:44
??Planet Explorers #Steam
?Before: 14,99€ | Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/cbk

⚪️Planet Explorers is an adventure role-playing video game. Now survivors must explore, gather, build, create, fight and, ultimately, build a new home.
👾 GAMES 👾 2 Jul, 14:44
??This month Twitch Prime gives us 4 new free games #Twitchprime
?Before: 39,11€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/cal

⚪️You just need to have Amazon Prime and an account on Twitch to get these games.
⚪️Games this month:
➖For The King 9,99€
➖The Escapists 3,74€
➖Cultist Simulator 13,39€
➖Yooka-Laylee 11,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 30 Jun, 21:22
??4 DLCs for Payday 2 #Steam
Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/c8o

⚪️Play the minigame by making decisions. When the game is over, link your Steam account and you will get your key.
⚪️Forms of getting every dlc:
➖Alienware Mask pack: Duke goes into the bank and places the thing under a table.
➖Mega Sydney: Duke goes in, drops it into a plant.
➖Paydaycon 2016 mask pack (Mega Clover): Dallas goes in, on the roof, jumps back to the roof past guard.
➖Paydaycon 2015 mask pack (King of Jesters): Dallas goes in, jumps on the guard, makes it look like an accident.
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👾 GAMES 👾 28 Jun, 14:39
??Last Day of June #Epicgames
?Before: 19,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/c8b

⚪️A deep and interactive adventure about love and loss, beautifully narrated and offering an intense cinematic experience.
⚪️Price in other stores⤵️
Steam - 5,99€
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👾 GAMES 👾 27 Jun, 15:05
??Portal 2 #Steam
?Before: 8,19€ |Now: 0,81€ (-90%)

Link: chx.to/c81

⚪️Minimal price
⚪️Consisting of an innovative game mechanic, history and music that led to the original Portal to win more than 70 awards and turned it into a new myth of the industry.
👾 GAMES 👾 27 Jun, 10:38
💥🔉Samurai Shodown Season Pass #PS4
🚩Before: 19,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/c7l
👾 GAMES 👾 26 Jun, 21:10
??DRONE The Game #Steam
?Before: 19,99€ |Now: FREE (-100%)

Link: chx.to/c7a

⚪️DRONE is a sci-fi multiplayer arena shooter with an unprecedented amount of creative freedom. Compete in an ever growing number of community created arenas, with your own unique drone designs, in order to become the smoothest drone operator in the galaxy.
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