Life in Russia

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Here the life of Russia as it is, without censorship, the media, and other heresies
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27.08.2018 20:32
Мониторинг упоминаний ключевых слов в каналах и чатах.
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Life in Russia 27 Aug 2018, 21:39
Life in Russia
Life in Russia 27 Aug 2018, 20:51
​​To escape from a poor scoop, people dared a lot. Tried to cross the skiing in Finland in winter, to sail the Baltic Sea by kayaks and even jumped out of the cruise liners on the go! I managed to escape only units. The most daring escape in the history of the scoop was made by the Russian oceanographer Stanislav Vasilyevich Kurilov. He jumped out of the steamer cruising the Pacific Ocean from Vladivostok to the equator and back. (of course without calling at foreign ports). Therefore, while sailing through the Philippine islands, he jumped overboard and overcame 100 km of swim to get to the nearest island. He sailed almost two days without food and drink! The reason for his escape was that he simply could not realize himself as a scientist in a scoop under the iron curtain. After the escape, he continued to pursue his favorite business, first in Canada, and then in Israel. Stanislav Kurilov died on January 29, 1998 during diving operations on a lake in Israel, entangled in foreign fishing nets. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Just think how scoop was wild. How much they were afraid to disgrace themselves before their own citizens, so they fooled them with an iron curtain until the shovel disintegrated so that they could not escape from God and could not see for themselves how much the scoop lagged behind the closest capitalist countries. Even in the Russian Empire, people could safely move, for example, to neighboring Europe, to engage in free trade, to borrow experience and knowledge in various fields than they actually did. Hence, for example, the best architecture (the one that survived and restored) was built just before the revolution! If not for the damned scoop, then at least there would not have been this Wiener high-rise building, these painted curbs, tires, fences and other shit. They could live now as in Europe, but of course that's it! And the scoops let them stick their template scraps ala "before the revolution were all stupid, there was no education, ran in bast shoes, etc." in one place! Scoop fucked up and rewrote the whole story in his favor! Who wanted to receive education - he received it! If the scoop was so adorable about education, then why did most of the intelligentsia, aristocracy, intellectuals, merchants be repressed or shot, and the advantage was blunt, business cattle? About serf slavery, too, go fuck. These are vestiges of the past. In Europe until the 19th century there was a holy Inquisition and then what? Something I do not observe in Europe. In general, the scoop is still a lying cock
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Life in Russia 27 Aug 2018, 20:23
Yuri Trushechkin
Life in Russia 27 Aug 2018, 20:23
​​Two different worlds ...

On the first photo - John McCain, the hero-pilot, who became a famous politician who changed the world. Which passed the most cruel torture and torture for a long 5 years in the Vietnam prison.

On the second photo shot down in Vietnam by McCain - Yuri Trushechkin, who lived in Khrushchev with a Sovetz Sideboard, drunk and died in poverty. For his government, neither napkin, nor the present, he did not need fucking. Only if as a slave and a cannon fodder.
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