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Amazon Prime Gaming - Worlds 22 Celebration Giveaways!

All eyes are on Worlds 22!

During each Worlds 22 broadcast, we're giving fans a chance to win 150,000 RP! Tune into the livestreams each day for a chance to walk away with all that RP! PLUS you can enter another celebratory giveaway during the entire Worlds 22 timeframe, where 1 lucky winner will walk away with fantastic League of Legends goodies AND 350,000 RP! Enter below and good luck to all!


[PREDICTION] Worlds 2022 Groups Stage | GEN vs RNG
  •   Gen.G (GEN) Wins
  •   Royal Never Give Up (RNG) Wins

[PREDICTION] Worlds 2022 Groups Stage | T1 vs EDG
  •   T1 (T1) Wins
  •   Edward Gaming Hycan (EDG) Wins

[PREDICTION] Worlds 2022 Groups Stage | JDG vs EG
  •   JDG Intel Esports Club (JDG) Wins
  •   Evil Geniuses (EG) Wins
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[PREDICTION] Worlds 2022 Groups Stage | CFO vs 100
  •   CTBC Flying Oyster (CFO) Wins
  •   100 Thieves (100) Wins

[PREDICTION] Worlds 2022 Groups Stage | G2 vs DK
  •   G2 Esports (G2) Wins
  •   DWG KIA (DK) Wins

[PREDICTION] Worlds 2022 Groups Stage | C9 vs FNC
  •   Fnatic (FNC) Wins
  •   Cloud9 (C9) Wins

The first day of the #Worlds2022 🏆 Group Stage starts NOW!

📺 http://lolesports.com/live/worlds



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🏆 Worlds 2022 | Official Event Trailer - League of Legends

How will you celebrate this Worlds season? There’s something for everyone with Spirit Blossom, Bewitching, Worlds 2022 Azir, URF and more.

The #Worlds2022 🏆 Groups!

Teamfight Tactics patch 12.19 notes

A new event, a chance to Scalescorn, and a new Dragon (6) breakpoint! Patch 12.19 is fire!

🔼 Buffs: Dragon, Dragonmancer, Mirage (Electric Overload), Battlemage, Future Sight, Pandora's Bench, Sunfire Board, Tiamat, Gnar, Swain, Sy'Fen, Zeri, Shi-Oh-Yu.

🔽 Nerfs: Mage, Astral, Base Camp, Celestial Blessing, Protector's Vow, Nunu, Rakan, Seraphine, Zyra,

🔃 Adjusted: Scalescorn, Better Together, Hecarim, Nilah.

🔁 Reworked: Jayce.

Removed: Urf's Grab Bag, Weakspot.

Patch 12.19 notes

Fighter Blitzcrank buffs? AP Rakan buffs? Is this real life, or is this patch 12.19? Welcome to the patch of off-meta buffs!

🔼 Buffs: Blitzcrank, Ekko, Fizz, Garen, Jinx, Kai'Sa, Malphite, Nasus, Nunu, Rakan, Ryze, Shyvanna, Sona, Tahm Kench, Twitch, Udyr.

🔽 Nerfs: Master Yi, Rek' Sai.

🔃 Adjusted: Syndra.

⚙️ Systems: Eclipse.

New: Spirit Blossom skins.

Worlds 2022 Play-Ins | DFM vs RNG
  •   DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) Wins
  •   Royal Never Give Up (RNG) Wins
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