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ℹ Chat about Telegram Proxies!
📢 Channel: @MTProtoProxies
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Talk about Telegram Proxies!

• Don't Spam
• Only share proxies in the Proxy Share Group
• Respect the Admins
• Only write about the Topic "Proxies"
• Nothing political!

👥 Join the Groups by clicking on the one of the following Links:

MTProto Proxy Share Group:
Everyone can share MTProto proxies here!


FARSI Group:

Remember: If you don't follow the rules and we ban you, you will be banned in all of our groups! So please follow the rules and be nice to everyone!

Want to become an Admin?
Contact @tgFansBot with #proxytalkadmin and a short text why you want to become admin.

[Part of @tgFans]

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