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05.03.2019 21:23
2 Aug, 11:00 (121 день назад)
‼️ So, if you replaced the sentence, combined the sentences, and moved the sentence correctly, your text should be refined like this:

📄 Renegade hackers, gritty urban landscapes, and oppressive mega corporations are all hallmarks of the cyberpunk genre. Technology is central as well. ✅ These films and novels, which often draw on traditions of film noir and detective fiction, explore dystopian near futures.Technology is central as well. While cyberpunk celebrates Internet-like virtual spaces, it also considers the moral ambiguity involved in technological advancement. ✅ As a result, the future cyberpunk presents is equal parts frightening and exhilarating. 📃

ℹ️ 'Refined' implies that your text is clear, free of redundancies, and is logical, which allows a reader to read effortlessly.