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​​A painting of Contemporary Art style which is really well-known among the people of art. The painting PINK CENTRE by Mark Rothko was one of the most expensive ones. $72.8 million. This is the price the painting was sold on the Sotheby’s auction in 2007. Well, to be honest, we, the ordinary people, who are on far distance from the comprehension of contemporary art can not realize the talent and the price. We are skeptical about the painting. For us it is quite easy to draw the same. The Americans, who extremely highly appreciate Rothko, consider him and his works to be their national heritage. But why? And how? Is there anything serious about the picture? Well, the point is in exposition of the painting. The artist asked to place his works in special conditions – the three-meter high paintings should be displayed in the hall of half dark with complete science and the temperature of 18 -19 degrees C. the visitors should view them from the distance of half a meter. Only this way the painting works. You watch it and can get mesmerized by the message from the artist! The painting fascinates you, calling, to get inside the other world which only covers you with the colour – nothing more, no hustle of your daily life. Definitely there is the power in the paintings, but to realize them you need special conditions.

​​William Wilberforce (1759 -1833)
The history of every country has people who have campaigned to changed society. A good example of a person like this is WW. He was a member of parliament from 1780 to 1825. And he organized a campaign in parliament to stop the slave trade and then to free all the slaves in the British Empire. The slave trade was stopped in 1807 and all the slaves were freed the month after his death.
Why should we get inspired by the power of the personality of William Wilberforce? The matter is that in the 18th century slave trade was a legal action. It was normal to buy and sell people. Make them work without paying any money was considered to be a usual act. That was the status quo of those days. The Africans were not thought to be equal to the Europians. The majority of public did not feel sorry of them equalizing them to domestic animals. The Simple ordinary Africans were captured by the developed British and sent in the worst part of ships under the severest conditions to work on the fields of southern part of America. The third of the slaves did not get to the shore, - they died during the journey because of deceases and unbearable conditions, from tortures and violence of the slave traders. William evaluated that to be humiliation and human rights violation. He did believe all people, despite their skin colour and nationality, and background to be equal. So he was not afraid to resist the existing order. He was strong and powerful enough not just to change the system by abolishing the slave trade, but he also managed to change the society in perceiving and comprehension of all the disgrace and humiliation of slave trade.
It took William Wilberforce 20 years to abolish the slavery. (20!) Providing that its immorality and inhumanity had been proved from the very beginning of the campaign. The victory meant William his money, health, safety, reputation and his good relationship with some of his relatives and friends. Just think -20 years of fight!
However, William as a person suffered some negative features. He was so well-witted that was unable to concentrate on one matter. And was disorganized. The condition of his property is usually described as domestic chaos.

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