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? House Of Chimera ? 4 Jun, 02:56
Seems like we were right ;)
? House Of Chimera ? 3 Jun, 03:34
This is what BitMex can do to you, if you are unaware of the risks - Make sure you do understand the risk, and always remind that leveraged trading is for advanced traders
? House Of Chimera ? 2 Jun, 14:16
ProfitSheet Update

We just did update our profitsheet, check it out!

link to our profit sheet: https://goo.gl/MVHDuZ
Currently it is sitting on a whopping 383.89% profit in 5 months.

We gave another call in our Discord? Curious? Hop on our discord server to learn more, more as 1000 people are already involved:
⚡️ https://discord.gg/Pb3B8D4 ⚡️
? House Of Chimera ? 2 Jun, 13:44
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? House Of Chimera ? 2 Jun, 01:39
? House Of Chimera ? 2 Jun, 01:39
? House Of Chimera ? 2 Jun, 01:39
"Still see something like this playing out??"

Answer: "Yes sir. The micros on that weren't exact, but it's still building up to it. Currently we have a H&S forming out, I believe we'll break the neckline BUT it'll be a fakeout. Fib support (or ichi cloud support) will have bulls fake out the bears, and we'll pump up to my .786 target"
? House Of Chimera ? 1 Jun, 14:27
New calls coming up boys! :)
? House Of Chimera ? 1 Jun, 01:44
Sold matic - over 10% profit!
? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 18:31
$CELR is mooning
$FET is bouncing

Don’t sleep on $MATIC to follow

Looks like they’ll be in the green before Harmony trading opens
Keep an eye on Matic
Bought a little $MATIC @everyone
Stop loss of 7,5% - Use trailing stoploss ! @everyone
? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 14:54
BNB IEO performance
? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 04:33
There is still no definite scenario in bitcoin. This may have been a normal correction, but can the beginning of a reversal. I will not take new positions now, I will just keep the ones that are already open. If Bitcoin goes back to $8400+ and staying consistently above that, I will take up new positions in the altcoins.
? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 04:26
:fire: Another major Discord update :fire:

We just did finish our Discord update, and this update is HUGE. We did add and fix several channels and bugs, besides that we did add more channels and did remove a few channels which didn’t match our high quality standard.

⚡️ Update 8 ⚡️

⚪️ New courses
We did add 5 new VIP courses – Philakone II , WIFX , Investopedia and more!
? Update & add channels
We did add several channels such as TWA and Findacoin Premium. We also did add a few secret expensive channels!
?: New CCU videos
we did add ALL CCU video’s, which are a House of Chimera exclusive. We did add all the series (Beginners to Pro!)
⚫️Graphical overhaul on the categories
We did recategorize our discord in order to make it clearer and more comprehensible
⚪️ New emoticons
You never can have enough of them, right?!
? New role to decrease information overload
We did hear you! We had a few complaints about the fact that there were so many channels and people were confused what they should follow. So we did try to cherry pick channels, and decrease the amount of channels for a specific role. This role is called ‘New Chimera’. This role is in BETA now, and will be tested in the upcoming weeks.
? Discord chart bot
We did add ALPHA as chart bot, if you would like to see a chart type C (ticker) (timeframe) example: c bnb 5
⚫️ Preparations for new alt coin competition
We will have a new alt competition in the upcoming month, more info about this soon. This competition will be only for VIP’s.
⚪️Profit Spreadsheet
We made a VIP profit sheet – so you guys can track our performance without going through the struggle by asking for results ?

Join our Discord today, and be part of our community – don’t miss this:
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? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 03:42
? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 03:42
? House Of Chimera ? 31 May, 03:42
IEO Coins can pump here. They can all bounce on FIB support besides that the upcoming Harmony IEO can grant some upward traction. I didn't buy yet, however im closely watching them!
? House Of Chimera ? 30 May, 19:06
Bitcoin prices on Bitmex:
5.000$ ✅
6.000$ ✅
6.500$ ✅
7.000$ ✅
7.500$ ✅
8.000$ ✅
8.500$ ✅
9.000$ ✅

Did u feel bad when u did miss the 2018 January craze? Well, this might be another bull run! Do not miss this opportunity to get proper risk management, and get opportunities which will help you to hold and get profits. We are one of the quickest growing communities in the crypto space, don’t miss out on this own!

Join our Discord today, and be part of our community – don’t miss this:

‘Fomo? Meh, we just buy as first’ – El Presidente
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? House Of Chimera ? 30 May, 16:35
Binance to offer crypto lending and borrowing through cred partnership — link
? House Of Chimera ? 30 May, 15:53
Binance margin beta is live
Pairs: $BNB, $BTC, $ETH, $TRX and $XRP
max leverage x2

Wanna support our channel?
Use our Binance ref: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11333902
? House Of Chimera ? 30 May, 15:52
Our discord had a major update - more about this coming soon! :)