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Репосты 15 Apr, 16:26
New episode is live on the Podcast!

Our Head of Research, Garrick Hileman, is back behind the mic reading his article, The future doesn't look like Robinhood. 🎙 14 Apr, 19:59
Polkadot ($DOT) is now available on the Exchange and Wallet.

Full details here 👉 12 Mar, 20:16
Do you have your crypto tax plan? With lots of market movement for bitcoin and crypto, it’s more important than ever to file your taxes correctly.

For US tax purposes, if you bought, sold, traded or used crypto, you may owe taxes.

Get up to speed on the latest crypto tax info: 11 Mar, 19:46
We're excited to welcome Jim Messina to our Board of Directors.

His experience and guidance will be invaluable as we grow and bring cryptocurrency to billions of people worldwide. 2 Mar, 23:44
We're thrilled to welcome Lane Kasselman, our first Chief Business Officer, to the team!

Read our full announcement here: 17 Feb, 18:48
We're excited to announce we raised a $120M strategic growth round.

We’ve worked tirelessly these past 10 years to create products that make crypto accessible for all. But we’re only just getting started.

Read our full announcement here: 10 Feb, 22:36
Crypto has always been a call to arms.

And last week we saw just what could happen when the current financial system fails you.

Our February Market Outlook report is live + digs into the GME events, crypto markets, the bitcoin network and more. 8 Feb, 23:22
Don't wait another second. ⏱

Join the ranks of those earning over $1.4M interest right in their Wallet. 💸 8 Feb, 22:05 7 Feb, 23:54
New episode with Anthony Scaramucci is live on the Podcast! 🎙

Tune in as we discuss...
- His odyssey into bitcoin
- The Skybridge bitcoin fund
- Bitcoin as a new store of value
- Institutional investors adding bitcoin to their balance sheet, and much more

Listen now: 6 Feb, 01:45
The bottom line? Traditional market infrastructure failed and outrage over trading stoppages is warranted.

The future doesn't look like Robinhood. 30 Jan, 00:33
"There’s incredible power in decentralized groups of individuals and the future of finance will be built less like Wall Street and more like the internet: by a decentralized group of individuals." - CEO, Peter Smith 27 Jan, 23:34
Since its publication in 2008, the Bitcoin white paper has helped usher in a new era of money.

And while a lot has happened since that fateful day, you can still see where it all started: 26 Jan, 17:58
We're proud to be in such good company as one of "the biggest scale players" in FinTech 💙 26 Jan, 01:53
Stablecoin use has been skyrocketing lately. 🚀

With a slew of use cases, it's no wonder why more people are looking to get exposure to this asset class.

Learn how to invest and profit on stablecoin growth in our latest blog. 25 Jan, 17:28
The Great Mother of all Financial Crises. Are we slowly marching towards it? And can we plan for it?

Our Head of Research, Garrick Hileman, digs into these questions live on The Podcast: 23 Jan, 21:15
Whether the markets are dropping or soaring, never miss a move with our crypto-to-crypto swap 👨‍💻 👩‍💻 23 Jan, 05:04
Will governments start to HODL bitcoin this year?

Our Head of Research, Garrick Hileman, examines...
- outsized government spending and money printing
- the U.S-China economic and geopolitical tension
- and post-pandemic acceleration.

Listen now 🎙 22 Jan, 23:07
2020 brought a lot of challenges. But it was also a time for growth.

We took a look back at this eventful year + recapped our product transformation.

Click through to check it out 👇 11 Jan, 22:06
2020 was arguably crypto's best year yet. 🌐

But while all seems well, some warning signs of an overheated crypto market are starting to appear.

Read the full market report now: