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Combot News 3 Nov 2019, 01:44
Combot 19.11.2 is out.

All commands are case-insensitive now - for your convenience. This time, Combot will not miss your command because of autocorrect.

I also updated Commands page - it is convenient and up to date at the moment. All commands are also available on, you're more than welcome if you want to help us to translate.

Improved performance for leaderboards (yes, again). Large leaderboards with more than 200 members load faster now.

Your profile now displays the list of groups you have sent messages to and your message counter.
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Combot News 2 Nov 2019, 03:04
Starting today, you can multiplex !ban, !unban, !mute, !kick, !unrestrict and !unmute commands. Usernames are supported too. Valid examples are listed below. 12345 is example identifier (ID) of a target user, you can use them too. Order of parameters does not matter.

· !ban 10h @username 12345
· !unban username 12345
· !mute username 5h @username 12345
· !kick 12345 username @username
· !unrestrict 12345
· !unmute username

Can it get any cooler than this?
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Combot News 31 Oct 2019, 20:21
For recurring announcements, you can now define the time when the first message will be sent out. Also the interface will show the time for the next message and approximate time left.
Combot News 28 Oct 2019, 07:29
Meet the new 🔥
Combot News 25 Oct 2019, 22:34
The option to warn on violation was added for blacklisted words. You can now quickly copy your list of words or clear the list using corresponding buttons. New filters - "Videos" and "GIFs", each of them also has the option to warn on violation. "Delete videos & GIFs" filter is deprecated now.
Combot News 23 Oct 2019, 01:24
PSA: Server maintenance is scheduled to begin at 2 AM (UTC) today.

Update: it's over, there was no downtime.
Combot News 20 Oct 2019, 02:38
"Warn on violation" was added to following filters: video messages, images.
Combot News 16 Oct 2019, 09:52
"Warn on violation" was added to following filters: mentions, games, voice messages, audio files. Some design changes for "Filters" tab.
Combot News 13 Oct 2019, 02:43
Next-generation filters (files, links, commands, stickers) have a new option "Warn on violation", it will warn a user with appropriate reason. Improved !toplvl and leaderboard performance (faster loading time). "Basic" tab in moderation settings was redesigned.

Dear translators & volunteers, head to to help us to translate Combot 🥰
Combot News 10 Oct 2019, 04:34
Now if you send !toplvl, Combot will show the link to the leaderboard, it is also accessible from "My Groups" page. Essentially, this is a web view for !toplvl command and you can search users there. The leaderboard does not include inactive users and level 1 users.

This release brings some performance improvements for large groups. If your analytics page was loading slowly, it should be loading faster now.
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Combot News 27 Jul 2018, 02:39
Combot is back online and it's running at regular performance level. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by downtime today.
Combot News 25 Jul 2018, 21:16
New option - "Only admins can change reputation".
Combot News 25 Jul 2018, 05:11
You can either silence Combot responses, or disable reputation system completely in your chat's settings.
Combot News 25 Jul 2018, 04:28
Reputation, or karma, or whatever you want it to be.

Reply with "+" to increase user's score or reply with "-" to decrease. Combot will also maintain the global score for every user, it can be checked with /status if you're admin.
Combot News 25 Jul 2018, 02:36
Small update - you can now use w (weeks) variable when setting the interval for /mute and /ban commands.

For example:
/mute 3w
/ban 1w
Combot News 23 Jul 2018, 20:37
Looks like everything's fine now.
Combot News 23 Jul 2018, 19:51
Telegram is limiting our requests again, Combot may lag behind. I'll notify when problems are gone.
Combot News 21 Jul 2018, 02:11
Combot is back online.
Combot News 21 Jul 2018, 00:03
Telegram Bot API rate limits are really harsh. I can't do anything about it. I will notify when problems are gone.
Combot News 20 Jul 2018, 23:54
The problem is that Telegram will not allow us to send requests as fast as we need. This is why Combot is still lagging behind as of now.