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Confessarium 16 Mar, 00:04
During sex, I do not take my eyes off my little hand, which is stroking my husband's shoulder in the position of "man from above." Sooooo excited by such a contrast, I feel feminine, fragile. I am short, thin, it is several times larger. Nothing gets stronger than this spectacle.
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Confessarium 15 Mar, 00:04
Confessarium 13 Mar, 09:08
Confessarium 12 Mar, 23:50
Confessarium 12 Mar, 12:42
Confessarium 11 Mar, 07:33
Broke up with my bf, , but we continue to communicate. Once sat on the apartment, had some wine. Well, it lead to sex. Such a passionate and desirable sex for a long time never happened with us! We started at 11 pm, and when he told me that it was almost 6 am, I thought she was joking! The third day my knees hurt!
❤️ 4
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🙊 1
Confessarium 10 Mar, 11:29
I have very specific reaction for orgasms. I start shaking abnormally. This continues for 5-7 minutes. I can't move, talk and even breath normal. I feel very good during this, but so shy of it.
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Confessarium 8 Mar, 12:25
I like i lot when guys come with emotions: yelling, moaning, shouting, some is them even groaning and shaking. Sometime when partners is so emotional i can get additional orgasm out of it.
❤️ 12
🔥 12
😨 1
Confessarium 7 Mar, 18:26
Confessarium 6 Mar, 12:56
Confessarium 5 Mar, 13:51
I have very special relationships with particular body part. Every time i shave deep bikini area, i can't stop enjoying the results. I touch it, and my pussy getting really wet then. I turns me on more then my boyfriend i think.
❤️ 5
🔥 14
😨 1
Confessarium 4 Mar, 19:48
Girl, a year had no sex. I bought a vibrostimulator, I thought I wouldn't get out of bed with him. In fact, it is embarrassing to even get it out of the case, which is under the pillow, which is hidden under the bedspread in the drawer under the bed.
❤️ 9
🔥 4
🙊 1
Confessarium 4 Mar, 01:29
Confessarium 2 Mar, 16:12
Very attracted to guys of short stature. In bed with them is just a fairy tale) I don’t know, maybe I have some sort of internal perverted fetish about this, but I’ve been happy to arrange a Threesome with little dwarfs
❤️ 15
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Confessarium 1 Mar, 18:57
Confessarium 28 Feb, 18:52
Репост из: Confessarium
Confessarium 28 Feb, 17:42
Confessarium 27 Feb, 00:02
Recently, I did blowjob for my man. Everything was going normal, but in the end he was shaking all over, began to moan loudly and breathe deeply, then cry and laugh at the same time. After, he told me that he did not have such an orgasm. The whole body is numb to the tip of the nose. And I got an unreal orgasm from what is good for him. It is necessary to practice now, what is this a secret maneuver I accidentally used.
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Confessarium 26 Feb, 00:07
Confessarium 25 Feb, 23:48