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Get rich or dye trying
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Friends, I've gotten a lot of questions in the last 24 hours, so I'll try to answer them all.

In order. How to deposit balance on platform?
This platform accepts only crypto and we need to buy it

CLICK HERE and do it

Personally I use Binance crypto exchange. Going further, we now need to fund the platform balance from the exchange where we have the crypto.

To do that CLICK HERE

Super, now we can start working. What is important to know? There are rules in our business that you can't break. Why? The reason is simple - we're exploiting a broker's vulnerability and we can't draw attention to ourselves.

- your profit should not be higher than 70% per month.
- you should not bet more than 3% of the deposit.

Now to answer the question, why do I need it?

I'm not a philanthropist, and I have no interest in working with people who want to make a million dollars from 1 dollar. Well, don't you agree, it's unlikely?

That is why I invite you to my VIP channel, where we will earn serious money. We are not allowed to earn more than 70% per month by regular signals. In VIP we make +150% profit every month. That's twice as much, my friend.

The conditions are that you give 20% of your earnings to me. I think for such figures it's quite a fair amount. We are united in the VIP club not only by money. But I'll tell you about that tomorrow.
Hit 🔥 if this article was helpful.

And wait for my next signal. Time for all of us to grow up. Cheers

How do you like it? Seems like the perfect way to make money, doesn't it?

But not everything is as simple as it may seem at first view. There are rules and tips for successful work that I will tell you tomorrow.

Turn on notifications and be ready, because you are unlikely to meet such chances again. Till tomorr


That's the whole point of the bug we found.

Any questions? @Conspiracy_Reil

So, let's get it 🔥🔥🔥

3. Press Call to start trade now.

2. Set 3 minutes of "Expiration Time"

1. Select bitcoin

Well, let's go!

Friends, we're starting in 10 minutes, so be online.

Go through registration, who has not yet had time on this site

Next, we put the balance in demo mode as in the post above and repeat after me

I'll show it is simple enough. The result will surprise you, I promise😏

The first signal will be in 2 hours. I will explain everything to you in detail, set the alarms🗿

How do you feel about other people's opinions?
As soon as you understand what you are doing and why, you won’t care about the opinions of others.

First, we need to register on this site

The most attentive ones will be able to notice that the link here is not a referral one. I will not earn anything from the fact that you register there. We’re creating a team , penny doesn’t matter🤘

I hope there is no need to explain how to register mail and everyone has it. We just write it,
come up with a password and you are the best . We have an account ready for work

Next, go to the balance tab (see the screenshot) and change the real account to a demo.

I’m here

turning ourselves into a brand.
Running channels on Telegram is for the soul. If you think I was making money from it, you're dead wrong. Our current business is much more profitable, for 8 years we've been looking for ways to profit from the internet.

Right now it doesn't matter how much you make, it matters how you do it. When we meet up with a couple of admins, we wrote out the rules together in the office, the most important thing is to read under the star:

1. it's better to get income from 1% of the efforts of a hundred people than from 100% of your own.

that's why we need a team

2. He who works all day has no time to make money.

you have a way to start making money while you're at your day job

3. Friendship based on business is better than business based on friendship.

that's why we're looking for you, our old-school subscriber, to start making money together

5. We need a man with enthusiasm more than a know-it-all.

This is due to the fact that we ourselves still understand the program, we can see the result, but we still know little about the Creator

6. Making money for money's sake is the most pathetic thing you can think of.

that's why we're putting a team together

7. You don't have to be afraid of big expenses. You have to be afraid of small incomes.

if we all pool together, we will get a big profit (you can try out a demo account).

8. Our own well-being depends on our own decisions.

we don't force you, it all depends on your desire to earn

We have to share this with you, the niche is still free and there is a real chance to make money. We'll start tomorrow.

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It's time to share responsibilities.
Have a great Saturday, friends. Taking all the work for yourself is an even greater sin than taking all the money out of your business.
I know this rule, so I'm going to share this one piece of information with you

👁 One night I was sitting on Olimptrade's website and found one vulnerability: at a certain point there are quotes where the chart gets up and then shoots off at a point where you can raise some money. I've already figured out all these bugs and will share them with you on Monday

🔥Even this Monday, once we all bet together, you'll be able to make money and everyone will be in the black. Looking forward to Monday.

Hey, Guys🤙
I’m the admin of the channel. In recent days, there is absolutely no time to write posts here, ssory🙄

Together with a team of other Telegram admins, I found a profitable business on which to earn money.

I don’t want to say the profit for now, we are still figuring it out and working in a team, but for the delivery of pizza and 13 iPhones, it’s definitely enough.

I haven't decided yet if it's worth sharing this with you. Maybe Mason's eye will tell you the right way👁


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