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CRYPTOTIME 12 Jun 2018, 11:58
Ethereum Classic Owners Got Richer by 25% in Less Than an Hour

A further date for formally launching the trading of Ethereum Classic on Coinbase will be announced on September 5th, the company said. The news was incredibly well-received by the market, which found ETC at USD 12.88 before the announcement, to as high as USD 16.15 after the announcement, reflecting a 25% gain in less than an hour.

Also, the 24 hours ETC trading volume more than doubled from USD 126m, to USD 289m, according to data. Moreover, Bitinfocharts data shows how the number of active addresses has changed: people who had a stash of ETC hidden away somewhere jumped at the news, and the number leaped from 11,580 on June 10th to 25,930 today, June 12th.

The move also comes just months after Coinbase reiterated in March that it had not made any decisions for adding new assets, following a similar note made in January. At the time, the company said, “The internal asset selection committee has been assessing assets using our Digital Asset Framework, but no assets have been recommended to the Coinbase executive team.”
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CRYPTOTIME 10 Jun 2018, 17:44
​​Sex Workers Are Using Crypto to Save for Retirement

MelissaSweet1, a camgirl in Arizona, started accepting cryptocurrency as payment for her erotic webcam performances three years ago. But usually, she would promptly convert it into fiat.

Until last year that is, when she started squirreling away the digital coins in a hardware wallet. Rather than simply an expedient way to get paid, crypto became a part of her retirement plan.

Like MelissaSweet1, several other sex workers recently interviewed by CoinDesk described similar shifts in their crypto usage. While others in the blockchain industry debate whether bitcoin is primarily a transactional currency or a global store of value, sex workers are already using the technology for both.
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CRYPTOTIME 9 Jun 2018, 13:13
​​Which Way? Bitcoin's Low Volatility May Force Big Move

Bitcoin has been squeezed into an increasingly narrow range for more than two weeks and is now experiencing volatility not seen for eight months.

As a result, it's looking likely that bitcoin could soon make a strong move, but the direction it will take when that happens is less than clear. Since May 24, the cryptocurrency has been restricted to a range of $7,000–$7,800 range, which is already very tight, but the price has barely moved in the last 36 hours, likely indicating an indecisive market.

Daily volatility, as indicated by the spread between the daily price high and daily price low, fell to $107.63 on Thursday – the lowest level since Oct. 2, 2017 and down 86 percent from the 2018 average of $793, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).
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CRYPTOTIME 9 Jun 2018, 00:25
Inside the Sprawling (Ongoing) Vote That Will Decide When EOS Launches

Almost one week after initiating, one of the largest, strangest experiments in global crypto governance hesitated as it neared its culmination.

While EOS, a new blockchain created by Block.One, which raised approximately $4 billion to build it over the past year, had effectively turned the code over to its users as of last Saturday, into Friday, the fruits of that effort suggest a lack of clear process is holding back progress.

At least two votes that could have ended with a version of the software launching actually took place (based on CoinDesk's view of an unofficial stream of the decision-making). Assembled were candidates vying to become EOS "block producers," or the entities able to process transactions and claim the network's rewards.
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CRYPTOTIME 7 Jun 2018, 18:17
​​Ripple CEO ‘Wouldn’t Dare’ To Predict XRP Price

Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO for Ripple, and has spoken about the fintech startup’s various products, as well as its native XRP token. When he was asked about its value, Garlinghouse stated that he;
“…wouldn’t even dare try [to predict XRP’s price]”
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CRYPTOTIME 7 Jun 2018, 15:13
40% Of Investors Hold Cryptocurrency Longer

A survey that was shown on Thursday shows that 40% of cryptocurrency investors in South Korea, take more of a long-term view on investments. While the prices of a new form of digital asset seems to be remaining stagnant.

Bithumb, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, carried out the survey of over 2,500 people. The survey showed that around 43% of people said that they would invest in cryptocurrency but with long term management plans as their main interest. Whereas, 27% said that they were looking to see results of profit in the short term.

Around 13% of the people that were involved in the survey said that they would bet their money on digital currencies as it gives them a brief look into the financial market.

Also presented in the survey was that 44.1% of investors said that they would cut down on their investment after the Government establishes taxes on virtual trading, although just over 13% of people said that they would take their money out of the market all together.

However, approximately 40% of people conveyed their intention to continue with their investment despite the tax with only 4.4% percent saying they would prefer to put more of their money into digital assets.
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CRYPTOTIME 6 Jun 2018, 19:29
Was Satoshi Nakamoto Pleasant To Work With? No, Says Developer

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, remains the best-known pseudonym in the cryptoverse, and this mystery is one many people are content to leave unsolved. Still, every time something new about the mysterious creator surfaces, the community wants to know - at least to add some level of humanity to their hero.

Although she/he/they vanished - not quite in a puff of smoke - there are some proverbial breadcrumbs left behind, especially in Bitcoin’s whitepaper. He also posted in some forums and exchanged emails with some early Bitcoin developers. One of them was Laszlo Hanyecz, best known for buying two pizzas using 10,000 Bitcoins, now worth USD 77 million, which brought the Bitcoin Pizza Day to life as some sort of holiday.
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CRYPTOTIME 6 Jun 2018, 17:21
​​Free Ripple For Signing Up With deVere Crypto

Ripple is causing a stir among cryptocurrency traders as a rising star in the market.

Many believe XRP Ripple is destined for a great future – the digital currency already holds the third place behind Bitcoin and Ethereum as the largest by market capitalisation.

Among the supporters of the digital currency is Nigel Green, CEO of one of the world’s leading financial organisations for expats – deVere Group.

Green is at the forefront of cryptocurrency after developing deVere Crypto, an electronic wallet and trading app.

He is so confident that XRP Ripple is on the way to a breakthrough that his firm is offering 15 free XRP coins to anyone who downloads the app and trades $50 in June 2018.
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CRYPTOTIME 5 Jun 2018, 18:51
These Coins Could Be At Risk Under New Microsoft Acquisition Of Github

Yesterday, news surfaced regarding a brand new acquisition of software portal, Github by tech giants, Microsoft.

Github is a platform for software distribution that is used to house various back end software code for developers to access in the pursuit of open source transparency. Developers can use this code to make adaptations to software, use software and create brand new software. Many cryptocurrencies exist through the pure essence of Github, simply because they rely on the nature of open source development to ensure the currencies are mined and can exist. Therefore, under the control of Microsoft, we should consider how some currencies might be affected by changes made within Github.

As it stands, we can’t say if any changes will be made by Microsoft, although it would be strange for them to acquire Github, and then do nothing with it, wouldn’t it?

Privacy coins such as Monero rely on Github to ensure transparency and the longevity of the network. Using Monero as an example, as provided by FInance Magnates, Monero offers total anonymity and thus, is often associated with crime and deviance, something that we know Microsoft and Bill Gates are somewhat against.
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CRYPTOTIME 5 Jun 2018, 13:10
Verge's Blockchain Attacks Are Worth a Sober Second Look

The notorious 51-percent attack: it's the major fault in cryptocurrency protocols but it's rarely seen, especially among the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Yet, in the past couple months, the exploit – whereby a single miner (or group of miners) takes control of over half of the network's total computing power and can then bend the protocol's rules in their favor – has been seen twice. And on the same blockchain.

Indeed, verge, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency recently propelled into the limelight by a partnership with popular adult entertainment site Pornhub, suffered two hacks perpetrated through 51-percent attacks that saw the attackers absconding with millions of dollars-worth of its native cryptocurrency, XVG.

During the first attack in April (only a couple of weeks before the Pornhub partnership), the hacker was able to get away with 250,000 XVG. And during the latest in mid-May, an attacker was able to exploit $1.7 million-worth of the cryptocurrency from the protocol.
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CRYPTOTIME 4 Jun 2018, 21:04
​​Crypto and Twitter: A Toxic Combination, a Troubling Future

Not, perhaps, for the reasons you want. But they do say all publicity is good publicity. So, there you have it. The response to my column last week on layer-two solutions was mostly positive with the usual dose of critics, but it was the Ardor tribe who caught my attention when one reader's tweet, complaining that I hadn't mentioned the blockchain platform, prompted others to pile on with accusations of my bias and ignorance.

It got me thinking about how financial self-interest, which has always skewed people's perceptions of the media they consume, is being taken to a new level when crypto tokens are involved.

I do believe blockchain technology and related ideas around prediction markets and reputation will one day help us sort through the free-for-all of competing truths that the social media age has produced. For now, though, I worry that all we're doing is creating a global brawl of angry people, all believing that they and only they own the truth.
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CRYPTOTIME 4 Jun 2018, 14:56
What’s The Deal With The Markets Today?

Four days into June and, just as we saw some market recovery over the weekend, correction seems to be the name of the day, dragging market prices back down. Whilst the downward trend is hitting the majority at the moment, it is important to note that many currencies are seeing the opposite effect, making slight moves upwards. This suggests that as it stands, the markets are due to swing back up, once this correction period has passed.

This is all very important. With a new month comes new optimism. When emotion drives the markets, optimism tends to mean positive movements, however, when these movements halt, optimism can diminish, therefore it is important to trawl through the standings in order to really work out what’s going on here.

Let’s do some of that trawling now, we might as well, since you’re here.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $7,632.60, down 1.10%. Bitcoin dominance stands at 37.7%. Bitcoin is well away from the harrowing prospect of dipping below $7,000.00, as we saw during the end of May, however we might consider that Bitcoin isn’t in clear water just yet, until we see $8,000.00 breached again, Bitcoin is at risk of falling if the market decides to take a dip. For now, we remain in limbo about the state of Bitcoin, soon enough, positivity will reign again and perhaps we will eventually see $10,000.00 on the radar.
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CRYPTOTIME 3 Jun 2018, 20:12
​​Tron Wins Listing on Indonesia’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange

Tron is a “global broadcast platform” which was launched on the Ethereum blockchain in April 2017. It currently has a market capitalisation of over $4 billion according to

It will be listed on Indodax, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia. The TRX/rupiah pair will be available for trading fron the 4th of June.

The exchange said (translated): “Tron was chosen because this token is in the top 50 of CoinMarketCap (ranked 10th when this article was written), so it doesn’t need to go through a community coin voting process. This is consistent with our mission to always add quality digital assets at”

Indodax was created in 2013 under the name Bitcoin Indonesia and changed its name in March 2018. It processes almost $20 million worth of cryptocurrency trading a day, and some predict that it will surpass the country’s main stock exchange in terms of user numbers by the end of 2018. This is based on the Indonesia Stock Exchange having 1.18 million registered users vs Indodax’s 1.14 million + 3,000 joining daily (as of mid-March, according to CEO Oscar Darmawan speaking to Bloomberg).
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CRYPTOTIME 3 Jun 2018, 12:24
How to Watch the EOS Blockchain Launch

Block.One is giving away its $4 billion code this weekend and it's anyone's guess what will happen next.

As profiled by CoinDesk, EOS is set to launch sometime soon, though the company that built its code is going out of its way to prove the software really will be open-source. This means it isn't even designating an official launch. Rather, it's up to potential users to take it from there (whether that results in chaos or not).

In some ways, it's the latest unorthodox approach by EOS and its founding team, which has attracted controversy even for its architecture. (To process thousands of operations every second, EOS will rely on just 21 validators or "block producers" to verify each transaction, an approach the differentiate from bitcoin's commonly copied model, in which any "miner" running the software on a certain kind of hardware can do this.)
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CRYPTOTIME 2 Jun 2018, 16:03
​​Coin Race: Top 10 Winners/Losers of May

May was a complicated month: every coin tells its own story. Most coins, the top few by market cap included, were characterized by wild oscillations without settling on a single general value, other than continuing a relatively downwards spiral. To gain a better perspective, let’s take a look at the top 10 winners and losers among the 50 biggest coins by market cap last month.
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CRYPTOTIME 2 Jun 2018, 09:58
​​Crypto Candy? Expect Free Giveaways When the EOS Blockchain Launches

It turns out, owning EOS could be a 17-for-one offer for anyone who's in before the launch.

That's because, once live, it won't just be the cryptocurrency that powers the EOS software that's available to the market (see our full guide to the launch). In fact, most EOS holders will find they also own a bunch of other new tokens with real-world value since loads of startups are planning to jumpstart their efforts by gifting tokens to EOS users, the lion's share coming in the first blocks.

Stepping back, airdrops are a broader trend in crypto and not by any means something unique to EOS. A form of giveaway, they have taken on a special significance as a way to jumpstart a community around a project at very little cost and without asking anyone to spend money.

The OMG token issued by OmiseGo pioneered this approach in late 2017, when everyone with an ethereum wallet received a helping of its new token. Airdrops didn't stop thereafter, though they became more focused, with giveaways for people who sign up based on specific criteria becoming the norm. For example, companies might pay to do airdrops to elite crypto communities like or CoinList or they might simply ask their community to complete certain verifiable tasks to earn allocations.
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CRYPTOTIME 1 Jun 2018, 20:17
$50 Million: Singaporean Entrepreneur Buys Licensed Japanese FX, Cryptocurrency Exchange

A Singaporean national has acquired licensed Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitTrade and affiliate FX brokerage FX Trade Financial in a S$67 million ($50 million) deal.

BitTrade, one of only 16 regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to earn a license from Japan’s Financial Services Agency – the country’s financial regulator and watchdog – has now been acquired as a whole by Singaporean real-estate millionaire and entrepreneur Eric Cheng.

In addition, Cheng has also completed a 100 percent acquisition of forex trading platform and BitTrade affiliate FX Trade Financial Co. In doing so, Cheng has become the first foreign national to hold a full stake in a trading platforms licensed by the Japanese government, a press release said.

In statements, Cheng announced his intention to expand BitTrade’s operations beyond Japan, saying:

“The cryptocurrency industry is growing exponentially. Against this backdrop, the key to capturing the rising demand is having a well-regulated and licensed outfit. With this Japanese FSA-licensed platform, I will work closely with the regulators to scale this platform globally.”
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CRYPTOTIME 1 Jun 2018, 18:47
The EOS Blockchain Launch: What Should Happen (And What Could Go Wrong)

The world's fifth most valuable cryptocurrency is set to formally release its software this weekend.

First announced in 2017, the EOS project has been fundraising for nearly a year, raising a reported $4 billion in what many are claiming is the largest amount ever collected by a team creating a custom cryptocurrency. As such, the launch, expected for Saturday, has come with no shortage of hype.

The fervor around the unveiling is, in part, due to the diverse discussions long surrounding the project. As detailed by CoinDesk, EOS has long been a target of criticism for its vision and execution, though it has attracted advocates who believe it offers a decentralized alternative to the cloud hosting services that currently dominate the lucrative market for data storage.
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CRYPTOTIME 31 May 2018, 18:59
Long-Time Bitcoin Critic, Nobel Laureate Gives a Hope to Crypto
“Something good may come out of this,” Nobel-winning economist and Yale professor Robert Shiller said when asked about cryptocurrencies in a recent interview with CNBC.

Also, he stressed that Bitcoin is not a bad thing: “I don’t mean to be dismissive of Bitcoin. It looks like a bubble, but it’s getting people enthusiastic and they’re making different kinds of cryptocurrencies.”

However, in his opinion, Bitcoin might fade away, be renamed and go through many hard forks, and might turn out to be a bubble. “Bitcoin won't look anything like it is today. It will have a different name, if it exists. There will have been many hard forks, changing it and changing it. And, it'll be a matter of dispute whether it exists or not.”

When asked whether his students are interested in cryptocurrencies, he laughs and says yes. One even asked him if he could keep his laptop open during a final exam to complete a trade, and he let him as it showed true enthusiasm.
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CRYPTOTIME 31 May 2018, 13:47
​​Top 5 Coins With Best Investment Risks & Rewards Grades

Weiss Ratings, a veteran firm dedicated to analyzing investments, was the first such institution to publish ratings for cryptocurrencies. Based on what the company calls a, “groundbreaking model that analyzes thousands of data points on each coin’s trading patterns, technology, and usage,” it has drawn the ire of many crypto aficionados after its first release for the low scores it gave most coins.

The ratings agency recently published an updated version of the list, and interestingly, the category of Investment Risk/Reward boasts incredibly low grades. With not a single coin rated above C+ (C = fair), only a total of five is above C-. The five winners, for lack of better word, are listed below.
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