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There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water and descending loss function.
Send your sexy loss functions and beauties of data science to @karfly or @vlivashkin.
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Loss function porn 31 Jul, 11:00
BREAKING NEWS! (sound on)

Our iOS app Avatarify is #1 in Russian App Store, and today we release it worldwide.

Vivify any photo with your face in real time: celebrity, your boss or even pet. Record video and share it to amaze your friends.

NN works completely on the device in zero-shot mode. Check it out!

📱 App Store
🌐 avatarify.ai
📉 @loss_function_porn
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Loss function porn 14 Jul, 13:04
Current level of object occlusion in iOS 14 beta 2 using the LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro.
👤 @usdzshare (twitter)
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 13 Jul, 13:48
Speech-driven gesture synthesis with controllable motion style. Nice tool for online conferences.
🌐 github.com/simonalexanderson/StyleGestures
📝 diglib.eg.org/handle/10.1111/cgf13946
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 15 Jun, 14:17
PIFuHD: new state of the art high-quality 3D reconstruction of humans from a single image
🌐 github.com/facebookresearch/pifuhd
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2004.00452
📉 @loss_function_porn
🔥 120
Loss function porn 3 Jun, 14:57
Machines Can See (8-10 June) – annual CV and DL conference with speakers from CMU, Georgia Tech, Inria, Facebook, Google, Intel, Samsung and Yandex. Online event, free registration required.
🌐 machinescansee.com
📉 @loss_function_porn #noncommercial
Loss function porn 29 May, 16:02
GPT-3 is a new SOTA in translation and question-answering and it doesn’t require finetuning. The biggest version has 175 billion parameters (~350gb fp16 weights, over 100 times bigger than GPT-2!)
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2005.14165
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 27 May, 11:30
Google improves its MediaPipe with new on-device, real-time hand tracking. Now it's 15% faster, 37% more accurate and achieves 69% higher recall.
🌐 mediapipe.page.link/hand
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 21 May, 14:39
AI comes to the Rap Game. Recently we participated in the creation of a new Lil Uzi Vert's music video, which is full of AI-driven celebrities. For generation we used "First Order Motion Model" with super-resolution post-processing and Avatarify. Check out the result!
▶️ youtu.be/Ac6kDNMQK3c
🌐 github.com/AliaksandrSiarohin/first-order-model
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 15 May, 15:35
New SOTA in interactive segmentation by Samsung AI Center, Moscow (CVPR 2020, oral). Proposes f-BRS (feature backpropagating refinement scheme) which is more accurate and an order of magnitude faster compared to original BRS.
🌐 github.com/saic-vul/fbrs_interactive_segmentation
▶️ youtu.be/ArcZ5xtyMCk
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2001.10331
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 12 May, 21:19
AI Song Contest – Eurovision for AI music generation algorithms!
Live stream starts in 10 minutes at 8:30PM CEST.
🌐 vprobroadcast.com/aisongcontest
▶️ stream: youtu.be/-yIu5VLZj5g
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 1 May, 17:46
An algorithm for reconstructing dense, geometrically consistent depth for all pixels in a monocular video. Looks much better than previous ones
🌐 roxanneluo.github.io/Consistent-Video-Depth-Estimation
▶️ youtu.be/5Tia2oblJAg
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2004.15021
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 1 May, 00:08
Jukebox: a new generative model for audio from OpenAI. It can generate music with neat (but still creepy) vocal in a variety of genres and artist styles. Listen to our favorite sample – a song about Deep Learning (country, lyrics by Ilya Sutskever).
📝 cdn.openai.com/papers/jukebox.pdf
🌐 openai.com/blog/jukebox
📉 @loss_function_porn
Attached file
Loss function porn 28 Apr, 12:49
Adversarial Latent Autoencoders (ALAE) not only generate 1024x1024 images with StyleGAN’s quality but also allow to manipulate real-world images in a feed-forward manner. Your move, StyleGAN team!
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2004.04467
🌐 github.com/podgorskiy/ALAE
📉 @loss_function_porn
🎰 59
Loss function porn 8 Apr, 19:29
Avatarify: we adapted First Order Motion Model to Zoom/Skype calls. Now you can be Elon Musk or anybody you want!

▶️ Full: youtu.be/lONuXGNqLO0, Demo: youtu.be/Q7LFDT-FRzs
🌐 github.com/alievk/avatarify
👤 @aaliev, @karfly
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 8 Apr, 12:45
Neural Point-Based Graphics got an exciting update! Check out the released code and new fascinating results.
🌐 saic-violet.github.io/npbg
▶️ youtu.be/2uIe4iD4gSY
📝 arxiv.org/abs/1906.08240v3
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 1 Apr, 14:11
Image2image calculator.
Gets your expression, turns it into an image, returns an image of the result.
Regular calculator, now NN-powered.
🌐 yandex.ru/lab/calc?lang=en
🌐 habr.com/ru/company/yandex/blog/493950
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2003.06592 (SIGBOVIK 2020, oral)
👤 @vlivashkin
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 31 Mar, 11:07
"How to train your monkey?"
New paper from FAIR. Authors show how to transfer DensePose from humans to animals w/o annotations in a self-training scenario.
🌐 asanakoy.github.io/densepose-evolution
▶️ youtu.be/OU3Ayg_l4QM
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2003.00080
📉 @loss_function_porn
Loss function porn 24 Mar, 11:39
A new paper from Samsung AI Center (Moscow) on unpaired image-to-image translation. Now – without any domain labels, even on training time!
▶️ youtu.be/DALQYKt-GJc
📝 arxiv.org/abs/2003.08791
📉 @loss_function_porn
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Loss function porn 23 Mar, 21:49
torch.optim.PutinStepLR(ruble, [2008, 2014, 2020])
👤 @zagop
📉 @loss_function_porn
🙃 225
Loss function porn 23 Mar, 11:53
"Endless Tokyo"
👤 @erikswahn (twitter)
📉 @loss_function_porn
🏙 130