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Bitcoin at 7400... where is it headed..?? In coming months
  • Pump🤑
  • Dump ☠
  • Stable🤔
  • Not sure🤦‍♂️
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Bitcoin at 7452$ 🧐🧐
Btc pumped to 7100$ 😳 whales manipulation or halving effect 🤷‍♂
Trump is good at giving hopium😳🤓🤷‍♂

Markets will remain choppy in these times, bitcoin will be manipulated by whales.. trade carefully 🙏
This is not a good news.. Singapore seemed to be handling coronavirus efficiently .. however Singapore is also victim to it as prime minister announced a lockdown from 7th April for 1 month as new cases pile up.

Source: Times of India
Lockdown Imposed in China's Henan Province After Fresh Cases Emerge

Curfew-like measures came into effect on Tuesday, with some 600,000 people told to stay home, the county government's Weibo account said.

Henan is a province immediately to the north of Hubei, the province where the city of Wuhan is located (origin of the coronavirus).
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For our friends at 👉 @rektplebs🤣

Btc now trading at 6800$😂
🏴‍☠️Global crisis coming ahead everyone please be careful..dont overleverage and keep cash for yourself and family first..

😤 Many of my friends are going jobless or worried about there salaries in US and other markets..

☹Real estate is #rekt and should the lockdown continue causing more jobloss we can see housing crises

⛔ Other currencies are loosing value to Usd

🤷‍♂️ Few countries may see lockdown beyond april it can go till june or worse case beyond it

😧President trump and Dr fauci looks like stressed out and under severe criticism ... recent statements of controlling deaths of US citizens to 100k-200k in best case scenario shows tough times ahead .. watch the video 👇
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▪️ A public company listed on KOSDAQ

▪️ Invented the world’s first mobile payment system 20 years ago, which is currently being used across 29 countries.

▪️ 2019 sales was 163.4 billion won (more than 250% of its sales in 2018)

▪️ 2019 liquid assets was 394.5 billion won, whereas current liabilities was only 129.4 billion won. This, to a certain point, shows the financial stability of Danal.

Business partners

▪️ By 2020, PayProtocol’s registered users were 370,000, with more than 1.5M$ worth of payments executed.

▪️ As PayProtocol’s partners have numerous merchants, they have been greatly contributing to PayProtocol’s expansion.

▪️ For example, SSG PAY has 7 million users, 7-Eleven has more than 9,000 merchants, BBQ more than 1,500, and Domino’s more than 400. 1,000+ online merchants also accept PCI instead of cash.

▪️ Continuing this trend, PayProtocol will add more partners, including global corporations
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With the economic meltdown supported by global markets crashes.. with the world in lock down.. where do see you btc headed in next 3 months?
  • Below 3k 😧
  • 5k and above 🙄
  • 3K-5k🥴
  • 10k and above🥳
  • 15k and above🤑🤑🤑
  • no clue 🤷‍♂️😷 my portfolio is infected by coronavirus
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Cz binance to acquire coinmarketcap at 400m $ 😳😂💩

🤨 website similar to cmc can be build in less than 1 million dollars

💩 acquiring cmc ? Where is decentralization. people will avoid cmc. knowing few past tricks by binance

💩 binance is master of investing in shitcoins and shit projects. rekting retail and projects..

Past few accomplishments where binance invested⛔

⛔ binance DeX (garbage dex)

⛔ binance jex ( shit options and futures)

⛔ FTx ( lol now they are regretting it and ftx planning to raise 1bn guess who gets rich)

⛔ Perlin, certik, FTx , scammy ieos..😤😤 list goes on.
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Chinese economy ✅ vs US economy ❌
Bgogo exit scam 🤔🤷‍♂


Once a hyped exchange claiming to be binance and Fcoin killer is dead with no updates for past few months..

I pity the master nodes past and present whose investments are gone to 0.. early investors including Arrington capital, pantera capital and other vcs are #rekt hard 💩💩
With USA now topping the charts for #coronavirus pandemic and most of the Europe impacted by it...

It is certain that the coming months could be tough for global markets overall..

In tough times keep yourself and your families safe.. keep enough cash to support your financial plans for coming months..