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The Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications
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Origo Launches Testnet 2.0— Preview of Mainnet Medietas

Contributors of Origo.Network are very proud to announce that our second testnet is now alive! Our second testnet is a preview of our upcoming mainnet Medietas. The year 2019 has been an amazing year for our engineering team and the team has been working relentlessly to solve multiple challenges in an effort to make this new testnet available. Here are some of the key updates in our second testnet in comparison to our first testnet Originis launched back in early 2019 :

- More reliable, efficient, and secure private transaction implementation
- Detailed layer 2 off-chain executor documentation and implementation
- PoW GPU/CPU mining tools and reward calculation model

In this post, we will briefly introduce each of key updates to give you more technical details of the new testnet.

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Announcement on Origo Mainnet Mining Reward

This post explains how we planned to distribute mining rewards once our mainnet Medietas is launched. As we mentioned in the previous post, the total supply of mining on Medietas is 240,761,040 OGO. The Medietas mainnet will distribute these tokens across multiple years of mining. Note that miners also receive transaction fees(gas fees) as their rewards for including transactions in blocks, this is out of the scope of this blog post.


Origo Foundation
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Announcement on Restructuring & Finance & Team Allocation

Dear Origors,

As you may recall, several core contributors, including some co-founders, have left the Origo Foundation in the past (https://medium.com/@origonetwork/announcement-on-core-contributors-19debb880025), and recently the Foundation has welcomed the joining of new, yet even more competitive core contributors (https://medium.com/@origonetwork/announcement-on-restructuring-2964ce826f22). Therefore, some may have questions regarding the Foundation’s situations in general.

The leaving of previous core contributors, though painful, was settled peacefully. Previous core contributors did not take, and have never taken any raised money from the Foundation other than regular salaries/compensations (which immediately stopped at the moment they resigned), nor any OGO tokens. As a result, the Foundation still maintains enough funding to continue developing Origo.Network’s exciting mainnet. At the same time, previous core contributors’ OGO token allocation has been terminated and will be allocated to recently joined new core contributors.

The Foundation will continue to be transparent, open, and compliant with multiple regulations. Please be careful with unlawful rumors/slandering as they usually come in an intention of market manipulation and pay attention to the Foundation’s announcements channels for the next upcoming news.

Origo Foundation

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Announcement on Restructuring

The foundation has finished restructuring its core contributors team. The new core contributors team features new top cryptographers and engineers from multiple countries in the world. Here are several items to come in Q4 2019:

1. Communication channels will be reopened.
2. Mainnet is coming.
3. The world’s leading industry-level codebase combining both private transaction and private smart contract will be open-sourced gradually.

Want to meet with contributors? Stay alert for upcoming online and offline meetups.

Origo Foundation

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[Announcement] Origo.Network Mainnet-Preview Testnet Medietas Structure

Dear Origors,

The upcoming launch of Origo.Network Mainnet-Preview Medietas testnet includes these features:

1. Enhanced zero-knowledge proof based private transaction preview for testing purpose, including public to private and private to public transaction supports;

2. GPU & CPU miner preview for mining OGO;

3. Mining reward reduction model debut;

4. More technical details, including compiler and executor, on Origo Protocol layer 2 smart contract privacy implementation;

5. PAPP-Privacy Preserving Dapp Smart contract templates, besides Private-Auction, P-Insurance, Private-Recruitment, The Mysterious Millionaire, Secret, for utilizing Origo Protocol for developers, requiring understanding of zero-knowledge proof.

Origo Foundation

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[Announcement] Origo.Network 0.2.0 Alpha Binary Release

Dear Origors,

We are very pleased to release the alpha(0.2.0) binaries with new features. The below are new features that we added to our 0.2.0 Alpha binaries.

New Features:
- Added support for transferring from private address to public address.
- Improved private transaction encoding and verification.
- Provided better error message for invalid transactions.
- Integrated EquiHash as PoW mining algorithm
- Published CPU miner in python for testing purpose

For more information, please refer to the below Github link.

Origo Foundation

Telegram group: http://t.me/origoofficialgroup
Telegram channel:https://t.me/origoofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrigoNetwork
Medium: https://medium.com/@origonetwork
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[Announcement] Listing Announcement on Bithumb

Dear Origors,

OGO will be listed today in Bithumb, the global cryptocurrency exchange. Bithumb users will be able to trade on the OGO/KRW market. The deposit will be opened at 2:00PM, September 17, 2019 KST. The trading will start in the afternoon of September 17, 2019 KST.

For more information, please refer to the below link,

Origo Foundation
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[Announcement] Ecosystem Token Distribution Report II

Dear Origors,

In order to fund further cryptography research and development of Origo.Network mainnet, 2% of OGO will be used from Ecosystem Reserve. The Foundation will continue to support any efforts towards building a decentralized privacy preserving platform.

Origo Foundation
Announcement on Core Contributors

Dear Origors,

Due to internal reasons, some of our core-contributors have left and we wish them the best for their future endeavors.

The Foundation will also continuously seek for new core contributors who can best empower and help to realize a privacy preserving platform for decentralized applications.

Origo Foundation
Distribution of OGO Token Rewards for Online and Offline Community Activity Winners Completed

Dear Origors,

We have completed the distribution of OGO Tokens rewards to winners of various online/offline Origo events and activities including essay contests, quiz, meet-ups, YouTube activities, AMAs, etc.

Please check your ETH(ERC-20) wallet address that you previously provided for your receipt of OGO Token rewards.

Origo Foundation
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125,000 OGO to give away in KuCoin Global Communities!
Since 29th May 2019(PDT), the remaining OGO in public sale smart contract
0x94Cbf65A33496da05915f0eC2DB07A7785eacB9C has been transferred to Origo Foundation owned address 0x096aA69FA70040072AFCeb310070bD48a1CC515a.

For those community sale investors who have not claimed their OGO and want to claim them afterward, please contact us via email support@origo.network. We will distribute OGO from address 0x096aA69FA70040072AFCeb310070bD48a1CC515a to the eligible requester. Previous instruction is invalid.
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