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Репост из: Telegram Contests
🏆 Data Clustering Contest: Results

The results of the second round of the Data Clustering Contest are in. In our evaluation, accuracy and speed were the main criteria.

If a submission required adjustments or fixes to make it work, it was penalized accordingly.

1st PLACE – $12,000
🥇Gifted Piranha

2nd PLACE – $7,500
🥈Dark Lizard
🥈Small Goose (-$200 path fixing penalty)

3rd PLACE – $4,000
🥉Mindful Kitten (-$200 rebuilding penalty)

4th PLACE – $2,500
🏅Humble Eagle
🏅Sharp Sloth
🏅Gifted Lemur
🏅Bright Deer
🏅Hip Hyena
🏅Quick Beaver (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
🏅Daring Frog (-$200 rebuilding penalty)
🏅Tall Raccoon (-$200 rebuilding penalty)

More detailed information on each submission is available on the contest platform.

Stay tuned for more contests and results this summer!
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Results 💯
Репост из: Durov's Channel
The phones of 50,000 individuals, including human rights activists and journalists, have been targeted by surveillance tools that were used by numerous governments. These tools can hack any iOS and Android phone, and there is no way to protect your device from it. It doesn't matter which apps you use, because the system is breached on a deeper level.

According to the Snowden revelations from 2013, both Apple and Google are part of the global surveillance program that implies that these companies have to, among other things, implement backdoors into their mobile operating systems. These backdoors, usually disguised as security bugs, allow US agencies to access information on any smartphone in the world.

The problem with such backdoors is that they are never exclusive to just one party. Anybody can exploit them. So if a US security agency can hack an iOS or Android phone, any other organization that uncovers these backdoors can do the same. Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what has been taking place: an Israeli company called NSO Group has been selling access to the spying tools that allowed third parties to hack tens of thousands of phones.

Since at least 2018, I have been aware that one of my phone numbers was included in a list of potential targets of such surveillance tools (although a source from the NSO Group denies it). Personally, I wasn't worried: since 2011, when I was still living in Russia, I’ve got used to assuming that all my phones were compromised. Anyone who gains access to my private data will be utterly disappointed – they will have to go through thousands of concept designs for Telegram features and millions of messages related to our product development process. They won't find any important information there.

However, these surveillance tools are also used against people far more prominent than me. For example, they were employed to spy on 14 heads of state. The existence of backdoors in crucial infrastructure and software creates a huge challenge for humanity. That's why I have been calling upon the governments of the world to start acting against the Apple-Google duopoly in the smartphone market and to force them to open their closed ecosystems and allow for more competition.

So far, even though the current market monopolization increases costs and violates privacy and freedom of speech of billions, government officials have been very slow to act. I hope the news that they themselves have been targeted by these surveillance tools will prompt politicians to change their minds.
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Through Telegram, data on transactions of SMS-activatе service clients was leaked

It was known thanks to the database of the DLBI darknet monitoring service, that Telegram is distributing a database on user transactions for paying for the SMS-activate service. The service provides virtual numbers for receiving messages.

The database contains all the information about the payment: amount, transaction date, email, first six and last four digits of the card number, payment system and card expiration date.

Well, we are betting how soon Telegram will be accused of other people's actions again?
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Telegram was blocked in Cuba

However, not only Telegram was blocked. As well as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

The blocking is associated with rallies against the current Cuban government and communism in the country.

Cuba is in a state of economic crisis and has problems with the health care system.

YouTube and Twitter continue to operate in the country.
Репост из: Telegram Designers
🏆 New contest for Android Designers!

Prize fund: at least $30,000 – from which the 1st place winner will receive $10,000 if any submissions qualify for the 1st prize.

Task: Develop a comprehensive concept of voice and video calls for Telegram X on Android that includes one-on-one calls, as well as group calls in voice chats.

Details: https://contest.com/docs/android-design-21

Deadline: 23:59 on August, 1 (Dubai Time)

Who can take part: Anyone.

How to submit: @ContestBot will start accepting archives with submissions closer to the deadline.
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Noise suppression

In the latest update, Telegram have improved noise cancellation for better sound quality.

This is a standard feature of the headphones. But in Telegram, it is implemented in audio chats for conversations without them.

Noise cancellation should make communication more comfortable and without any sounds from neighbors 😃

If necessary, you can turn off the noise cancellation in the voice chat settings.
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Donates in Telegram

Telegram, together with the content monetization service smart-glocal.com, launched the @donate bot. The bot works through the Payment 2.0 technology.

Through the bot, users can donate any amount of money to the channel's author.

Requirements for the channel for connecting the bot:
⁃ From 1000 participants
⁃ Created more than 3 months ago
⁃ Topic "Entertainment" or "Education"
⁃ Public channel

To withdraw funds, you need to go through verification.
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Telegram update: group video calls, screen sharing, noise reduction

The long-awaited Telegram update has been released 🥳

Not one, but two!

🔹 From now on, you can turn on the video broadcast from the camera or the screen image in the voice chat of any group. This will allow you to use voice chats for online lessons, business meetings, or family gatherings.

🔹 Voice chat in any group can now be instantly turned into a video conference - just enough for any of the participants to turn on the video mode by clicking on the camera icon.

🔹 You can broadcast not only the video from the rear or front camera of the device, but also the image from the screen - or use both in parallel.

🔹 The new version has improved noise reduction so that you can enjoy high-quality sound without extraneous noise. If necessary, noise cancellation can be turned off in the voice chat settings.

🔹 The group calling interface is optimized for large screens of laptops and computers, as well as tablets - both horizontally and vertically. The button in the upper right corner expands the sidebar, allowing you to view video feeds and the list of participants on the same screen.

More details: https://telegram.org/blog/group-video-calls

🔹Update # 2: animated backgrounds, transparent icons and animations when sending messages: https://telegram.org/blog/animated-backgrounds in
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Disabling the filter for sensitive content in the web version of Telegram

In the browser version of Telegram WebZ, you can now disable the "sensitive content" filter.

This filter, which was previously enabled everywhere by default, blocks access to erotic channels.

How to disable: Settings -> General -> Sensitive Content

If you are registered in Telegram using a SIM card of a country where pornography is prohibited, the filter may not be shown in the settings.
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US IRS claims against secret Telegram chats

A special agent of the United States Internal Revenue Service said that secret chats are considered one of the ways to launder money.

First, the tax authorities drew attention to bitcoins, and then to the method of communication of potential criminals and suspects through Telegram.

Secret chats are the most worried about by the department now.
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Telegram audience research results in 2021

TG Stat conducted a study in which 70,000 people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries participated.

The numbers that turned out:
▫️61% - men, 39% - women
▫️A third of users are in the 25-34 age range.
▫️21% from 18 to 24 years old and the same amount from 35 to 44 years old.
▫️18% over 45 and 7% of the audience under the age of 17.

⚡️22% of Telegram users work in IT.
⚡️20% in production and trade.
⚡️4 to 7% are engaged in marketing, education, services, finance, healthcare, or work in the media.

🥳 More than half of the respondents have higher education.

What are all these people doing in Telegram?

▫️Half of users are subscribed to less than 15 channels.
▫️ 33% of subscriptions have more than 25 channels.
▫️ A third of the respondents regularly read up to 5 channels and another third - from 6 to 10.

📌 The most read channels write about news, they have 82%. Industry news is regularly read by 43% of respondents.
📌 Entertainment, as well as political channels, are read by 59% of the audience. Education has almost the same number of regular readers.

✋🏻80% of respondents use Telegram for personal correspondence.
✋🏻38% communicate at work and another 17% correspond with clients.
✋🏻50% of respondents read channels, 17% run their own channels.
✋🏻35% answered that I use bots.

Most used features:
⚡️ calls (54%)
⚡️voice messages (48%)
⚡️archive (44%)
⚡️folders (39%)
⚡️ video messaging (33%)
⚡️video calls (28%)
⚡️participation in group voice chats (26%), 20% of users listen to audio broadcasts.
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Telegram collects more personal data of users

Like all other apps. At the request of Apple, Telegram has updated the list of the collected user data.

Previously, it had three items: contacts, contact details and identifiers. Added purchases, location, financial information and user generated content.

An updated list of collected information does not mean that Telegram can leak your credit card into the network. According to a source close to the development team, App Store moderators have their own specifics for evaluating data collection.

For example, if you can pay with a card through the application, it should be indicated that the data is being collected. At the same time, payment information is never transmitted to the Telegram server.
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Forgot to close the conversation on someone else's computer

Has this ever happened? You opened your Telegram account on someone else's computer and forgot to leave. Or they left their laptop at home and your family member is using it. You don't always want them to read the correspondence or see notifications of incoming messages.

Almost all modern messengers have the ability to log out on one device through another.

To end all Telegram sessions, except for the one that is now open on your device, you need to open Settings -> Select "Devices" -> End all other sessions or end any of the sessions individually.
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Da Vinci Capital has filed a lawsuit against Telegram

The reason for the lawsuit was the "not completely correct" offer of the Telegram company on the return of TON investments.

The fund received an offer to return the investment "in 24 hours before the deadline," which prevented Da Vinci from checking the documents. And therefore, to get a return on investment in a time.

The managing partner of the fund said: before that he had received "quite a lot of different conflicting notifications that tokens will come out, then that they will not come out, then that they will come out again."

As a result, it was difficult for them to decide whether to return the money or convert it into credit.

Da Vinci representatives tried several times to contact the Telegram management to conclude an amicable agreement.

However, they did not receive an answer, as Telegram considered the claims absurd. A source close to Telegram's top management explained the fund's late receipt of the offer. For a long time Da Vinci did not provide information on the presence of US residents among depositors.
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Репост из: Durov's Channel
The New York Times uncovered that Apple is involved in large-scale surveillance and censorship at the behest of China. It is sad, but not surprising: big tech companies often choose profits over freedoms.

Apple is very efficient at pursuing their business model, which is based on selling overpriced, obsolete hardware to customers locked in their ecosystem.

Every time I have to use an iPhone to test our iOS app I feel like I’m thrown back into the Middle Ages. The iPhone’s 60Hz displays can’t compete with the 120Hz displays of modern Android phones that support much smoother animations.

The worst part of Apple’s tech though is not clunkier devices or outdated hardware. Owning an iPhone makes you a digital slave of Apple – you are only allowed to use apps that Apple lets you install via their App Store, and you can only use Apple’s iCloud to natively back up your data.

It’s no wonder that Apple’s totalitarian approach is so appreciated by the Communist Party of China, which – thanks to Apple – now has complete control over the apps and data of all its citizens who rely on iPhones.
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Top 5 Telegram features you need to know about

1. Highlighting the fragment in the message text

How: long press on a message, and then highlight the part of the text.

2. Timestamp on video

In one message with a link to a YouTube video, write a timestamp, for example 03:20, where minutes are indicated first, then seconds.

3. Delayed sending not in time, but when the recipient is online

How: when sending a postponed message, choose not the time, but the button "when will be online"

4. Return to the chat that was open

Nothing needs to be done, this is part of one of the latest updates. When you open a new message through a notification, when you return back, you will be taken to the same chat where you were. Previously, they were included in the general menu.

5. Mark the message as new

The function is available by long-clicking on a chat from the general chat list. In case you need not forget about the message you have read.
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New versions of Telegram

The latest update isn't only about deferred voice chats and payments. But also two new web versions of Telegram.

Both versions support animated stickers, night mode, chat folders and more - and work great on mobile devices.

No applications need to be installed, just log in via webk.telegram.org or webz.telegram.org by downloading the web version of the messenger. Then enter the password that will be sent in the application and done.

The same user-friendly interface as in the application. And in fact, independence from the AppStore and Google Play stores.
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Telegram CEO is looking for an assistant

The Telegram website has a section with the vacancies. Among them we found a content moderator, translator, C / C ++ programmer, accountant and ... assistant to CEO.

If Pavel Durov, Telegram Founder, is now the CEO of Telegram (and who else can be CEO?), Then the assistant will keep his calendar, make appointments, book tickets and organize trips.

For all vacancies, a mandatory item is fluent English.

All vacancies: https://telegram.org/jobs
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Telegram gets money again

The Telegram Group company is placing Eurobonds for $ 750 million. The securities will enter the market on May 6.

The minimum lot for purchase was $ 500 thousand, the par value of the bond was $ 1,000, as in the first placement. The maturity date is 22 March 2026 and the coupon rate is 7% per annum.

The additional bond issue is targeted at international investors. The buyers of 50% of the bonds are Asian funds, 40% come from large global institutional funds and 10% will go to Russian companies.

According to the source, when planning this release, Durov initially focused on Western and Asian demand. There were many investors who showed interest in Telegram bonds at the moment when the placement of the first issue was finalized.

However, Asian funds are very slow. When it became clear that Telegram would not have time to organize transactions with a part of large funds from Asia within the framework of the March bond issue, Durov decided to close the oversubscribed order book and then conduct an additional issue.
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