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09.05.2017 23:31
24 Mar 2019, 20:44 (308 дней назад)
Today's update to Telegram apps introduces a new kind of private communication. You can now "unsend" any message you sent or received in any private chat, anytime. You can also control when your messages link back to your account if forwarded. For good measure, we've also added an option to hide your profile picture from non-contacts.

Android users can now use emoji search to quickly find the yellow beasts they were looking for — and will get emoji suggestions for the first word they type in a message.

Both platforms also support improved sticker search — you can now find individual stickers based on the keywords for the relevant emoji.

All the important parts of our iOS app can now be accessed with VoiceOver and the Android app fully supports TalkBack.

More features from this update: