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USA Really 20 Feb, 13:42
A recent incident has sent shock waves throughout the Brooklyn Jewish community: Vandals smashed the storefront window at Chabad of Bushwick, as about 15 congregants were wrapping up Shabbos dinner inside. People are worried about the possibility of more hate crimes.

Jewish religious leader Rabbi Menachem Heller is looking for answers after a pair of vandals smashed the window of Chabad of Bushwick – the synagogue he runs on Flushing Avenue – during a Shabbos dinner.
USA Really 19 Feb, 19:37
A rap clip motivated sales representatives for the pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics to sell doctors enlarged dosages of the opioid Subsys spray(fentanyl sublingual spray), which is highly addictive, as was revealed during the trial of the Insys founder, American billionaire John Capur.

The video, Great By Choice, was initially shown during a nationwide sales conference in 2015. THe video suggests increasing dosages through a process known as titration. For participation in the scheme, doctors across the country received millions of dollars in kickbacks.
USA Really 19 Feb, 16:17
A Nashville restaurant is facing multiple lawsuits after at least 20 customers reported becoming infected with salmonella.

The case isn’t new, though, as all four lawsuits (each seeking up to $1.5 million in damages from Milk and Honey) came following the August foodborne outbreak. The suits allege improper management and poor training led to the salmonella infections. Metro Public Health Department spokesman Brian Todd says diners got sick from the restaurant's short rib gnocchi because the dish used contaminated eggs from an Alabama farm.
USA Really 19 Feb, 14:39
Despite his overweening hubris, the American President Donald J. Trump has never known what it is to be a soldier or come from poverty and enter the ranks as a common soldier, and therefore he knows nothing about war, governance, or the harsher essences of existence.

Never was this as apparent as on February 18, when the USA's obese Chief Executive, who could not run across a battlefield with a rifle in his hands if his life depended on it, issued a bizarre ultimatum to the Venezuelan military commanders and their troops to cross over and join the reactionary — and shall I say modestly — the Fascist forces of Juan Guaido.
USA Really 18 Feb, 22:10
While some may accuse the media of unreliable information, Planned Parenthood is no longer hiding the fact that their main task is not women’s health but rather to respect their rights if they want an abortion.

It’s not a propaganda campaign--this is what Buzzfeed previously wrote and later rewrote as untrue. The president of PP denied the report, saying the journalists were confused.
USA Really 18 Feb, 19:25
We live in an era of black racism. In the US, and in Europe too, white people have long been oppressed, becoming a minority in some places. It is completely unacceptable to be a white racist in the US: To make even the mildest statement about the races not being the same is an act of political and professional suicide.
USA Really 18 Feb, 17:02
The verdict is in, from the infiltration of the NRA with Russian Sparrows to the rigging of US elections, everything is being blamed on Russians these days. And according to media watchdogs, it is all about Russian disinformation and this is getting too close to home for comfort.

Not only has there been outbreaks of measles in the US but in Europe as well, and blame that too on the Russians. In the US blame is allocated to parents who are taking advantage in loop holes in vaccination laws that allow them, based on personal beliefs to opt out of getting their children vaccinated.
USA Really 17 Feb, 20:53
After the formal end of the longest shutdown in U.S. history, Congress seems to be so weak that they almost capitulated to President Trump over his proposed bills. The White House announced on Thursday that Trump will sign a compromise bill to fund border security, but he will declare a national emergency to build the wall. Both the House and the Senate passed the bill Thursday evening. This looks more like a Trump victory even though it was very expensive. American taxpayers will pay for it, in any case.
USA Really 17 Feb, 17:11
We're still about 21 months out from the 2020 election, but the field of presidential contenders is already very crowded and we are seeing a record number of female candidates running for the U.S. president.

The 2018 midterm elections, branded the Year of the Woman, were a watershed for women in politics, as more women were elected to Congress than ever before. The current Congress is also the most diverse ever, a sign of a changing electorate that could boost the candidacies of women of color.
USA Really 15 Feb, 19:26
At the economic forum in Davos in January 2019, with the theme “Globalization 4.0: the formation of a global architecture in the era of the fourth industrial revolution,” financier and philanthropist George Soros stiffly turned against China and Xi Jinping personally.

With his idea of ​​an “open society” as a democratic standard for the development of mankind, he aimed to replace closed traditional societies, calling China the most dangerous opponent of liberalism. Since "the instruments of control developed by artificial intelligence, give the inalienable advantage of totalitarian regimes over an open society."
USA Really 15 Feb, 17:16
On Monday, six illegal immigrant families filed multi-million dollar claims against both the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services over last year’s family separations, saying they need the money to pay for counseling and other medical care to heal from the “torture” they say they suffered. The claims were filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The families are being represented by Arnold & Porter, the American Immigration Council, the National Immigrant Justice Center, and Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing, Feinberg & Lin.
USA Really 15 Feb, 11:27
We know that nouveau racism has been on the rise in America, even though no one calls it by this name.

What is it? Nouveau racism is racism. However, it is that racism which is embraced by "minority" groups, like African-Americans, Latin-Americans, feminists, and any group that is not the target group of their invective: the European-originated, white, Christian male.

Tucker Carlson gives a solid introduction to this topic in his own words in his reflection about one of America's leaders in the crusade of identity politics, Stacey Y. Abrams.
USA Really 14 Feb, 18:46
The FBI has released 16 portraits of confessed serial killer Samuel Little’s alleged victims, all of which were hand-drawn by Little from memory.

On Tuesday, the FBI released the portraits of 16 unidentified women made by serial killer Samuel Little while in prison in hopes that “someone – a family member, a former neighbor, a friend – might recognize the [victims] and provide the crucial clue in helping authorities make an identification.”
USA Really 14 Feb, 15:10
If humanity suddenly disappears, the Earth will turn into an ecological utopia. After 500 years, the cities will lie in ruins and become camouflaged by grasses. The fields will be covered with forests and wild plants. Sea reefs and corals will be restored. Boars, hedgehogs, lynxes, bison, beavers and deer will walk across Europe. Bronze statues, plastic bottles, smartphone boards and an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be the longest-remaining evidence that people were ever there.
USA Really 14 Feb, 13:28
A Pennsylvania newspaper has discontinued a syndicated comic strip after a cartoon published Sunday included a hidden message telling President Trump to go “f— yourself.”

A syndicated cartoon has been dropped from a local newspaper in Pennsylvania after a reader spotted an obscene comment made against President Donald Trump hidden in a drawing on the children’s coloring page published inside Sunday’s comics section.
USA Really 13 Feb, 20:06
It is unsurprising to see Evangelicals at the forefront of the opposition to New York State’s recent law loosening restrictions on child murder within her borders (as well as similar proposed laws springing up in Virginia, Vermont, etc.). After all, they have been amongst the most active in trying to foster a culture of life in all the States since Roe v. Wade. And for that they are to be commended.
USA Really 13 Feb, 17:49
When the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle called people "political animals," he meant they have an ethical sense — the idea of good and evil, justice and injustice and the ability to live in society and act together. It would seem that almost all people are included in politics according to the Aristotelian concept.

However, this is not so, if we mean political practices. As belief is dead without action, interest in politics without political action makes society a passive object of governance.
USA Really 13 Feb, 15:20
Since American political fashion inevitably affects the global information field, and US economic decisions inevitably affect the world economy, we should be prepared: Influential American political circles have put forward a new program and ideology, which can be conventionally called the Green New Deal (GND), and its support has already been expressed by the main players of the US Democratic Party.
USA Really 12 Feb, 18:56
Over 3,000 teachers have called off work on Day 1 of the Denver teachers’ strike. A massive crowd gathered to claim their rights in front of the Colorado State Capitol at 200 E Colfax Ave. on a cold Monday morning.

According to the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) estimates based on sign-in sheets and headcounts, 3,769 teachers and special service providers participated in the picket line.
USA Really 12 Feb, 16:26
A small family-owned grocery chain in Southeast Arkansas has sparked outrage with a message included in their weekly mailer.

The ad book that typically includes a religious or political message was a bit more confusing this time and contained a reference to the U.S./Mexico border wall controversy.