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W12 16 Jun 2020, 18:12
🙏 W12 has helped create another website for the “Social Factor. Kids “ Project

✔️ The website of the "Social Factor. Kids" project : https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/

This project involves the creation of an intel-hub in Moscow - an online platform for teaching regional curators best practices for using educational games in socially oriented education projects, and the introduction of special software for remote hosting of educational games competitions.

Target programs of the project:

👉 Help for children in institutions https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/3/

👉Talk to me https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/1/

👉 Parent University https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/2/

👉 Prevention of social orphanhood https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/4/
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W12 5 May 2020, 16:55
W12 5 May 2020, 16:55
Charities Are Using Technology

Charities have many options when it comes to making the most of digital disruption. But in order to reap the highest rewards, they need to take a leap of faith and experiment with innovative techniques.

➖ Alternative payment options
Finding new ways to pay has helped charities to improve their donation rates. By adopting digital fundraising, the House of Lords Select Committee’s ‘Stronger charities for a stronger society’ report suggests that charities have increased their overall donations by as much as 600 per cent.

➖ Mobile apps
Mobile apps provide a way for users to get closer to the charity but also for the charity to get closer to those within their wider public networks. Apps enable constant access on personal devices, creating a flow of information.

➖ Virtual Reality
VR offers a powerful tool for engagement, showing exactly what happens in a given situation. This has obvious benefits when applied to charitable causes, building emotive narratives to drive support.
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W12 16 Apr 2020, 14:10
📣 New functionality for creating NGO websites just launched.

The W12.io platform now provides an opportunity for NGOs to quickly and easily create a modern website (both on their own domain and on a subdomain such as site.W12.io) completely free of charge.

With this functionality W12.io will be able to attract NGOs who are looking to create a high-quality website for online fundraising.

NGOs now have the opportunity to:
➖ independently manage content and page design through the admin panel on the W12.io platform
➖ create an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns
➖ accept payments (by credit card and in W12 tokens)
➖ bring the necessary information to potential donors, volunteers and partners
➖ connect volunteers and relatives to fundraising and see statistics on each fundraising channel
➖ increase donation collection (due to internal social mechanics and high donations conversion rate)
➖ be more transparent thanks to blockchain technology

🙏 One example of an NGO that has successfully created a website on the W12.io platform is the Charitable Foundation for Social Support and Spiritual and Moral Education - "Blago" (Russia) https://blago.w12.io/ru/
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W12 30 Mar 2020, 16:48
Blockchain as a Tool to Combat Coronavirus

At the moment, the scale and velocity at which the coronavirus is spreading are proving difficult to manage because the regional clustering of the outbreak has moved beyond the initial Hubei province of China to South Korea, Iran, Europe and parts of North America.

Tech companies and startups in the industry have recognized this and started to build a number of blockchain solutions aiming to track drug supply chains, medical supplies, managing medical data, advising citizens and identifying symptoms of infection.

Other crypto projects have offered up their technology for free to assist in coronavirus relief efforts, with blockchain-based education platform, Odem, freely offering its platform to educational institutions facing curriculum disruptions as a result of the pandemic.

⏩⏩⏩Read more at https://cointelegraph.com/news/eth-based-developer-crowdfunding-platform-joins-fight-against-coronavirus
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W12 24 Feb 2020, 19:01
Blockchain-based platforms are aiming to provide charities with a marketplace to reach a ready-to-give audience, and these platforms take far fewer fees than traditional marketing and fundraising agencies.

We all know how important charity is!

Charity is essential and therefore meant to be done for public benefit, relief and to provide assistance to people at times of need in any part of the world, especially who are the victims of war, natural disaster, catastrophe, hunger, disease, poverty, orphans by supplying them with food, shelter, medical aid and other fundamental needs.
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W12 6 Feb 2020, 19:27
Cryptocurrency donations

There is still a long way to go until cryptocurrencies get globally adopted, and this route is particularly longer when it comes to charity. Currently, there is a small but growing number of charitable organizations that have already embraced cryptocurrency as a donation method.

Donors that intend to use cryptocurrency to make their contributions may have to either confine their efforts to the few organizations that support them or donate large enough amounts as an attempt to persuade their favorite charities into accepting crypto payments.

Before a charity starts receiving cryptocurrency donations, it needs to have a process in place for managing and distributing the funds in a transparent and efficient way. Understanding the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology - and how the donations can be converted into fiat currency - is crucial for an effective implementation strategy.
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W12 28 Jan 2020, 11:40
W12 28 Jan 2020, 11:39
Potential Benefits of Crypto Philanthropy

Crypto Philanthropy offers many promising benefits to charities and donors, for instance:

- Full transparency: each cryptocurrency transaction is unique, meaning that it is also easily tracked through a blockchain. A higher level of transparency and accountability gives peace of mind to donors and stimulates donations, while strengthening the reputation of a charitable organization as reliable and honest.

- Globality and decentralization: Most blockchain networks have a high level of decentralization, meaning that they do not need to rely on centralized bodies or other institutions for transfers. Thus, funds can be transferred directly from donors to charitable organizations, and the decentralized nature of the blockchain makes it uniquely suitable for international transactions.

- Digital agreements: Blockchain facilitates the exchange and storage of digital data, and ensures that important documents or contracts are not changed without the approval of all involved participants.

- Cost reduction: Blockchain technology can simplify the management of charities, by automating parts of the process and reducing overall costs by passing third parties.

- Tax cuts: In the USA, for example, if a contribution is made using Bitcoin, the charity will receive a donation in full, without tax on capital gains.

As blockchain technology is becoming increasingly mainstream, charitable organizations and donors can accept it is quickly becoming the best way to help those in need!
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W12 16 Jan 2020, 14:25
Blockchain has already cracked into higher education. Innovations such as Microcredit and Blockchain-based certification have made it a key technology for the sector.

Almost half of the world's best universities offer a course on Blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Over the next two years, the world's first blockchain graduate degree will begin to work, thanks to a new degree program at the University of Malta.

As for education, a number of new courses have been added to the curriculum, starting from undergraduate studies on the basics of a smart contract and developing applications that study the socio-economic consequences of cryptocurrency.
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W12 27 Dec 2019, 12:55
Blockchain simplifies access to medical records

One of the most popular uses of blockchain in healthcare is patient data management. Medical records, as a rule, are not shared by medical institutions, which makes it impossible to determine the patient's medical history without consulting with his previous attending physician. This process can take a considerable amount of time and can often lead to errors.

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, MedRec is "a system that provides a transparent and accessible presentation of the medical history."

MedRec is designed to store all patient information in one place, making it easier for patients and doctors to access.
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W12 23 Dec 2019, 18:04
AMA Session

✔️W12 team will answer all important questions about the development of the project.

👉Please write your questions at the end of this form. We will collect a list of all the questions and give answers.

The AMA session will be held live or in text from on a day in between the 25th and the 31th of December. Additionally, a record of Questions&Answers will be sent to all users by email.
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W12 13 Dec 2019, 20:06
W12 13 Dec 2019, 20:06
Could blockchain take your job?

The buzz around the blockchain has reached critical mass. Token sales can now replace venture capital- the consequences of this are wide-reaching, destructive and already in effect: blockchain can take your job.

Many organizations have clear, tangible, quantifiable key performance indicators for everyday functions, such as closed sales or widget deliveries. With the advent of smart contracts, it has become clear: robots are not the only ones who can take your job. Blockchain technology can too.

An intelligent contract is a code designed to facilitate, verify, or enforce compliance with established conditions. This code simply plays the role of a trusted intermediary between the two parties and, being deployed using blockchain technology, it is an infallible executor of established deadlines 24/7, 365 days a year. No need for salary or vacations.

One of the companies already implementing the Blockchain solution is HUMAN, which offers a new approach to artificial intelligence, allowing machines to ask people for data that they need to improve.

It is estimated that robots can steal up to 800 million jobs worldwide over the next 13 years, mainly in manufacturing and manual labor, but with smart contracts and blockchain technology, it is clear that all workers must remain alert.
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W12 26 Nov 2019, 17:52
W12 26 Nov 2019, 17:52
Technology helps stray animals find homes in Asia

There are approximately 30 million stray dogs in India and 1.3 million stray dogs and cats in Beijing. About 70,000 puppies are born on the streets of Thailand each year, and on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, there are over half a million dogs and many of which are homeless.

Asian animal welfare groups that collect these statistics say the homeless pet population continues to grow along with the related problems of animal abuse, the dog fighting industry, and dog meat trading. In China alone, according to Animals Asia, an animal welfare charity based in Hong Kong, 10 million dogs are eaten each year.

👍Adopsi - an Android app developed by a group of pet-loving technology enthusiasts at Yogyakarta, is designed to make adopting pets easier and safer.

The mission of the creators of the application is to teach people that they can adopt an animal, rather than buy it in a pet shop.

The application will help to convey this mission to potential adoptive parents and reach a much wider circle of people.

Those who want to adopt can scroll through a list of adoptable animals, post their applications, which the adoption manager can easily evaluate good adoptive parents.
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W12 15 Nov 2019, 12:59
W12 15 Nov 2019, 12:58
Blockchain can build a financial system based on trust.

The blockchain has existed since the advent of Bitcoin, and many are skeptical about the new virtual currency after the last global financial crisis. In the early days, the main focus was mainly on the cryptocurrency itself, and not on the technologies behind it.

This technology is called Blockchain.
The blockchain was originally created to be a decentralized register of Bitcoin transactions that occur within the Bitcoin network.

A decentralized or distributed database / ledger essentially means that the storage devices where the ledgers are located are not connected to a common processor. The blockchain contains an ever-growing list of transactions in the form of blocks. Each block has a timestamp and then links to the previous block to become part of the block chain.

Users can edit only those sections of the Blockchain that belong to them. For editing, the user must have private keys, which is equivalent to a password. A distinctive feature of Blockchain technology is the fact that each copy is synchronized, even if the Blockchain is not connected to a common processor or is not accessible through devices associated with the processor.

Any changes to the synchronized file are time stamped. Any recording or editing of a file cannot be changed.
Another important fact is that Bitcoins cannot be sent before they are received. This rule is built into fraud prevention software.

Why is blockchain needed?

While the hype about self-driving cars and artificial intelligence accumulates, nothing can be as tangible as the implementation of Blockchain technology- not only in the financial system, but also in everyday life.

Can a world really exist without paper money?

Of course, the market capitalization of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is negligible compared to the turnover of paper money - 83.6 trillion dollars and the financial system today. But Bitcoin's market capitalization has now surpassed the market capitalization of many of the largest US companies.

So how can blockchain technology change the charity sector?

Transparency can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of charitable organizations working in developing countries that fall under the influence of a corrupt or unstable government. An increased level of trust in where the money goes and who benefits will undoubtedly lead to increased contributions and support people in need in troubled parts of the world.

Blockchain can build a financial system based on trust.
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W12 12 Nov 2019, 11:55
W12 12 Nov 2019, 11:55
The benefits of cryptocurrency for charity

Every NGO has to be socially responsible, deal with transactions of large sums of money, manoeuvre complicated bookkeeping and provide work documentation. For this reason many charitable foundations around the world use Blockchain to simplify their buisness.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization with an ambitious goal: “Universal access to all knowledge.” This archive, located in San Francisco, California, with servers and scanners around the world, has created the digital library of the future - a place where everyone can access books, web pages, audio, television and software for free. To date, the Internet archive has fixed more than 6 million broken links on Wikipedia using the Wayback Machine archives.

The project accepts donations from BTC, BCH, ETH and Zcash. Alternatively, you can also select “Donate with Altcoins” and exchange any cryptocurrency or fiat money for BTC in just a few clicks using the built-in exchange widget - Changelly.

In 2018, more than 30% of donations to the project were made in cryptocurrency.
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