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Bu sizning kanalingizmi? Qo‘shimcha imkoniyatlardan foydalanish uchun egalikni tasdiqlang

shut your mouth and read this channel
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01.08.2018 20:26
31 Jul 2018, 07:00 (1219 kun oldin)
If you came here, it means you have some shit in life, like me. Of coarse I have great things in my life, but it wouldn’t be that great without the SHIT that happens to us.

So we need that SHIT. We don’t want that, but we need that. It’s necessary. Got it????

All right honey, if you understood this little text it means you are a good buddy. You are my buddy! We can go and explore this world together.

And we can make fun of those who even doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. Because if they don’t know and learn English, they miss so many things in this world.

Please press the smile down below, therefore I will know how many of you understood my dumb message 😂
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