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Institutional-grade leveraged contracts with protection for everyone
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#NEWS The Xena Exchange team is thrilled to announce our support portal is fully ready.
* The easy and intuitive interface
* The recognizable design
* The all-new content were specially made for your needs

Find answers, useful material, and much more at http://support.xena.exchange
HFT accounts for more than 70% of orders on the US stock market and is now coming to crypto exchanges.

Check out what do you know about one of the most popular #trading types

Most traders waste time and money on incorrect #trading systems and indicators.

Learn in our new blog article, how to recognize #trends using only price actions

#Xena Exchange blog is back after summer holidays

Our new guide - #BTC Fundamentals: #Bitcoin On-Chain Metrics You Need to Know About is already available!

Ace Cryptocurrency Trading by Learning These Trend Continuation Patterns
Learn #howto trade with our new article

Elliott Wave Theory is a broad and complex topic that takes practitioners years to master. Despite its complexity, there are elements of Elliott Wave that can be incorporated immediately and may help improve traders’ analytical skills and timing.

Check our new article and ensure that it is easier than you thought it would be

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Can Trading Bots Learn From Their Mistakes?

Learn more in our last article
A new guide from #XenaExchange team:
The Importance of Reading Graphs & Core Price Patterns

The Xena Exchange team is thrilled to announce the Affiliate Program launch!

Within your account you can generate your affiliate link and access helpful marketing materials.
Start sharing and start earning lucrative rewards from your leads’ commission, in BTC, every day!

Follow the link and check all the details: https://xena.exchange/en/about/affiliates
Here comes an overview of two popular trading approaches from the Xena Exchnage Team
Choose whichever appeals the most.

? https://blog.xena.exchange/release-the-bot-the-basics-of-algo-trading/
We are thrilled to introduce the new xena.exchange website:

? Explore the products
✅ Experience the advantages
? Earn on the new programs

All that — on https://xena.exchange/
The Xena Exchange team works around the clock to develop the products required to solve urgent market problems. Today we are launching a partner program in order to expand our presence in different regions and countries.

If you have a passion for the industry, want to build your presence or income, then why not join us in our initiative and team up with Xena Exchange!

To learn details and apply for the program, please visit global.xena.exchange
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We are delighted to show you the latest Market Barometer live tests.

Check out our amazingly fresh data aggregator features!
BTC Timeline: From first payments and thefts to new regulations and price highs.
Famous BTC price predictors share their opinions in our new Medium article.
Xena Exchange releases new features.

Here come:
1. Margin leverage slider. (up to 20)
2. New Market Barometer chart - “Market Profile & Point of Control”

Click here to learn more.

BTC Timeline: From first payments and thefts to new regulations and price highs.
Famous BTC price predictors share their opinions in our new Medium article.
Filtering Out the Noise: the Moving Average and its Modifications.

Moving Average is a fundamental indicator. A wide variety of moving average indicators has appeared over time as worldwide trading experience expands.

Learn more on Medium how it is calculated and it's appliance for your personal trading strategy.
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Consensus 2019 Highlights
#NYCBlockchainWeek #Boeresfrankfurt
Consensus 2019 Highlights
#Womenintech #Xenaexchange