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On August 1, 2019, the Department of Health and Human Services gave Arizona's Health Services Department a grant of $862.6 million dollars for emerging infectious disease response of which $836 million is dedicated to Covid-19.

The CDC's "shielding approach" is going to "appear forced", but totally won't be because their intention is not to coerce you.

It isn't forced, it just looks like it.
You aren't being coerced, it just feels like it.

The "Shielding Approach" is the CDC's end game plan.
They are establishing camps to separate high risk from low risk individuals.

Forwarded from: Seth Keshel
Don’t look now, but Rasmussen is turning into the Stone Cold Steve Austin of pollsters.
Forwarded from: Jeffrey Peterson -
On this Telegram channel, we teach Patriots how to defeat tyrannical 'big tech' organizations like Microsoft (Windows), Apple, Google, and more, by learning to use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the Linux Operating System.

We go beyond the concept of 'alternate social media platforms', to the place where you need to be to truly take back control -- the operating system level -- and show you how to get complete control over your technology, once and for all. Linux is the future, it is Digital Freedom!

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The dissonant rift between the government and the people is clear.
What was Resident Biden's one-and-a-half year old grandson kissing?
Forwarding this message from a soldier on base who wants to remain anonymous:

"If you'd like to express your displeasure about the base commander's segregation of unvaccinated service members and their families, as well as the command's disregard for soldiers' religious convictions or medical conditions, any citizen is able to post a comment to the Office of the Garrison Commander:*DoD Any posts here WILL be seen by the base commander's team. Anyone can submit, and if you request a response they are required to respond to every submission. LET FREEDOM RING this ADVENT. And be civil in your speech as you hold them accountable."
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This is from Fort Jackson, South Carolina - they are requiring vaccines and masks just to attend an outside tree lighting on the base.
Over 60% of the Arizona National Guard are refusing the vaccine.
Stay strong!
Forwarded from: Dr. Simon
Three teenagers who tested NEGATIVE for covid escaped from Australian covid camp and were subsequently arrested.

Why are NEGATIVE cases being forcibly quarantined in camps?

Who will liberate the political prisoners in these camps?

Alleged image showing text messages from a chinese university are floating around the internet.
Not sure about the original source of the screenshot or timeframe the conversation allegedly happened. The screenshot was posted on the gateway pundit.

Rough translation of image below:

Today the school campus has been shut down.
The reason is that someone from the biology department made a mistake and created some kind of new covid mutation.
To get straight to the point, they created a new strain of covid.
Then the people who came into contact with it tested faintly positive.
That caused the whole school campus to shut down, with enforced PCR tests for all students and staff.
China's first university to shut itself down over doing biological research.
Mother fucking East China University of Science and Technology

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Omicron will be "confirmed" in pockets throughout the world over the next few days.
Many countries will panic and shut down everything that they think they can get away with.

Omicron panic will ensure the development of national then global vaccination databases, which will enable the social credit score system for all.

We must take a stand.
This tyranny will not be tolerated.

Was the Omicron "variant" created using gain-of-function technology then dropped off in Africa to spread through the world?
Forwarded from: Chief Nerd
Time-lapse I made of the genomic epidemiology of SARS-COV-2 since the first Wuhan strain

Notice that Omicron makes a sudden appearance inconsistent with the other variants, and contains the largest number of mutations


A federal vaccine database will be used for ultimate control of everything you do.

It is a major step towards implementing the federal social credit score.

You must resist the federal vaccine database.

Call your senator today and tell them to vote NO to the federal vaccine database.