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Forward from: Jazzhands FTN (CENSORED)
Hottest Buffalo take: Fuck niggers, fuck the FBI, but most of all, fuck every single slimy, lickspittle Jew, without whom none of this would be possible. As far as I'm concerned every Sackler, Fink, Wexner, Maxwell, Weinstein, Bronfman, Lansky, Epstein, Greenblatt, Cohn, Kushner, Netanyahu, Mnuchin, Zucker, Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Mayorkas, Garland, and Finkelstein pulled that trigger and they all want you to slink back and cower in fear, stewing over what's coming next. This system is so petrified and inept it can't even prosecute a rhetorical cold war let alone a genuine hot war, even with complete control of finance, academia, mass media, and the proverbial public square. There's nothing coming next.

Forward from: Eric Striker
Trump appointed judge in Alabama thwarts the will of the people and blocks a law passed that banned prescribing puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones, and steroids to small children.

Can judges overturn laws saying you need to be 21 to buy alcohol? 18 to get a tattoo? If the incentives were there they would, and whether they are Republican or Democrat doesn't matter.

Forward from: WLM_USA_FLORIDA
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WLM activists along with local Proud Boys took a few hours out of their schedule to bring awareness to our struggle.

Shitposting and complaining on telegram will not save our race. Get active.

14 words.


It's as though they're reading an astrology placemat at an "ethnic" restaurant.


Forward from: Warren Balogh NJP 🔥
They say they're replacing is, they brag about how we're being replaced, they put out charts illustrating how fast we're being replaced----then they say, if we talk about how we're being replaced, we're causing terrorism.

Oh, and their Justice Department is the main source promoting the cult of Brenton Tarrant, O9A, Atomwaffen etc. So they are literally the ones causing the terrorism, as they replace us.

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New thing around the country for young black parasites. Instead of waiting for an occasion to behave like animals like before, they now take to the streets randomly in the hundreds and smash up cars and windows. This is in Chicago where 1000 parasites randomly decided to gather and dance on top of cars, many of them armed. We shouldn't have to live with these animals.


Forward from: The Desk of Jack McKraken (On Parole)
More unsolicited jew-splaining from tiny Tim Wise. Everything about Waukesha and Darrell Brooks reeked of anti-White hate from start to finish. But guess what? I don't care about the victims of Buffalo the same way you don't care about the victims of Waukesha.

If White men had representation and a sane voice to listen to in this sea of jewish misery we call a country, these incidents wouldn't happen.

Forward from: cAuCasIaN cOaCHiNg
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A legislation is passing in Victorian Parliament as we speak, to outlaw the public display of the Swastika exclusively by White people.

This is an Anti-White agenda.

They want our history gone, our culture destroyed, and our race dead.

Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

Forward from: The Dissident Right
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Warning: graphic video

Aftermath of mass shooting in Buffalo NY.


Forward from: The Dissident Right
Warning: Graphic Photos

Apparently the alleged shooter was live streaming on Twitch, but it is unclear if anyone recorded it. According to the news up to 7 people are dead.


Forward from: The Dissident Right
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Alleged mass shooter in Buffalo, NY being taken into police custody.


Forward from: Warren Balogh NJP 🔥
This Texas law is great and a terrific step in the right direction.

The claim that social media companies cannot be lawfully compelled to not engage in widespread censorship of viewpoints because that would violate the First Amendment turns the idea of free speech completely on its head.

If you say social media companies are violating the First Amendment rights of citizens by censoring viewpoints, they say the First Amendment doesn't apply to them because they are private companies and not the government. But if you say the legislature is going to pass a law penalizing those companies for censoring viewpoints, now they want to hide behind the First Amendment.

It's shit like this that makes people lose all faith in democracy. If the will of the people and their elected representatives counts for nothing, if the courts always side with the plutocracy against the basic rights of the people----then what is the argument against simply abolishing the courts and the legislature and installing a popular dictatorship in their place??

At some point people get fed up with having their rights endlessly trampled and being endlessly told how it's the right of the powerful to trample on them but they have no legitimate right to push back.

Maybe the solution is to do away with private social media companies altogether----along with the legislatures and the courts!

Every single White person on the right wants less non-Whites, and more power for White people in our own homelands. This of course excludes the political class, and any others bought off by the jew.

Some want this openly, others want it secretly, and others dont even realize that they want it. This goes for basic republicans, MAGA types, America First, White Nationalists, Fascists, National Socialists etc.

We all start with the same basic idea, then apply varying degrees of optics to it. The thing everyone who isn't openly pro-White and anti-jew needs to realize is, you've lost the optics battle and will NEVER win inside the system.

Whether you acknowledge them as your enemies or not, your enemies own the playing field you're trying to win on. They own the referees, they own the announcers, they own the coaches and the teams. Someone who can help you win will never even get an opportunity to play.

Stop internalizing White guilt and anti-Whiteness in the name of optics and politics. Unify with your fellow Whites, and together we will make this a better world for Our People. White Unity at every opportunity, start to resist or cease to exist.


Forward from: The Dissident Right
RIP to Randy Weaver who passed away today at 74 years old. Never forget Ruby Ridge, and how the system killed Randy's wife and son.


Forward from: Proud Boy to Fascist Pipeline
Anti fascist committed suicide because a Proud Boy KO'd him lol

The classic video ----->



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