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​​The Heron

One day, a beautiful Heron was walking by the side of the river. He had a long slender neck, which held his long sharp beak as a weapon to pierce through the fish. The river was full of a variety of fish like the Carp, the Pike, the Tench and many more. It was so easy to catch fish there that the Heron could have made great profits if he were in the fishing trade!

The Heron, however, did not find those fish suitable for eating. ‘What are Carp or Pike or Tench for a Heron! I can’t eat such mean little fish,” said the Heron. He, then, saw a Snail approaching and got furious at its sight. “I will never open my beak if the Gods offer me such miserable food,” he said, proudly.

After some time, the fish in the river died, from some mysterious disease. The Heron did not get a single fish to eat now He got very hungry and wished he could get anything to eat. So much so, that the once fussy Heron was happy to see a snail and quietly ate it!

If you are proud and choosy in life, you may lose even the simple things.

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​​🍂The King, the Kite and the Falconer

Once, a Falconer lived in a kingdom. He went to the forest, every day, to catch birds and sell them. One day, he saw a rare Kite. The Kite was magnificent and strong. But the Falconer was lucky and captured the Kite, while it was taking a nap in its nest.

The Falconer decided to gift the precious bird to the King.

If I give this Kite to the King, he might give me a reward, the Falconer thought. When the Kite was taken to the King, it flew and sat on his nose. The people in the King’s court could not control their laughter at the funny sight. The King remained silent. He could not scream or shout.

“Come here, you silly bird! That is no place to sit,” cried the Falconer. He was afraid of being punished. The Kite refused to move.

“I will beat you, black and blue if you don’t move!” warned the Falconer.

The Kite still did not move.

Finally, the King announced, “Kite, you are free to go. You are no longer a prisoner of the Falconer.”

Hearing this, the Kite left the King’s nose and flew away to its freedom.

Freedom is precious to all creatures.

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​​🍂A Lion, a Mouse and a Cat

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty Lion in a cave on top of a mountain. Whenever he went to sleep, a Mouse used to come out of his hole and nibble at his mane.

As soon as the Lion woke up, the Mouse would run away and slip off into his hole. The Lion was very angry with the Mouse.

The Lion wanted to stop this and thought of an idea. He went to the nearby village and brought a Cat back with him.

The Lion fed the Cat well and let her loose in the cave. The Mouse saw the Cat and was frightened; he would not come out of his hole. The Lion was able to sleep, undisturbed as the Cat stood guard. This went on for some time. Then, one day, the Mouse was very hungry. He decided to risk his life and came out of his hole looking for food. The Cat pounced on him and killed him. When the Lion saw that the Mouse was dead, he stopped feeding the Cat. The poor Cat grew weaker and finally starved to death.

Treat everyone with respect, not only when you need their help.

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​​The Maid

Once, there lived a beautiful and proud lady. One day, she thought of finding a husband for herself. She thought, ‘The man who wants to marry me should be young, polite, calm and supportive. He must also have rank, wealth and wit to match my graceful personality.’

It was difficult to find so many qualities in one person. However, proposals from able suitors poured in. The proud lady found no one suitable for her. One had a nose too short or long! The other was too dull or stupid! She mocked, “What fine suitors! Poor souls! I pity them.” She rejected all the men she had met.

She tried to console herself, ‘I will not regret not marrying any one of these unworthy men. I am content being counted among the most beautiful women in history!’ Time passed. The lady’s beauty faded away. She lost the grace she once had. She realised her folly and wanted to marry soon. But, now no one offered to marry her. She got so scared with the thought of living alone that she finally married a disabled man.

To judge people by looks is wrong. Looks do not stay forever.

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​​🍂The Eagle, the Cat and the Sow

Once, at the top of an oak, lived an Eagle. In the middle of the trunk lived a Cat and in a hollow at the foot, lived a Sow with her young ones.

The Cat was very cunning and wanted the whole tree for herself. She planned to drive awaB1y the other two.

She went to the Eagle and said, “Can you see the Sow digging at the roots of the tree? The tree will soon fall and she will eat our families!”

The Cat then went to the Sow and said to her, “The Eagle is waiting for a chance to feed your children to her babies.”

The clever Cat secretly went out at night, got food for her kittens and fed them. She pretended to be

scared and kept watching out for danger the whole day.

The Eagle was so scared that she did not fly anywhere. The Sow, too, was terribly afraid and did not

move out of her hollow at all. Both of them, along with

their families starved and died. The Cat and her family now had plenty of food to eat.

Always try to clear misunderstandings with
friends, rather than blindly believing others.

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​​🦀The Crab and his Mother

One day, a Mother Crab and her baby were walking together. The Baby Crab was walking a little ahead of the Mother.

After a while, the Mother Crab said, “Why do you bend towards one side when you walk, my child?”

The Baby Crab turned back and looked at its Mother and asked, “Why Mother, what is wrong with the way I walk?”

The Mother Crab replied, “It does not look good.B2

You look much better when you walk straight and forward.” The young Crab said, “This might be quite true, Mother. But I do not know how to walk straight. So, if you will show me how to walk straight, I will promise to do so, too.”

His Mother readily agreed and said, “Look carefully now

When the Mother tried to walk straight, it was impossible for her also to walk that way.

She kept trying, but she could not walk straight. Tired, she said to her son, “I am sorry for scolding you. I myself cannot walk in a straight manner. How can I ask you to do so?” She then told her son, “You continue to walk the way you do!”

Example is more powerful than speech.

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🍂The Angler and the Salmon

Once, an Angler was fishing at the riverside. His fishing hook was a very delicate one and was meant to catch small fish only. That day, he kept sitting for many hours but did not catch any fish. H
e thought, This has not been a good day for me. I have not been able to catch any fish! I should goB6 home now’

Just when he thought of returning home, a large Salmon was hooked to his fishing rod. The Angler thought, Well, it is a big catch, but of no use! Pulling it out would mean breaking my delicate fishing rod. Oh, what should I do now?’

The Angler did not panic and remained very calm. He then thought, If I handle my fishing hook with care and patience, I can catch this fish!’ Then the Angler turned around the hook, with great care, and at last pulled out the Salmon.

The Salmon could not free itself from the thin hook for it was very tired. The Angler was very happy about his catch and returned home with the Salmon.

Even in the midst of problems, we can have
success if we act with a calm mind.

Read more at @StoryPage
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​​The Ass, the Dog and the Wolf

nce, there was a Man who lived in the village. He owned an Ass and a Dog. One day, the Man was returning from the town with his two animals. The Ass was carrying many sacks on his back. The Man was walking behind him. The Dog was walking behind the Man. All three were tired and hungry.

After some time, the Man, the Ass and the Dog stopped at a meadow to rest. The MB10an lay down under a tree and fell asleep. The Ass started feeding on the green grass of the meadow.

The Dog said to the Ass, “Friend Ass, please bend down a little. I want to take some food from the bag on your back, for I am very hungry”

The Ass said, “Let our master wake up. He will give you your food.” The poor Dog quietly lay down, too.

Suddenly, a Wolf came to the meadow. He saw the Ass and pounced on him. The

Ass shouted, “Friend Dog, please help me!”

The Dog said to him, “Let our master wake up. Then I will save you.” Soon, the Wolf had killed the Ass and eaten him.

What you do, comes back to you.

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​​🍂The Cat and the Cock

There was once a very hungry Cat. He kept searching for something good to eat. He said, “Oh! I have to eat something. My stomach is making strange noises.”

Then suddenly the Cat saw a Cock. The Cock was pecking at some grains. The Cat thought, “Ah! There is a good Cock. I wish I could eat him!’

But then he thought, ‘Oh, how can I just eat him? What reasonable excuse should I find to do so?’

After thinking for some timB3e, the Cat had an idea. He went to the Cock and accused him, “You are a nuisance to men. You start crowing in the night ­time. You don’t let them sleep.”

The Cock was a little surprised. He defended himself by saying, “I crow only to help people. I do it for the benefit of men. I crow so that they might rise in time for their work.”

But the Cat was very hungry. So he replied in anger, “You have given me enough apologies. But I am hungry and I shall not remain supperless.”

The Cock started to run. But the Cat pounced on the Cock and ate him up.

Unnecessary talk with the enemy does not help.

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