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Feature suggestions for Telegram from designers all over the world. If you want to contribute, send your UI mockups to @design_bot
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Telegram Designers 16 Jun, 00:09
Suggested by @inforest, "This is a slight improvement, but I believe that it would make Telegram more convenient."
👍 83
👎 13
Telegram Designers 14 Jun, 16:25
Today we are starting a contest for UI designers. The task is to create UI visualizations of voice calls on Telegram. The minimum prize budget of $10,000 will be distributed among the authors of best works.

We expect UI animations showing how a user starts, accepts and ends voice calls on either Android or iOS. You may also include static images you deem necessary. All videos/pngs should be sent to @design_bot before 11:59PM CET June 22, 2019. We expect pixel-perfect graphics and “wow-effects” in animations. You may also want to show the 4-emoji verification process in your mockup.

Good luck!
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Telegram Designers 14 Jun, 12:12
Suggested by @Mihaylenko_SG
👍 727
👎 205
Telegram Designers 14 Jun, 01:36
Репост из: Telegram Coding Contest
The results of the animations contest are ready. We've selected 33 winners out of 126 artists who have submitted their animated stickers. Each of the winners will receive $1,500 from Telegram.

Meet the Walt Disneys of Telegram: (OwlHug) (egorzhgun) (@ValerieFortuna) (Anton Subbotin) (Aleksandr Kan) (Alena Sof'ina) (@Brainsheep) (Valeriya Belousova) (@archiekatt) (movio) (Sergey) (Valerij Deev) (@Polutis) (@Tarantinono) (@pototsky_a) (Rustam Ruziev) (Ol'ga Shibaeva) (Rouslan Malsagov) (@Dolka103)
___________________________________ (@TohaNeploho) (@nikolayzharukhin) (PainDragon) (Irina Teryuha) (@Kazzzakstyle) (@syrreel) (@Teneres_a) (Mihail Golub') (Elena Chistyakova) (@TimVile) (Viktor F) (@ilyasergeevv) (Marina Charkina) (sedrik100g)

The first 19 artists in this list are encouraged to continue their work and add more stickers to their sets. If we like the sets, we will feature them on Telegram and reward their authors for every sticker uploaded. We are planning to make animated stickers available to all users of Telegram by late June / early July. Every set must include at least 15 stickers to be rewarded and featured.

Please note that the current production version of Telegram is not optimized for animated stickers, and some animations from @topanimated may look slow/buggy. This will get fixed within a month.

Our representative will get in touch with the winners from the official verified Telegram account to coordinate the payments and potential work together.

Many thanks to the artists for the great animations – and congratulations to the winners!
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Telegram Designers 12 Jun, 10:10
Suggested by @maratkharr
👍 702
👎 119
Telegram Designers 11 Jun, 16:57
Suggested by @pistolkors
👍 524
👎 187
Telegram Designers 9 Jun, 11:59
Suggested by @Meh7an
👍 647
👎 113
Telegram Designers 8 Jun, 01:41
Splitting a group chat into subgroups this way could be a great idea. You can instantly see the number of unread messages in all the subgroups and intuitively understand how they work.

Navigation between them is not too easy, however, since side-swipe gestures are already taken for the 'back' and 'reply' actions. Reaching to the top of the screen also might be a bit of a pain, but acceptable overall.

The concept is not entirely thought through though. The chat list shows one new GIF message in "Jeff's club", but opening it displays 3 new unrelated messages in "Offtop". So where's the GIF?

Currently there are too many questions lacking answers. Which preview should be displayed for the group in the chat list – the last message of all of its subgroups? Should opening such a group always take the user to the subgroup with the most recent unread message? Can notifications settings be different for every subgroup – and if yes, how can a user change them? What happens if the titles of the subgroups are wider than the screen width? How do you actually create subgroups – as different group chats that you bind together, or as sections of one group?

Figuring out all such details makes a great design concept, worthy of a prize (~@durov)
Attached file
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Telegram Designers 8 Jun, 01:05
Suggested by @maratkharr
👍 733
👎 137
Telegram Designers 5 Jun, 01:38
Suggested by @rshimin
👍 861
👎 266
Telegram Designers 3 Jun, 19:34
Suggested by @rmvshy
👍 350
👎 927
Telegram Designers 31 May, 15:41
Suggested by @afsal181
👍 838
👎 229
Telegram Designers 29 May, 15:47
Suggested by @filipp_lyakh
👍 263
👎 575
Telegram Designers 29 May, 00:06
Suggested by @maratkharr
👍 841
👎 207
Telegram Designers 24 May, 23:40
Suggested by @alybo
👍 928
👎 324
Telegram Designers 23 May, 13:52
Suggested by @Meh7an
👍 404
👎 846
Telegram Designers 22 May, 20:36
Suggested by @Khoroshok
👍 797
👎 242
Telegram Designers 21 May, 20:44
Suggested by @maximmuzychenka
👍 644
👎 200
Telegram Designers 19 May, 11:00
Suggested by @denis_klyuchnikov
👍 875
👎 163
Telegram Designers 18 May, 12:58
This concept looks great, but

1) Using night mode is cheating, because almost everything looks cooler in the night mode. The day mode is and will remain the default, so it's impossible to evaluate design suggestions made for the night mode only.

2) The tricky part of implementing this rounded-corners input field is how the messages are scrolled under the input area. There is the WhatsApp approach of an "invisible straight barrier" (which is lame, but may as well be inevitable), but there could be other more interesting approaches to explore.

A great redesign of an element should take into account how it will work in combination with the existing elements. We'll be happy to award all contributions that are thought-through in this way. And thanks to all the designers who keep sending their work. Together we are making Telegram better (@durov).
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