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🔥$49 for one post on Sky Sports, 2/48
🔥$39 for one post on Arsenal, 2/48
🔥$29 for one post on Goal™, 2/48
🔥$24 for one post on Real Madrid, 2/48
🔥$19 for one post on BBC, 2/48
🔹$15 for one post on Sky Video, 2/48
🔹$13 for one post on Football 2/48
🔹$10 for one post on Milan, 2/48
(🇮🇹 Italians mostly)
🔹$10 for one post on Memes, 3/72
🔹 $9 for one post on B/R Football, 3/72
🔹 $6 for one post on The Sun and Squawka, 4/72

🌀$10 for one post on Sky Chat & Arsenal Chat & Goal Chat, everywhere 3/72

🎁 195$ FOR PROMOTION IN ALL CHANNELS (15% discount)

Additional charges (optional):
+$5 - for pinning on two hours
+$10 - to leave your post without deletion
+50% of the price for making a repost

• The summary of the audience: 238,300+ 👥;
• The approximate number of original views overall: 60,000+ 👁

*2/48 means, that your post will be kept for 2 hours without covering on channel and 48 hours without deletion itself.

💳 Payment methods: Blockchain, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Yandex (temporarily unavailable).

💰7% discount, if you pay via cryptocurrency.


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We are not responsible for any scam, deal purchase made by you related to the advertisement.
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Welcome to Sky Source!

Here we with our partners are cooperating with each other for the common goals, tending to bring you the new audience.

Here you can be represented as an "Owner" or as a "Client". You can try all this functions in use with our bot or chatting directly to our managers. You'll see all available channels for advertising right down. Good luck!

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