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Why is MSM pushing subliminal propaganda on BTC even when the subject is GOLD? I think I know why: WEF: "You will own nothing & you will be happy"


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If you're on Twitter take a minute to share this so others can see MSM shenanigans.

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💥 MYSTERIOUS EXPLOSION RATTLES SOUTH WALES - as destructive boom takes place right in factory of BAE Systems Defense Company with emergency services RUSHING to the scene.

The UK arms firm has made record bank between Ukraine and Israel-Gaza wars.

Circumstances around explosion still being determined as investigation launches.

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🇺🇸 🇷🇺 Tuc
ker Carlson shared a video interview with Pavel Durov.

In summary:

▪️ The concept of creating Telegram originated when Durov encountered security issues with other communication methods. Nikolai Durov, Pavel's brother, developed the encryption standard still used in Telegram today.

▪️ Currently, with the evolution of Telegram channels, alongside a primary focus on security and privacy, Telegram has a mission - to enable individuals to freely express their opinions.

▪️ While searching for an office in San Francisco, Durov was attacked. He managed to resist the assailants, broke his own smartphone, and successfully escaped.

▪️ Throughout its seven years of operation in the UAE, Telegram has not faced governmental pressures.

▪️ Telegram has disregarded government requests that it deemed infringements on freedom of speech and privacy protection.

▪️ The main pressures arise from Apple and Google, which have the ability to censor content on their platforms.

▪️ Telegram's stance is to remain neutral.

▪️ Governments are increasingly less tolerant of privacy. Nevertheless, Durov maintains his belief in upholding confidentiality in the future.

▪️ Durov approves of Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, seeing it as a positive contribution to the social media industry.

▪️ Tucker highlighted a segment of the interview where Durov discusses the pressure tactics employed by the US government against him, including the sending of FBI agents to his residence.

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IAEA chief slams attack on ZNPP dome as 'very dangerous precedent'

Rafael Grossi calls for attacks on ZNPP to stop as they raise safety risks.

"The ISAMZ (IAEA Support and Assistance Mission to Zaporozhye - TASS) team was able to inspect the location of one direct strike at the apex of the containment dome of the Unit 6 reactor building. Whilst the damage to the structure is superficial, the attack sets a very dangerous precedent of the successful targeting of the reactor containment," he said at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Attacks on the ZNPP must be halted as they jeopardize the safety of the facility, Grossi added.

"These reckless attacks must cease immediately. Though fortunately they have not lead to a radiological incident this time, they significantly increase the risk at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant where nuclear safety is already compromised," he said.

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Tone deaf UK🇬🇧 Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron:

"Its right to be in Israel today to show solidarity after that appalling attack by Iran🇮🇷”

The appalling Iranian attack that killed no one…while Israel has killed 33,899+ Palestinians in Gaza

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The WEF's latest single has been released.


15,000 🦠: That's a lot of variants!


Ignore the tech-cyberpunk tales:
In terms of value, Bitcoin is ~ 3X leveraged NASDAQ: buy it if you think NASDAQ is going up, sell it if you think NASDAQ will crash. It's no more complicated than that: these are the hard facts.


Should be clear by now?



Ecohealth's Peter Daszak: "we have 15,000 samples [of coronaviruses] in freezers in Wuhan"



Ecohealth's Peter Daszak: "we have 15,000 samples [of coronaviruses] in freezers in Wuhan"


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The main purpose of WW3 is to inflate away the US government debt: to make the USD worthless. The oligarchy is moving into gold & land already. Israel will be ordered to retaliate against Iran, so that Iran will strike back. This will go on until escalation is achieved.


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It's up to you whether you see Bitcoin, Gold/Silver or bricks & land as your preferred stores of value, but we must defend cash for private daily transactions.


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They're creating a discrepancy between Gold (Up) & Bitcoin (Down) to start a process of pricing out Bitcoin holders from gold in the long run. I now think they want gold prices to go up, and know that Bitcoin will crash when NASDAQ crashes as Bitcoin is a 3X leveraged NASDAQ play.



And the driving up of Gold Prices:


"Important to unlock value from frozen Russian assets;
We're looking at a series of possibilities ranging from seizing assets to using them as collateral.
EU has already acted to separate interest from assets held by Euroclear, moving to use these assets to help Ukraine."


"The coastguard informed him that there was an 'arrangement' between the London and Paris governments for the French navy to escort migrant boats towards Britain.

'This morning we witnessed a French government vessel and a French navy warship escort a boat-load of illegal immigrants across the Channel to the midway point where they handed them over to another [Border Force] ship out of Dover. It has now arrived there.

'Now I have the French warship passing under my stern, passing another boat-load of immigrants across the Channel. There is also another [French] vessel to the west of us which is escorting a third boat of migrants.
'This is not search and rescue – this is illegal trafficking of humans.'

A fisherman in British waters, who picked up the open-channel recordings, told the Mail: 'This captain witnessed first-hand the French navy escorting dinghies to waiting British Border Force vessels.'


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In an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson, Telegram founder Pavel Durov described his experience with ubiquitous FBI agents following him everywhere.

“Whenever I would go to the US I would have two FBI agents greeting me at the airport, asking questions. One time I was having my breakfast at 9 am and the FBI showed up [at]... my house. That was quite surprising. I thought, we're getting too much attention here. It's probably not the best environment to run an [app],” Durov stressed, emphasizing the privacy focus of Telegram.

“They were interested to learn more about Telegram. They knew I left Russia. They knew what we were doing, but they wanted details. My understanding is that they wanted to establish a relationship to control Telegram better,” the entrepreneur clarified.

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Video oldindan ko‘rish uchun mavjud emas
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In an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson, Telegram founder Pavel Durov complained about excessive attention from the FBI and other intelligence agencies “wherever we came to the US.”

Durov told Carlson how an intelligence agency attempted to convince his employee to provide access to Telegram’s code.

“Last time I was in the US I brought an engineer that is working for Telegram. And there was an attempt to secretly hire my engineer behind my back by cyber security officers or agents, whatever they are called,” Durov said.

“They were curious to learn which open source libraries are integrated to the Telegram app on the client side. And they were trying to persuade him to use certain open source tools that he would then integrate into Telegram's code that, in my understanding, would serve as backdoors,” Durov explained.

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Video oldindan ko‘rish uchun mavjud emas
Telegram'da ko‘rish
Tucker Carlson

"Ep. 94 The social media app Telegram has over 900 million users around the world. Its founder Pavel Durov sat down with us at his offices in Dubai for his first on-camera interview in almost a decade."


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