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the leader of hood hoods clan the antifa hooligan firm is also in gay porn of course so although they portray the tough guys online turns out they are a bunch of puffs, faggots and sexual degenerate as all antifa are.

Mendel's Protocol ✡️ First of all, we will divide all Slavic peoples into small, weakened countries with interrupted Slavic unity. Here we will use our old method: Divide and rule. We will try to oppose these countries as much as possible. To drag them into wars with each other in order to destroy each other. The Ukrainian will think that he is fighting against expansionist Russia, that he is fighting for his independence, he will think that he has finally gained freedom, while in fact he will be completely dependent on us ". The Russians will think the same, as if defending their national interests, returning illegally seceded parts of their country, etc.

We will do all this under the pretext of different sovereignties, fighting for national ideals. In these wars, fools, Slavic cattle will significantly weaken themselves and strengthen us, the main directors of the unrest, who seem to stand aside and not only do not participate in bloody conflicts, but do not even interfere in them. Schnerson Menachem-Mendel (1994), Kabbalist rabbi 20. 20th century Jewish leader, according to some "Messiah".

I love my Slav brothers and sisters regardless , We must not make the mistakes we made in the past.
Slavism is to make the choice to take back control, to be sovereign, free from any ideologies values other than ours.
The European Union, NATO or any other philosophical military or political philosophical concepts other than Slavism , is not valid or logical for Slavic countries.
Slavism is the politicization, the ideologization of the Slavic mentality, the Slavic conception, all that characterizes the Slavs. The foundations of Slavism have existed since the Slavs were Slavs. Slavism is the Slavs.
Slavism is deciding by ourselves, what is good or bad for us, without following the orders of any country organizations institutions etc.

The Slavs, over 400 million in the world.
The most numerous of the white peoples in the world.
No people in the world currently have more territory than the Slavs. More than 10% of the land in this world is Slavic.
No people, no country, no Kingdom or empires could defeat the Slavs on their land.
Sooner or later the enemy has always been defeated!
The future of Europe is to the east.
In the past our ancestors are united the Slavs have never been so powerful that when they formed of union!
The wars, the problems between us, all are , because of externals intervention of the Slavic world, or at the traitors, who think of to enrich themselves on the people , or to kill her people, by unnecessary wars, just for personal interests .. and not that of his people. we must not confuse people with his government. and one must take into account the influence of government on a people .. Ibrahim ibn Jakub 10th century wrote : ''the Slavs live in disunity if they would unite no one could defeat them''

To be precise the war in ukraine and this whole conflict originates from the departure of Yanukovych from power in Ukraine. The guy had refused a trade agreement with the European Union that offered peanuts. Strangely enough US officials flocked to kiev and all of a sudden, some very organized and armed people got him out of power. 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦🇮🇱

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Beauty of Russian soul

Lol Ukraine cries about Russia using Chechens and claim they are they are fighting for White Europe then make brotherhood with the gypsy Muslim Albanians and support giving Kosovo to Muslims and NATO.

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Russian Style

Forward from: Russian Federation's Pro-Putin Channel
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Sneaky Jewish IDF Received Secret Military Aid From The Israeli Govt To Fight Russia In Ukraine

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Forward from: Defenders of Donbass / Защитники Донбасса 🅉
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Forward from: The Right People Z
The patriotic society "Two-headed eagle" organised a boxing tournament in Sevastopol in honour of Alexei Nikolaevich Sevostyanov, a paratrooper killed in Ukraine.
In the tournament there were 20 fights and at the end of the tournament there was a group fight in the wall style.

at least we aint speaking Russian

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