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Police frequency 26 Feb, 19:03
LA County Sheriff's: A father, a husband, a son, a decorated member of the US Marine Corps who served four tours in Iraq.

We mourn the loss of Deputy Thomas J. Albanese, who was killed this morning in a traffic collision.

Thomas, you served your country & your community with pride.

Rest In Peace.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 12:42
The editors of the telegram channel are taking a break. See you. P.s. Law & Order!
Police frequency 24 Feb, 11:36
Rick Johnson: This is a video sent to one of our troopers in reference to the collision on February 17th that Renton PD, WA, handled. The end of the clip shows debris coming onto the freeway. This occurred NB 405 just north of 44th in Renton.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 11:34
Meanwhile, in Rochester, NY -- Dudes looking for Darwin Awards shut down one side of the highway.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 11:13
The trouble with America's entrenched class system. Tucker Carlson gives a few words of advice to the woke professional class.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 10:56
Henderson, Las Vegas — Violent crime went up in Henderson in 2020. During a virtual meeting, Henderson police chief Thedrick Andres said aggravated and sexual assault has become a problem. He also said domestic-related crimes have become more common during the pandemic.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 10:31
Tucker Carlson Tonight: Mainstream media disinformation more powerful and destructive than QAnon. "Disinformation is the real threat," says the guy who thinks his union has the contract on bringing you the news. It's ridiculous. However, before you judge these people, take a moment and feel some compassion. Imagine if you had spent 30 years making a good living as a car mechanic, and all of a sudden GM invents an engine that anyone can fix at home with a screwdriver. You'd be upset. That's how CNN feels about the internet. It's exposing their scam, so naturally, they're a little irrational about it. The thing about disinformation, they're telling us, is not that it's simply harmful to you personally. It's not like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's or sneaking a smoke while the kids are at school. Dsinformation isn't a sin, it's a crime. Disinformation is an offense against this country, an attack on America and, more critically, on something called our "norms."
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Police frequency 24 Feb, 10:17
Huge house fire on 30th St NW in Washington, DC.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 07:33
Federal indictment: A member of the Chinese military was busted lying to federal immigration officials.

Why? To secure a visa to America so she could conduct research at Stanford University in California.

Police frequency 24 Feb, 06:28
Street Racing Leads To Pursuit Crash 2/20/2021
INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 2/20/21 10:34 pm
LOCATION: Bonita Rd & Willow St
CITY: Chula Vista/National City
DETAILS: Approximately up to 50 “Street Racers” converged on the Plaza Bonita Malls parking lot and were racing and doing donuts in the parking lot. When National City Police arrived, the racers took off. One vehicle failed to yield and a pursuit ensued. The driver of the BMW crashed after losing a tire at the intersection of Bonita Rd. and Willow St. but were uninjured. The passengers were released shortly after and the driver was taken into custody.
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Police frequency 24 Feb, 05:52
After almost murdering the officer, the family of the suspect is now demanding the arrest of the deputy.

Police frequency 24 Feb, 05:05
LASD Lancaster Station: Join Lancaster Station for a Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention event, Saturday, March 13, 2021. Pre-registration is required!
Police frequency 24 Feb, 04:33
A mass shooter was stopped when armed staff inside a gun shop returned fire and took him out. Now his family claims he is a murder victim.

Police frequency 24 Feb, 04:02
Hillsborough County Sheriff Office: The moment team HCSO locates lost hikers in Alderman Ford Conservation Park in Plant City around 8 p.m. February 21, 2021. Through the use of FLIR cameras and Night Vision Goggles, Sheriff's Pilots Feller and Gray successfully guided HCSO's District II deputies and a Park Ranger to the lost hikers. The two adults, infant and two dogs were safely transported out of the park. Reminder: you can always drop a pin in your map on your cell phone to guide you back to your starting point.
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Police frequency 24 Feb, 03:38
Puerto Rico -- Large explosion at a power facility in Puerto Rico, reportedly at Ciales Energy Supply.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 03:31
Tiger Woods⁩ car
Police frequency 24 Feb, 03:28
Police frequency 24 Feb, 03:28
Rochester, NewYork -- Militant anti-police demonstration planned for 7 pm.

‘Black liberation’ is a dog-whistle to ‘violent liberty from capitalist oppression’, historically. Liberation from the system, is their definition.
Police frequency 24 Feb, 03:21
Wait - Border Patrol agents saving lives? How is that possible? We were told they were all racist killers?

Police frequency 24 Feb, 02:50
Deputy Gonzalez with the LA County Sheriff's Department: "Mr. Woods was seated in the driver's seat. I made contact with him and I ensured that he was able to speak to me. At that time, he seemed as though he was still calm and lucid."