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Hey y'all join in flawsome poetry name speaks 4 itself :)
Words can make u words can break u but if ur a poet u make words that heal z world
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Amazing and interesting quotes and thoughts With Cool pictures.



U ok? Wr happened?......
Am fine she sighs
But deep inside
Here's what she hides

Hmmm😏like u had the right to ask
like I would ever take the risk
telling you my part of the story
hoping somehow you would feel sorry
but that's b******* what a shame
if I talk I'll prove am lame
cuz last time I did last time I spoke
you made me feel like an absolute dork
you were too blind to see
you kept on judging me
when I was badly wounded
why would I want another bullet
why let you pull the trigger
why make my wound hurt deeper
why dig my own grave
when peace is all I crave
You couldn't face the truth
Cuz for me you had no ruth
you said I had a problem
I didn't know being real was one of them
now I'm at peace nothing's at stake
flushed my life free from all them fake
Just know that when I say am fine
*People who Dont open up*
i mean am tryin'
So I hear u👂...I hear you out
Am not sayin u shd talk this out🗣
🖤may b u shd or mayb not🖤
Am not sayin I kn relate
neither am i judging ur fate
Its upto u wachu wanna do
But just look up to the God who always got you
One who won't let u down
Won't watch u drown


Репост из: 👥ᕼIᗪᗪᗴᑎ REALITY🤔
🍃Silence speaks very loudly but it is amazing how many people don't take the time to listen.


ወንድነትስ ሲባል
ሱሪዉን አጥልቆ
ቀበቶዉን ታጥቆ
ልቡን አጀግኖ እሚወጣ ነበር
ወንድም እሚባለዉ በዚ ወኔዉ ነበር
ምነዋ ዛሬ ግን ሀሞቱ ቀጠነ
ወንድነቱ ጠፍቶ ጅጋኔው መነነ
ማንነቱን ረስቶ ለስሜቱ ኖረ
አባትነት አንሶ ወንድነት ከበረ
ለዚ ለፌ ሀሳቡ
የልጁን የእህቱን መቅኔ በቁሟ ቀበረ
የመኖሩዋን ጣዕም
በአባትነት ሳይሆን ለራሱ ሠወረ
በወንድነት ወልዶ በስሜት ሲቀብራት
ታዲያ እንዲህ
አይነቱ ወንድ ነው ወይ ሚባል ወይ አባት
ቅጣቱስ ምን ይሁን ምን እንበይንለት
አይበቃው አይሆን ለሱ ሞት ቅጣት
ወይም አሳብደን ይዙር ይዋት?
አይ ወይ ይሁን ለእግዜር እንተውለት?
ፍርድም ያነሠ ለት
ወንድም አባትም ቀበቶውን የፈታ ለት::


she sleeps but her heart is awakened
she rests but her life is wrecked
so in search of rest longing for peace
to silence her thoughts she took a pace

Репост из: Live z TRUTH
I lent you my hand when u fall
And you took it
We stood up together
I tripped and held my hand out to you
You smirked down at me and walked away
I fall and there was no one to pick me up


I fall in hate with the world
It had taken away everything that i need
Ya i fall in hate with you
I dont deny it, it is the truth
You got me devastated
Stressed and depressed
I couldnt find the edge
You are fucking circle surrounded by a cage
Which is the way out?
Im done with ur crap ,i just wanna quit
there is a lot of -ve energy
Coming out of me
Pls do me a favor, where is the door ? Show me

just when they all picked up their Stone
you stepped in stepped down your throne
when I had my face on the ground
when I was too numb to make a sound
when my eyes were hurricane of Tears
when my heart was a cave of fear
when words were sharper than a sword
cutting through my vein and I couldn't say a word
you stepped in to help me step out
helped me up and cleared my doubt
look at me through your prism
you gave me new seasons


እርቀከኝ ሄደህ መንገዱ ባይቀናህ
ሁሉም የኔ ቢጤ ሳይሆን እንደ ሀሳብህ
አትበለኝ ናፈኩሽ
ይሻልሀል በለዉ በገዛ እጄ አጣሁሽ::

Mrng 😊....don forget to invite ur frds...ve a gd day


Deep down we all think that
We are special
Believing we are extraordinary of some kind
We dig that shit , we fool our mind
As if being average or normal is betrayal
Of our so-called amazing identity that lead us to denial
But the fact is that we are not special

We all had a failed relationships
Simple as getting ignored after the first dates
Or rough as ruined marriages

People have hard childhood
Maybe feeling lonely as a brood
Or pilled up responsibility as u get old

We all lost our loved once
It is all planned nothing happens with by a chance

We all got addicted
To drugs highly underrated
We got accepted or rejected

But there is one thing that separate us
The only thing that divides us
And that is what we do afterwards

The reaction we give to the actions
The antidotes we take for our addiction
The way we rise after rejection
The amount of faith we have after destruction
And the hope that is left after annihilation

No one is special
Nighter you nor i
We could accept that or live with a lie

we all pass that road
We see same things in this world
It is only a matter of time before we all crossed

Straight forward we are all not special
We just a bunch of people waiting for our trial


እስቲ አትሞናደይ ኧረ ወዲያ ዞር በይ
ሽር ብትን እያልሽ ቀልቤን አትቀበይ
እንዳው ከዛው ቁጭ በይ አትወናጨፊ
ሀሳብሽስ ዝሏል በስጋሽ እረፊ
ተይ አትገላመጭ ዐይንሽ አይድከመው
መስታወትም አትይ ይበቃሻል ተይው
ብቅ በይ ተደጁ ጥላሽስ ማን አለው
እሱም እንዳይከፋው
እሚልሽ ይመስል ተሰድሮ ቦታው
ያይሻል የቤቱ ሁሉ እቃው
እኔስ በምን አቅሜ ምን እናገራለሁ
ወይ እሰበራለሁ
ወይም አጣሻለሁ
እጆችሽ ላይ ሞቼ
አንችም እንዳታጪኝ እፈራልሻለሁ
ለዛም ምንም አልል
ምትሆኚውን ሁሉ ዝም ብዬ አያለሁ
ድምፄን ውጠሽብኝ ምንስ አወራለሁ
በዚች ምፀታሽ ውስጥ ሳልናገር ብሞት
እያልኩ እፈራለሁ
እንደ መስታወቱ እቴ እንደ ጥላሽም
እንደ ቤቱም እቃ
ውዴ አመልሽን ይዤው እኖራለሁ::

Baby girl👧
Baby girl u just goin' thru some shitt
Just brush it off get over it
Stop sittin' there making wishes
You got a God not a genie

So bitch get ur a** up
Tie up ur shoe lace
Wipe the tears off ur face
Band up ur hair
Cuz this world ain't fair
U gotta get out there
Make ur own world better

Get urself together we headin for a long.... run🏃‍♀
So get used to z fact life ain't always fun
Who said its a bed full of roses🌹
Screw them le'mme tell ya roses got thorns
But when am keepin' it 100% real u ain't gotta frown
Nobody's gonna coach you
So here's a heads up
Only you got ur own back
When life hits you hit back hard
Neither settle for less nor mediocrity
Mark ur territory nd do it right
Don't start a fight but fight back if u must
Treat people with respect
but disrespect is sth u don'tolerate
Don be chasing shine nd shimmer
They don last a winter after summer
So keep it real stay true
Stay true to being you


የሳቅሽ እራብሳ ቢናፍቀኝ
የሽርጥሽ ቁመት ቢረዝምብኝ
ጥላሽን ስከተል ቢመሽብኝ
ከምስራቅ ነሽ አሉ
አቦ ግባ በይኝ::

Its cool relax
Just breath, chillax
Its just a pill
Ain't no big deal
This was the echo inside her head
Shitt was loud filled wiz dread
Standing at z trial of her thought
Depression was judge of her court
Her brain was the defendant
Brain starts off with rants
Telling z court how bad it hurts
To be alive yet not live
To take the pills but no relief
Pills started off with one white
But since they couldn't work right
They upgrade her dose to a blue instead
Still taking z blue but feeling dead
Prescription sooner became 2 blues
Hoping her restless soul finds a truce
She pops a pill keeps swallowing
Still feeling numb not a f***ing thing
Either down in spirit or drunk n turnt
Hiding herself under z wrong umbrella
Drink up smoke high became her shelter
Not knowing God was all she needs
To help her up she relied on weed
Like rly bad mannn it f***** her up
So judge here's my one request
Set her free let her rest
Free her head free her soul
She ain't ask for more that's all
Tell her "ur done ur free to go"
Tell her its z last time she walks thru that door


የብእሬ ሚስጢር የመኖሬ ህዋ
የቅኔዬ ፍቺ የነፍሴ መንታዋ
ትመስለኝ ነበረ
የሀሳቤ ገዢ ለነብሴ ደራሹ
ለራሴ ትራሱ ሁሌ ምትመጣልኝ ባመሻሹ
የሀሳቤ መቆሚያ
ለችግሬ ሁሉ ጠያቂ መላሹ
ይመስለኝ ነበረ
የዐለም ዉስጠቷ በአንተ ተመስሎ
መኖሬን ያናረ
ይመስለኝ ነበረ
የቃልህ እስትንፋስ በድኑን ገላዬን
አንደ እግዜር እስትንፋስ ለህይወት የነዘረ
የግራ ጎኔ አጥንት ለአጥንቶችህ ግጣም
ለአንተ በቻ ጎኔ ለአንተ የተፈጠረ
ይመስለኝ ነበረ
አይንህ ለኔ ብቻ
እኔ ያንተን መመልከቻ
ከንፈርህስ ብትል
ዎስጥህ ያቃተውን ያወጣው ይመስል
ተስሎልህ ነበር ከዛ ከፊትህ ላይ
አንተ አለኸኝ ብዬ ሌላ ሰዉ እንዳላይ
ነፍስህስ ብትሆን የነፍሴ መረቧ
መኖሬን የሳለች ሞቴን በህይወት ክባ
ይህ ሁሉ ሳለ ግን
ባዶ ማንነትህ በደም ስሬ ገብቶ
ባልኖርክበት ስዬ አንግሼህ ነበረ
ባለመኖርህ ጥግ
ባልኖርክበት ዐለም ውስጤ እየሰከረ
ይህ ሰዐሊዉ ልቤ
በሌለህበት ደርዝ ስዕሉ ሰመረ
ታዲያ ..
አለመኖር መጥቶ አንተን ካልገበረ
ዳግም እስቲ..
ልሳል ነፍሴን ክንፍ አውጥታ
ከአርያም ከዐምላክ መንደር ከላይ ወጥታ
አንተና አካልህን ለኔ አስጠርታ
እንድትኖር ከዐለም ተርታ
የእኛን መንደር ቤትን ሰርታ::

I will see you at the midnight
Yow know where to meet
You know our favorite spot

I reminisce about everything we did
The affectionate moments that we shared
It was so chilly
But ur tight hug warms me

I remember ur saint
When you sit so close to me
We use to do this daily
but We always seem like we havent met recently

Oww Darling i miss the nights
It was dark, but our spark made it bright

We flew so high
Nothing seem to bring us down
Though out the night our love has grown

the clock keep on ticking
But i dont want to go ,im fond of stayin
Between ur arms that was so cozy
That drifted the reality in to fantasy
Please don let me go
I wanna live the moment not make it a memory

If only we could pause the clock from ticking
Have the power to stop it from working

Mrng fellas hope u love them...don forget to invite ur frds 🥰🥰 ve a gd day

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